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Global Trade Station


  • 12,964
    Over the past couple of days, I've been chipping in at the GTS to up the count for the Fancy Vivillon and fill in some Pokedex pages.

    Among my trades were:
    -Drill Run/Knock Off/Megahorn Escavalier (traded a Shelmet for a Karrablast up for grabs; on a random note, I've been hoping to have it for ages)
    -Encore/Memento Cottonee (planning on breeding that thing since it had the wrong nature)
    -Turtwig (the only starter I needed anyways and I nearly forgot I had a male Camerupt to give for it)
    -Tynamo (good thing I had a Boldore Safari)
    -An Archen that I traded an Archeops for (seriously, can't they evolve that Archen themselves?)

    The GTS count is nearing 100 million for anyone interested.