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Good Times


[b]Long time no see![/b]
Today has been pretty good for me, believe it or not.

EB Games was open from 11AM - 5PM, and my shift at work was 8AM - 4PM. Thus, when my shift was over I was able to make my way down there to get SoulSilver. =D

Furthermore, while at work, I found out that our store director, a hypocritical harassing man who always seems to find an excuse to make our day miserable, starts his vacation today. And he won't be around for a whole week! XD

And what could arguably be the best moment of the day....While starting SoulSilver, I went and ventured into the Dark Cave to do some light training. And I actually found a Dunsparce, without the swarm call! X3

So I now have 1/6 of my final team in that game decided. Five more to go. ^^