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  1. Mydrayu

    Let's Discuss the First Nintendo Direct of 2024 (Before It Happens)

    Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. I thought it would be interesting to talk about the first Nintendo Direct of this year. Statistically, there is a good chance for a Nintendo Direct happening in February. If said Direct happens this month, presumably sometime in the...
  2. Y

    Generation 6 rom hacking help and questions

    Hi, since x and y came out in 2013 ive always been interested in rom hacking it. Its been about 11 years now, over a decade. Ive joined a few rom hacking discord servers but its always hard for me to "get into it" because of all the rules/regulations and all the members. Its just hard for me to...
  3. El Héroe Oscuro

    New NES Classic Edition Slated For Release This Year [Daily Bloggity Entry #328]

    [css-div="background-color: grey; border-style: solid; border-color: black"] [color=white] New NES Classic Edition Date: 20 July 2016 Time: 8:42 AM ET Mood: Eh, could be better Follow me on Twitter! Old school becomes new school with this announcement. What if I told you that the NES was...
  4. Cura

    1/15 - Splatoon Hype is Real

    (Offical Splatoon Boxart) Yesterday, we got another very nice look at some of the new content from Nintendo and the new IP of Mr. Miyamoto's called Splatoon and I must say honestly, there is a lot of very amazing content just to go over from this video alone. Other than the big news on Fire...
  5. Tsutarja

    Play Smash Bros. 3DS with me!

    Yeah, I got Smash. 8) If you want to play with me for an easy victory, just add me and comment below saying you did! 4270-0964-2163 is my FC :)
  6. El Héroe Oscuro

    Warning! A New Challenger Approaches! (Sleigh Bells, Ctrl+Alt+Del, New SSB Trailer) [Daily Bloggity Entry #48]

    Date: 10 April 2014 Time: 2:05 PM ET Mood: Excited for the new game! With the Nintendo Direct earlier this week, we were blessed by Nintendo with a forty minute presentation of new wonders and features for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game. Super Smash Bros, if you don't already know, is one...
  7. H

    Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii

    So my father bought my sister a Wii for her birthday a few weeks ago. Right now, we only have two games, Just Dance 4 which came with the Wii, and Resident Evil 4, which my sister literally begged me to buy for her (she's only 12, but she's seen me freak about the series, so yeah) I beat the...
  8. Legendary Silke

    I guess Nintendo really wanted to play it safe, huh?

    So I decided to turn on my 3DS at 4:05 PM. The battery meter fell down by one block at 6:07 PM. There is a sleep period in the middle. I calculated it and I think I got 106 minutes (there was 16 minutes of dinner break sleep in between) before having it fall by 25%. Let's see... Brightness 3...
  9. Swift!

    Pokemon Black & White

    I lol'd. xD Why does everyone think that Nintendo are racist for naming the new games Black and White? It's society that has turned them into racist terms. You know they're colours too, right? Either way, Black and White are awesome names for Pokemon games and anyone who can see past the...
  10. bobandbill

    Oi, Aussies - Coming to a Connection Tour?

    Friends have persuaded me to go forth on Saturday to a magical (and yet, an apparently dangerous) place called Westfield Shopping Centre in the land over the Rainbow (otherwise known as Chatswood), to go to the Nintendo Connection Tour that's supposedly happening there. So if you are also...
  11. Swift!

    SPecial Delivery

    Ok, so a while ago I broke my Game Boy Advance SP. I was playing Pokemon FireRed and I dropped it on the corner of my laptop. The screen cracked and the ink cartridge broke. Anyways, I finally managed to get it sent away to Nintendo Australia a couple of weeks ago and... I just got it back! It...
  12. Cherrim

    E3 Thoughts: Nintendo

    Part 1: Microsoft Part 2: Nintendo Part 3: Sony Nintendo Last year, imo, was a disaster for Nintendo. Their conference was CHARTS'N'GRAPHS and dull, dull, dull. I went into this year expecting absolutely nothing and was thus very impressed! Still not much I think I'll bother with but...
  13. J

    My Game Collection 2008

    Well sweeties, as you may know I'm a game collector. So can you guess what I got for Christmas? =P Well here's some new pics of my collection. ^^; Here's a link to my older blog entry. Older screens of my game collection Here's a pic that was taken during before Christmas Day...
  14. Cherrim

    Nintendo World Store

    Whoo, yet another blog to take care of. I've got too many now. I was in New York City the last few days on vacation and while there, I visited Nintendo World. As some of you may know, that store used to be the only Pokémon Center store outside of Japan. I assume Nintendo in general is more...