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  1. Sparrowsblade Games

    Sparrowsblade Games - My Current Pokémon Games Challenges

    Hi all I hope this is ok but I currently have a couple of challenges up on YouTube. Ive just started out I do these for fun but of course I aspire to be able to do this and make a small living off eventually leaving my current full time job in the past. I know this could take ages years even but...
  2. N

    Pokemon Lonestar

    *Utilizing Pokemon Essentials 20.1* "I came, I saw, I conquered." Pokemon Lone Star is a non-profit, completely free to Pokemon Fan Game. Taking place in the Texas-inspired region of Austoria, A tropical oasisfull of lush greenery, huge cities, a culture-rich countryside that'll make you feel...
  3. Lucidious89

    Script: Dynamax [DBK Add-On] [v21.1]

    Dynamax for v21.1 Fully implements the Dynamax mechanic from Sword & Shield into Essentials! Overview This plugin adds the Dynamax mechanic introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield to your game. All mechanics have been replicated here, including support for unique Gigantamax forms and Eternamax...
  4. Sparrowsblade Games

    Hello everyone!! I've started A Pokémon YouTube Channel!!!

    Hi everyone hope your all well ? I've just started my own Pokémon challenge and let's play channel I genuinely hope you can check me out I'd really appreciate it!!! Here's my latest Story Time Video - And here's my current Pokémon Challenge video -
  5. T

    5th Gen Pokemon BW- Have you Played It?

    It looks pretty entertaining with all the twists and stuff. What do y'all think?
  6. Lucidious89

    Script: Z-Power [DBK Add-On] [v21.1]

    Z-Power for v21.1 Fully implements Z-Move & Ultra Burst mechanics from Gen 7 into Essentials! Overview This plugin adds Z-Moves introduced in Pokemon Sun & Moon to your game, as well as the Ultra Burst mechanic from Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Both mechanics have been replicated here...
  7. Mydrayu

    Let's Discuss the First Nintendo Direct of 2024 (Before It Happens)

    Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. I thought it would be interesting to talk about the first Nintendo Direct of this year. Statistically, there is a good chance for a Nintendo Direct happening in February. If said Direct happens this month, presumably sometime in the...
  8. Y

    Generation 6 rom hacking help and questions

    Hi, since x and y came out in 2013 ive always been interested in rom hacking it. Its been about 11 years now, over a decade. Ive joined a few rom hacking discord servers but its always hard for me to "get into it" because of all the rules/regulations and all the members. Its just hard for me to...
  9. Lucidious89

    Script: Terastallization [DBK Add-On] [v21.1]

    Terastallization for v21.1 Fully implements the Terastallization mechanics from Scarlet & Violet into Essentials! Overview This plugin adds the Terastallization mechanic introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to your game. All mechanics have been replicated here, including support for unique...
  10. TheOnlyFelicity

    Notte Mansion Mystery

    Miss Terri Fletcher is a novelist and mystery writer from the town of Winter's Hollow located in the far North East of the Livna Region. She has been invited to dinner by her good friend Bella Notte at the Notte mansion where hijinks ensue... This game is the 'Insert Name Jam' entry by...
  11. C


    If anyone wants to join let’s pick a day and time to do bbq quest together thank you !
  12. Lucidious89

    Script: SOS Battles [DBK Add-On] [v21.1]

    SOS Battles for v21.1 An expansion plugin for the Deluxe Battle Kit which adds the SOS mechanic to your wild battles! Overview This plugin adds the SOS mechanic introduced in Pokemon Sun & Moon to your game. All mechanics have been replicated here, meaning that SOS chaining for shinies or...
  13. StarstruckFlora

    Pearl hack: Pokémon Pearl: Slotmod

    Heya everyone! I wanted to post this here, since, for the past few months (on and off of course, I have a hard time focusing on things), I have been working on a rom hack for pokémon Pearl (and will later make a version for diamond if needed) Essentially, the idea of this rom hack came to me...
  14. Lucidious89

    Script: Enhanced Battle UI [DBK Add-On] [v21.1]

    Enhanced Battle UI for v21.1 An expansion plugin for the Deluxe Battle Kit to improve your battle UI! Overview This plugin adds new windows to the battle scene which you can toggle in order to view detailed information about your Pokemon's moves, or general information about each battler...
  15. Dax-MASters


    PokeVersus! A user stages two pokemon in the format Pokemon A vs Pokemon B. The next user decides who would win the battle based on type advantage, stats or just general preference. The reason for deciding has to be stated. Example: User A: Voltorb vs Diglett? User B: Diglett, cause Ground...
  16. Lucidious89

    Script: Deluxe Battle Kit [v21.1]

    Deluxe Battle Kit for v21.1 A battle expansion kit which adds a ton of new features and allows you to completely customize your battles! Overview This plugin is the spiritual successor to the Essentials Deluxe plugin, which previously released for v20.1. However, this iteration is far...
  17. Zorua the cute

    Nara's 2024 Draw All Pokémon Challenge

    Hi hi! Welcome to my little bit insane challenge. Where I will attempt to draw every single Pokémon and I have one year to do it. Rules: 1. I will have 365 days starting from today (1/12/2024) 2. I have to draw every single Pokémon and there alternate forms. 3. All drawings must have some sort...
  18. Capt.Robvious

    Questions for PokeRed Disassemble

    Hello there. (In Kenobi voice) I have been working on a PokeRed Disassembly for quite sometime now. I had a thought and I figured I would ask some questions and see if anyone could possible help me. I have figured out how to download, edit and build the Disassembly just for an FYI. I played...
  19. J

    pokemon stralia

    hello im new to posting on here and i have been working on a fangame this game was made by me and is in devolopment, but work on it is posponed, there are 4 gyms and some post gym 4 stuff to do if i need to add anything or help with credits let me know, il help as best as i can download...
  20. sonicfan7895

    2nd Gen Cloning Glitches Non-Working on Japanese Crystal?

    Good morrow. Looking for some hints/tips. I've been trying for close to an hour the known cloning glitches in my copy of Crystal in Japanese, but I can't seem to get the timing down on it. I tried a variation on the Box Move method, but I ended up with a casualty (luckily I did not try...