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  • Seen Feb 5, 2023
Very cool article I found on Imgur: Awesome Google Features


Have you ever felt like you put all your effort into something and then failed?

- Ugh yah :c

Has the person you have feelings for ever made you angry?

- All the freakin time!

Is there anyone you used to talk to all the time, but don't anymore?


How old were you when you found out that Santa Claus wasn't real?

- 5 maybe 6

Is there anything about the opposite sex that annoys you?

- who doesn't annoy me?

Have you ever met someone and disliked them instantly?

- LOLOL YEA but I still try to give them a chance!

Share a memory from the past 3 months that makes you smile.

- Thinking about my recent trip to Guyana there are many. There was this really cute girl who I would hang out with for a while each night, my friends and I would be in a group and we would always talk. Nothing was ever serious ofc (cause I live like 2000 miles away), but she was cute and the memories make me happy. Oh, also when I accidentally squirted ketchup on strangers but that's an entirely different story.

Does it annoy you when other people try to tell you how to spend your money? What do you prefer to spend your money on?

- YES, my father is the worst at it....Clothes and video games <3

Who is/was your favourite teacher in school?

- Hm, this one weird teacher who was always really strict, but really funny. She was...quirky I guess. We did fun things like act out plays and stuff, but we also did really boring activities like read Fahrenheit 451(I surprisingly didn't like that book) on the last day of school. Also we watched birds from her webcam one day...it was freakin weird.

Is there anyone who has hurt you, but doesn't even seem to realise? What did they do?

- Hm, that's a tough one. I'd say one of my closest friends Jeff has at times. Oh, also an ex, Leslie dd too. :(

How do you usually go about starting a conversation with someone you find attractive?

- *stares with the puppy dog look*
Um really, I just go up and talk to them. Who knows, maybe I'll have a shot maybe not.

What was the last thing you touched that was green in colour?

Do you know anyone who is allergic to chocolate?

- no, that would suck

Do you use whitening toothpaste?

- sometimes

Have you upset anyone in the past 3 days?

- I think my mother because I'm leaving for college

Your best friend stops talking to you without any explanation. What do you do?

- get a bag and fill it with dog poop. light it on fire, then put it on their porch.

Are there any messages in your inbox that made you cry when you read them?

- yes from laughter

List 7 things your best friend likes:
Mayday Parade
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Lifting Weights
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Are you 100% over the person you fell the hardest for?

- it's tough, but i truly think i am

Choose one song that reminds you of a certain time during your life, and explain what it means to you.

- If I Die Young- reminds me of the time one of my best friends died. it really made me appreciate life; probably the worst day and worst time in my life.

Is there anything bothering you, anything at all, that you would like to share?

- I'm sad I'll be leaving for college and summer is almost over, but I'm also excited. I wish I could've stayed in Guyana longer and visited with my family on that side more. They are more of a family to me than most of my family in America.