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JD Jacket on: Social Media and Music

First, I'd just like to say that I am really appreciative of this new forum and the community already. I like the vibe going on here and hope you'll befriend or pair me. I'm looking for friends and/or allies to share stories, exchange ideas, trade tips and tricks, and swap recipes. If we share interests, as I'm sure we will, be sure to befriend me and chat me up.

Okay, so I've never been a huge fan of social media. It seems to penetrate and saturate everything nowadays, and it's almost inescapable. Right now I've been setting up access to music that I create and have so far connected to Twitter, Facebook, and now Soundcloud. If there are any other mediums to contact others with, feel free to tell me!

Of the three, Sound cloud has the least amount of content available as of right now, but as I go along I can then smooth out the processes and get them all oiled up nice and smooth. I have a few things to relearn about SM, so any tips and tricks you may have would be greatly appreciative.

Right now, trying to upload a profile picture to Twitter is a pain in my ass. First, there isn't a way to add a photo using their mobile site and I don't want their app, so going about this is more than a bit tedious. Don't know why they want me to download their app... I get pissed off at companies that want me to download an application to use their service. Like Samsung Pay, of which downloads itself withtout permission and takes up 177mb of space. I constantly uninstall the updates, but every few days it reasserts itself. That's the end of the rant.

Follow me on Twitter,Facebook, and Soundcloud to keep up to date on what I produce in my spare time.

As of right now, I don't have a set-in-stone image for the first collection of songs I have titled: 'How may I reject your call?' Feel free to shoot me some ideas for images. Be sure to like, rate and comment on the songs on those sites as well as this forum, I'd appreciate the support and I would love feedback from this community as to what they liked or didn't like about any of the songs I upload.

Most of what I play around with is drawn from synth and new wave sounds. Some are darker, but most are bright and upbeat with dark undertones. I draw heavily from films and old school Trance and Pop. I hope it stands out for you. If you like what you hear, like what you see, then come along and follow me.