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look at my cat


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    hi does anyone still use blogs

    i hope so bc i'm about to dump a bunch of cat photos here bc i havent introduced my cat to pc yet.

    his name is jude nyathis, named for jude mathis of tales of xillia except my cat is really dumb unlike his namesake. (i love him all the more for it tho.)

    he follows me from room to room and meows at me to turn the tap on for him and he likes to go for walks outside.

    here he is a few days after i got him. he was born on february 14 so he is a valentine's baby

    he used to fit in tiny boxes

    he loves to be in my lap

    he always wants to come with me on trips

    he stretch

    despite appearances he was very happy to dress up as pikachu for halloween

    stealin candy from babies

    he is the sweetest boy in the world and i love him

    anyway hi guys how are you