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Humanizing Pokemon

    • Seen Apr 21, 2024
    Hello, dear users! my name is matso. And I'm an artist. 3 years ago, during Covid, I lost my job, and during quarantine I tried drawing (because I always liked it). Friends told me that I was good at it. That's how I learned about the world of adoption, etc. I started painting and making money from it. And gradually everything got better for me. But a year ago artificial intelligence appeared (. And it ruined everything, now all sites are littered with this crap (. And selling has become much more difficult. But it's okay, you can still work). I'm an "old grandfather"." "in this matter and about many I didn't know the topic, because I always drew my own. But artificial intelligence forced me to adapt more and more to the tastes of society. And recently I learned about the humanization of Pokemon. I myself was a fan of this cartoon as a child. And I began to try to revive Pokemon in my vision, and I really liked it. To be honest, I haven't had such pleasure from drawing for a long time. Because I'm really interested in inventing and bringing Pokemon to life, and not drawing what the viewer wants. I draw and try to sell animated Pokemon (in the form of a girl in my vision and in my design). And I really want to find an audience that will be interested in this. That's why I'm here. Maybe someone will like my drawings. And for me the most interesting thing would be to continue to revive Pokemon and do nothing else. Because I feel like it's just "mine." I decided to tell you my story so as not to look like a selfish "huckster". Although it is clear that this concept has its place, because I sell my art and make a living from it. I just want to find people who like this topic because it is a huge motivation for an artist to at least get attention for his art.

    And so I decided to find such forums and sincerely write everything as it is and let it be. I'll attach some of my animated Pokemon here so you can see what I'm doing. . If anyone is interested. I apologize if I write a little crookedly, I communicate through a translator. And I apologize if I violate any forum rules, it's enough to warn me about them, and I won't do it again, so that no one will be unpleasant. Sorry for such a long text, but I thought it would be better to write who I am and how I became like this. Why just go to your forum and advertise your "paintings". Because I understand that some people may not like it. And don't be angry if you see the same text in other topics, I will copy this message and try to send it to the right topics. So they can see me.


    • Humanizing Pokemon
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    • Humanizing Pokemon
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    I was saying Boo-urns
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    these are awesome, I especially love Archen

    Sapphire Rose

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  • I remember clicking this and thinking it was really cool but I apparently forgot to reply so here's my "This is really cool!" message :D