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Let's Talk with Barry Ep 1: Ash


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    Narrator: Live from Parts unknown, Welcome to the Let's Talk with Barry Show! Starring Barry!

    Barry: Haha! Welcome to my show! Please welcome our first guest, Ash!

    Audience: *Applause*

    Ash: Hey there Barry!!! I didn't know you had a talk show!

    Barry: Well, I just did...

    Ash: ... Okay.

    Barry: So Ash, how was Unova?

    Ash: Great Barry! So many cool Pokemon!

    Barry: So, can you tell your adventure?

    Ash: Sorry. Someone bribed me not to tell because of "spoilers" or whatever that means... =/

    Barry: *Disappointed* Well, that's okay! But, can you show us your new Pokemon?

    Ash: Well okay... Come on out you guys!

    Oshawott: Osha!

    Tepig: Tepig!

    Snivy: Sni...

    Audience: *Awestruck*

    Barry: Wait... Is that all you've captured in Unova?

    Ash: Sorry... Someone bribed me again not to show my other Pokemon except the Unova starters because of "spoilers".

    Barry: *Angry* WHAT?!?!?

    Ash: Barry, calm down.

    Barry: Okay... But if I hear one more "Someone Bribed me", I'm gonna fine them for ruining the show...

    Ash: Okay....

    Barry: So Ash, who do you like more, Misty, May, Dawn, or your new travelling partner Iris?

    Ash: Well, I like them all! They're my friends!

    All: *Anime Fall Style*

    Barry: Dense... No, what I mean is, which of the 4 do you have feelings for? Romantic feelings...

    Audience: Oooh...

    Ash: Oh.... Well, Sorry Barry, I can't answer that..

    Barry: Why not?

    Ash: Well, someone bribed me not to...


    Narrator: And that's all the time we have! Tune in next time for...

    ./` Let's Talk with Barry! ./`

    Narrator: Starring Barry!

    So, did you like the first episode? Do you want to talk with Barry? Do you want another? Please post them in your comments! Thanks!!!! =D


    fake your death.
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    if you want my honest opinion, you don't have to post these kinds of things to make your blog popular. i didn't find it that funny, nor do i find certain other interview blogs funny, and i think they're, to be blunt, stupid. AND ONE DAY you will look at this blog and be embarrassed by it.

    well i've had my honesty for the day now...don't take it too hard lol. you did want opinions SO.