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I guess Nintendo really wanted to play it safe, huh?

Legendary Silke

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    • Seen Dec 23, 2021
    So I decided to turn on my 3DS at 4:05 PM. The battery meter fell down by one block at 6:07 PM. There is a sleep period in the middle. I calculated it and I think I got 106 minutes (there was 16 minutes of dinner break sleep in between) before having it fall by 25%. Let's see...
    Brightness 3, 2D, audio volume maximum, Wi-Fi on and used (eShop, online gaming, StreetPass, SpotPass)

    106 minutes times 4 blocks = ~424 minutes
    424 minutes divided by 60 minutes = ~7.07 hours

    Guess Nintendo really likes to underestimate things to prevent people getting angry, huh? (Note: 5-8 hours is for DS/2D mode battery life. I'm guessing 6.5 is the expected one, no?)