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Kagerou Project and Mekakucity Actors


The Kagerou Project is a series of songs by a Vocaloid artist named Jin, along with the light novels and manga. Mekakucity Actors, on the other hand, is the anime that was created based on the Kagerou Project, which ultimately failed due to misdirection.

My review of Mekakucity Actors can be found here.

Rant warning.

Of course, I am a huge Kagepro Fan. This is probably obvious from the avatars and signatures that I use. However, this does not mean that I appreciate Mekakucity Actors, even in the slightest. Although I did enjoy watching the anime, I did that just so I could hang on to my beloved Kagepro just a little tighter. Although it was a source of happiness for me, I feel that overall, Mekakucity Actors had a negative effect. From now on, prospective fans of the Kagerou Project will hear about the mess that was made in Mekakucity Actors and be turned away. Real Kagerou Project fans will be confused with Mekakucity Actors fans, and be shunned.

Sometimes, I feel that I should get together with some fandom elites to do a remake of Mekakucity Actors, and capture the real story, including all of the time loops, every character's backstory, the backstories' backstories, and so on. I'll make the people who watch the anime understand the passion and fervency felt by we of the Kagepro fandom. Of course, I'll actually explain the events that occur.

*cough* SHAFT.

I don't blame the producers; they put in an honest to goodness effort in the anime. But it was obvious that all of SHAFT's funds and assets were going to the Monogatari series full steam ahead. It's a feeling of neglect that not many can understand.