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I can't describe what makes him soo effing awesome...perhaps he invokes the imagery of hurling flaming fecal matter at his foes, the fact that he looks like Donkey Kong's special ed cousin, or the fact that his sadistically evil grin lets you know he's about to go ape**** on somebody, but this guy is simply FTW.


Lucy Lu

Keep On Moving Foward...
  • Seen Mar 6, 2014
Omg! This one is so freaky! I don't know why we need another monkey type Pokemon. We got three already. And this is a fire one? There was a fire one in Diamond. It is called Chimchar. Man what is Gamefreak thinking?! I think they are starting to run out of ideas. So they have to go back in previous Generations to get some ideas.

But if you like it, more power to you. XD It just that face freaks me out a bit. :<