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[ROM Hack] Lucian's Adventure in Pokémon Diamond

Hi all, I am quite new to this thread and I have only posted once for ORAS. I actually don't know where to post this lol, because I am going to talk about hack rom stuff but at the same time I want to keep a travel journal of my adventure, which is quite a challenge lol. So, I hope I chose the right section lol, if not, I m sorry hehe ^_^'
I'll be glad if someone else would be attempting this.

I wanted to start a new adventure in Pokémon Diamond with Lucian as a protagonist. The reason why this is labeled as a Rom Hack is because I modified the overworld sprite with Lucian. I'll explain in the end of the post how I did it, if anyone is interested.
Why Lucian? Because it's the hardest member of the Elite Four I have ever challenged and he's so elegant and stylish. He's an intellectual and I pretty much relate to him. I love Psychic pokemon (I still prefer water types tho) and I just love his style. I think I am quite smart and intuitive and I finished the games many times. I guess this might be enough to impersonate Lucian. Also, I mean, I m not doing something canonical, so the most important thing is having fun, but I like doing qualitative stuff, so I'll try to do my best. The challenge is to complete the game with only Lucian's team from Diamond and Pearl, so basically it is a Psychic limited monotype. I am going to "rewrite" the story of Pokemon Diamond through Lucian's eyes. I like doing things that might seem realistic and therefore that can fit the canonical series. So, I am going to keep it as much canonical as I can. For example, I will never talk about Lucian's parents, because we know nothing about them.
What does this mean? I didn't physically change the game dialogues because this was my first time doing something related to a Hack ROM. So, I am going to follow the natural events of Pokémon Diamond story, adding some invented facts and giving context in order to actually impersonate Lucian that has to start a new adventure in Sinnoh from 0. I am going to roleplay with my posts here, even tho I m not so good because I don't have much experience, and I will be a narrator as well. I may use Bold and "Normal text style" to differentiate the two parts. Furthermore, I'll probably break the role play to add some comments. I am going to do that at the end of each post and I may use the acronym ORP (out of roleplay) and Italics to differentiate it from the other two. Well, I haven't truly decided yet, but expect the parts to be differentiated in some way. Also, don't expect a super crazy story, but I promise this is going to be an exciting gameplay for me and for whoever wants to follow my adventure. Also, this might become quite long, so expect some mistakes. They could be about grammar, vocabulary and maybe names, because I am used to Italian ones. I have much to do, so I often don't have time to revise the whole post.
Sorry for that!
I am going to discuss a lot about characters, events and lore. If you know me, you know how much I care about gen 4 lore and how much I love gen 4 games. Last but not least, I am still playing PLA, so no spoilers please. I am aware PLA might have added new things to gen 4 lore, but I don't want to discuss them in this run. I might have taken inspiration from PLA for some things tho.

These are my RULES:

- If I find a pokemon that is in Lucian's team, I have to catch it
- I have to use only Lucian's pokemon with the moves Lucian has in his team
- About moves, I must teach my pokemon the exact moves of Lucian's Pokémon. This happens when leveling up and with moves recoverable with heart scales. If Lucian's pokemon know a TM move, I must teach it only if I find the TM, because otherwise it would require too much backtracking. Anyway, Lucian's team is quite strong, so I guess I'll be glad to find those TMs, so I can improve my team.
- Sinnoh has HMs tho, so I can keep one HM slave in the team (since Lucian only has 5 pokemon), but I can't use them in battle
- I can give the items I want to pokemon
- I need to save before main battles. If my HM slave goes into battle, it's considered a loss and I can restart the game
- no cheats obviously, except for one thing (can't talk bout it, but I guess some people may have already understood)
- all of Lucian's pokemon must be caught with a Poké Ball (just for fun lol)

EDIT: I am playing on Emulator and I found out that the game freezes or whatever, but in short, it stops working, when I try to enter the Underground. It was necessary to get heart scales to make my pokemon remember moves. How am I going to solve this? I am serious when I do stuff, so I am only going to partially use cheats. There are two heart scales hidden in the Sinnoh map, but I have already used them. For the rest, I am going to find them in the Underground in the original games on my 3DS and post a pic about that, when I find those. Then with cheats, idk how otherwise, I am going to make them appear in the rom I am using. I hope this will work and know that it's gonna take some time, but I guess the whole run is going to do that, especially for leveling.

Is this going to be hard?
Well, I am not sure, but I guess so. Sinnoh is a hard region and many pokemon are super effective to psychic types, but I'll anyway try to beat the game. Probably this is gonna require over leveling. That's the only way I can beat Lucian in the Elite Four, for example.

How can u participate to this journey?
In many ways, actually. i know that for now it sounded like me playing a game and writing posts about it, but I would actually love if someone interacted with my posts. I might inspire you to do the same kind of challenge/run with other characters in other regions or with a character that isn't a native in that region and so on. As I said, I am also going to talk about gen 4 lore from pokemon diamond and I would appreciate if u helped Lucian find other things out or telling him how you think things actually are. So, I just hope someone will be up to interact with my challenge here. Also, yes, I guess this is going to take time.
Am I going to play Platinum after this? Idk yet...

How do you change a pokemon game main character overworld sprite?
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The TV audio woke up Lucian, who found himself in an unknown house and in an unknown bed.

"Where am I... Where are my Pokémon?"

in his confusion, he got near the TV to understand what the program was about. It looked like a shiny Gyarados has been seen in Lake Verity, one of the major lakes in Sinnoh region. Lucian went downstairs and found a woman that approached him.

Johanna: Hello, Lucian! Are you ok? You were found senseless on the road. Our neighbor's child found you and then he called us to help you.
Lucian: Where am I? Where are my pokemon? I can't say what happened. The last thing I remember is that I was in my room in the Pokemon League...
Johanna: You are in Twinleaf Town and I wish I could help more, but when we brought you here, you didn't have any pokemon with you and we obviously have no idea how and why u came here. Anyway, you can stay here if you need to.
Lucian: No, thanks. I am really grateful for your help and generosity, but I have to go back to the Pokemon League and find my pokemon. I also need to figure out what happened. And I want to thank, the child that found me, they have been really brave!
Johanna: His name is Barry and he lives in the house upper on the left. He's really impatient and hyperactive. He never stops and I think he definitely wants to explore Lake Verity to see that Shiny Gyarados. Maybe you should lead the way.
Lucian: Oh yes, this is an excellent idea. Anyway, I think I have seen you before. Were you a star in Pokemon Contests, weren't you?
Johanna: Me? Oh no ahaha. Definitely not me. I have been on TV before, but I was a Pokemon trainer. I managed to collect all of the 8 medals, but at that time the League still didn't exist. I kinda got off the screen later, so that's where I stopped.

Lucian was quite confused, because he could clearly remember watching her on TV participating to several contests and winning many of them. However, in that moment many things were going on through his mind, so he didn't really care too much. He left Johanna's house and met Barry. He accompanied him to Lake Verity and that's where they met Professor Rowan and Dawn. They had a quit chit chat, but Lucian decided not to reveal too much about what happened because he himself felt really confused about it. Professor Rowan and Dawn left, but Barry noticed a small case in the tall grass. Lucian tried to stop Barry, telling him that he had no Pokemon, but instead Barry reached the case and Lucian decided to follow him, to eventually protect him. Two starly showed up and there was nothing left that looking inside the case to see if there was something useful. Three pokemon were there and Lucian chose first, because he felt the duty to protect Barry.

"Oh... None of these are Psychic type pokemon. That's quite unusual for me, but I have to think and act fast. Alright, this pokemon here. I feel some sort of connection to him. Ok, I m choosing you Piplup. Let's do our best!"
And they could easily defeat the two starly. They went back to give the case and the pokemon inside the case back to the Professor. The Professor was amazed to see that Lucian didn't have any pokemon with him and that they had to use the rare ones, in his case. At that point, feeling responsible for what happened, Lucian explained to him what happened. Professor Rowan was confused as well and decided to help him go back to the League and figure out what happened. He also decided to give Barry, the Turtwig he chose. And that's how Barry began his adventure.
Back to the Pokemon League, he met Aaron, who was surprised to see him because he hasn't seen him leaving the League in a while. They carried on till Lucian finally arrived to his room. There was another Lucian!
The two of them were really confused at first but somehow they both understood they were the same person.

ORP (out of role play): "Lucian" is the main character, protagonist of my adventure, while "LUCIAN" is the Elite Four member

LUCIAN: "Hmmm I think I understood. From what you told me, you can possibly come from a different dimension? That would mean that Multiverse exists and u come from another Universe. How fascinating!"
Lucian: "Yes, this could be. Now that I think about it, I have read several books about the topic, which is really recent by the way. However, the people who are said to be from a parallel universe loose their memory. I remember everything, except how I got here. How is that? Maybe someone wanted me to be here? "
LUCIAN: "This is definitely probable. Have you already asked yourself the purpose of your life in this universe? I mean, what are you going to do here?"
Lucian: "I don't know why I am here, but if my memory was kept intact, then it means that being a psychic trainer member of the Elite Four could be helpful for something. Maybe I should start my adventure in this world and answers will eventually come"
LUCIAN: "This makes sense to me. Well, I am going to inform Cynthia and we will keep an eye on you. Good luck on your adventure. I will be looking forward to when you'll battle me here."


Lucian left and went back to Professor Rowan's lab. Rowan understood and decided to gift him with the Piplup he had met before. And that's where Lucian's adventure began. He was now headed to Jubilife City where he met Barry again and explained him what happened. Barry was quite confused, however he could understand that Lucian was starting from 0 again and declared to be his rival. They had a small battle and despite having two pokemon, Barry lost. He was quite sad, but didn't waste any time and told Lucian that he was headed to Oreburgh City.

"Hmm... This route... If I am not wrong with some luck, I'll be able to catch an Abra. Abra is suche a good and strong pokemon. However, the only moves it knows is Teleport, which is useless in battle. I have heard that whoever wins against the trainers in the Jubilife City school can receive a TM containing Hidden power. That would be the best thing for an Abra."
Lucian headed back to Jubilife City and defeated the two school trainers, receiving Hidden Power. At this point, he went back to Route 203 and found an Abra that easily caught with a pokeball.

"Piplup, you are an amazing pokemon. However, I don't feel like I am the best choice for you. I am a Psychic type trainer, I know many secrets about this typing and I am a master in training them. Thanks for all, Piplup, but our journey ends here" and Lucian went back to Rowan's lab and give Piplup back to him. Then he trained his Abra really hard and defeated all the trainers he met till he arrived to Oreburgh City, where he finally met Roark and defeated him.


"What's happening? Abra, are you evolving?" After turning to level 16, Abra evolved in Kadabra and learned Confusion.

Lucian kept going, being headed to Eterna City, but he needed to use Rock Smash to go ahead.
"I am going to catch one of the many bidoof that are in these roads and teach them Rock Smash". He was now headed to Floaroma Town. But something was blocking the road. Two Team Galactic Grunts were importuning Professor Rowan, so Lucian and Dawn battled together and defeated those Grunts.

"In this World Team Galactic seems to have quite an important role. I wonder if I am going to get even more involved with them. Surely, they should be stopped."
Indeed, once he arrived to Floaroma Town he had to battle Martes, one of the three Team Galactic Commanders. The battle wasn't too easy, but he could win easily even if he only had one pokemon. Mars went away with the other Team Galactic Grunts, but they both knew they would have met each other another time.


The next gym was in Eterna Town, but in order to go there, Lucian had to get out of the famous Eterna Forest. As soon as he entered the zone, a young lade approached him.

Cheryl: "Hi, aren't you Lucian, from the Elite Four? My name is Cheryl and I am kinda lost. Can you guide me to Eterna Town?"
Lucian: "Well, it's quite a complicated matter, but yes, I am Lucian. We can team up and get out here. I once read a book about the environment and uniqueness of this place. I know this place quite perfectly: some pokemon live only here and this is the only place in the whole Sinnoh region, where Eevee can evolve in Leafeon. "
Cheryl: "Thanks, that's really nice of you to help me out... Anyway... Why are you saying that about Leafeon? Eevee just needs a leaf stone to evolve into Leafeon..."
Lucian: "Oh, I understand... never mind..."
They finally arrived to Eterna City. It's there that Lucian met Cynthia, who told him that she was keeping an eye on him and wished him a good adventure. She also gave him the HM Cut, which is necessary to explore the Sinnoh region.
Lucian was now headed to route 211 where he caught a Meditite. He trained him to level 16 and went to the gym. Thanks to Meditite and Kadabra, Lucian easily won the second medal!



- Kadabra, level 23
- Meditite, level 18
(bidoof , HM slave, level 4)

Notice: if anyone is actually reading this and notices I made some mistakes, please tell me, because I want everything to be really good :)
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As soon as he got the second medal, Lucian teaches Cut to his bidoof and finally gains access to the Team Galactic building in Eterna Town. He enters and easily defeats all the Grunts. He finally accesses the last floor where he finds Jupiter, another of the three Team Galactic Commanders. That was a hard battle for Lucian, since Jupiter's Skunktank was really strong and his dark type moves were powerful and super effective. However, Lucian's Kadabra and Meditite managed to defeat Skunktank and Jupiter had to leave. The man who was saved by Lucian gifted him with a bike, that Lucian decided to use only in extreme situations, since it's not really his style. After this episode, Lucian headed to the famous Pokémon Statue in Eterna Town. An old woman living near that statue told him that long time ago, that statue was the main attraction of a very important festival.
"Nowadays, we still don't certainly know what this Statue represents. It's a fusion of Dialga and Palkia, a very interesting way to represent the two Gods that are said to have created the Sinnoh region, but that at the same time are rivals. If they fight against each other, why would they be represented together, like there was some sort of peace between the two of them? Did that really happen perhaps?"
He approached the statue and tried to read the inscription. Many letters and some sentences went missing.
"Dia... time... There's no reference to Palkia, but just to Dialga. This World is quite strange. May this really mean that in this World Dialga is the only creator of the Universe? But If that were true, then it would mean that in each Universe there are a Dialga, a Palkia and a Giratina, or just one or two of them. Wouldn't this make them less legendary? This is really interesting. I need to find out."

He could finally get to route 206, where he caught Bronzor. He started to train him, on his way to Hearthome City. Entering Mt. Coronet Lucian found Cyrus, the Boss of Team Galactic. Lucian remembered that even his World Cyrus and Team Galactic wanted to interfere with the structure of the Universe. However, Lucian knew he couldn't beat Cyrus at that moment, so he decided not to say much and rather understand what kind of person that Cyrus was. Interestingly, Lucian was amazed by Cyrus' way of thinking. "The world is a mess, because spirit exists.".
"How can someone think anything like this... He can't understand people, but he seems closed to himself. This means he's not open to understand others, he just wants people to live by his rules. How sad...
His knowledge about Sinnoh was right tho. Thanks to Cynthia and the books in Canalave City's library, I know much of Sinnoh mythology. However, it's curious to see where Cyrus gets so much information..."

And Lucian kept traveling till he arrived to Hearthome City. There Barry stopped him and challenged him in battle, but Lucian's team could easily win. Barry was quite sad but didn't loose his hope and went to Veilstone City to get the third medal.


Lucian walked around the city and visited a very interesting place. It was some sort of Church. The building was imposing and so big he could feel some sense of fear and submission. Submission to something or someone who is bigger than him, bigger than all people...
"Religion is a very strange and undefined concept for people who live here in Sinnoh. We have not enough data and information to understand the role of religion in our region. Because of this, it's not right at all to define this place a Church or a Temple. However, people come here to prey and understand life. Therefore, what makes this place different from an ordinary Church or Temple? Aren't they almost the same thing? Well, Sinnoh is surely an unique case. Its history sees Dialga and Palkia as the Gods who made this region. This place isn't for them though. This is really interesting." and then he stared at the big mosaic on the wall of the building. It represents the region of Sinnoh, with a light on top of Mt. Coronet.
"It represents life and creation. We all come from that light, but we live way under that light. To get there we need to improve an become better, getting over all the obstacles. That's what Mt. Coronet represents in this picture. However, it's up to us to get there or not." And Lucian immediately thought about Cyrus: "He's trying to get that light as well, in its own way. However, he doesn't want to admire that light where we all come from, he wants to destroy it and become the light itself. He doesn't understand that this light gifted us with life, he only sees the immense power of that light. Why does he want to challenge the light? He feels something is wrong with his life because he feels different and because he can't understand other people. Desiring to destroy the Spirit... He must have suffered a lot to come to this conclusion..."


He carried on his travel to Solaceon Town and decided to visit its Ruins.
"Unown, incredible and mysterious creatures. It's amazing how they were used as an alphabet, but most importantly it's hard to say how they are connected to Dialga, Palkia and that Giratina Cynthia told me about. Actually, Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie are psychic type pokemon as well, what if they were somewhat connected? From what I know, the lake trio's job was to spread the spirit in the Universe. They might have done that thanks to the Unown. Maybe that's how they communicated with humans. However, I hardly believe they were so close to humans. They are said to have always been in their caves in their lake and they would often never show to people. However, time changed many things. Maybe it wasn't like that long time ago..."
Lucian went ahead and found an inscription on the wall. It was obviously in Unown alphabet, but Lucian could easily translate it. He followed the directions written on that wall and managed to enter one of the deepest and most secret rooms in all of the Ruins. Another text was written. Again, he could easily translate it and he was amazed by the deep meaning of what he read.






"Friendship. All lives touch other lives to create something anew and alive"
"Wow. Cyrus should read this. Creation is based on Spirit and love. People meet other people to be happy, to be understood and to help each other. People meet other people to become a new family, to feel the need of belonging to a group. Cyrus is all of the opposite. He wants something just for himself, not others. He is not creating but destroying.
Going back to mythology, that's really interesting. Many people, even experts of Sinnoh history and mythology often forget about how important to this region, but especially to us, Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie are. They often forget they are Gods as well. This inscription here says it all. Thanks to the Spirit that Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie gave to people, people themselves were able to develop new relationships of friendship, love, but also war. That's how humans mush have become a race. They developed thanks to the Spirit. Ironically, Cyrus is here thanks to that Spirit, how could he deny what created him? Is his life really that painful to regret the gift of life?... I can't say, actually. But I wish nobody felt this bad to the point where they felt the need to rewrite the rules of our Universe..."

In that room, he found many interesting and rare items, but something really caught all of his attention: the Mind Plate.
"When the Universe was created, its shards became this Plate". That was written on that Plate.
"Interesting. This place, that's why it's so important and unique. Unown are here because they're attracted to this Plate or they're trying to protect it. But this is related to the Psychic type. There should be one for each type. However, this can't be a case. Maybe Cynthia and Lucian are right. I might be here to accomplish some sort of mission. There might be a reason why I found this Plate here. This place is closely related to the Psychic type, which is my type. Someone or something wanted to show me this. Well, this is an useful item. I am going to give this to my Bronzor, so they can be more useful in battle. However, I must seek other Plates in the region. I could find an answer to why I am here, in this World."


Notice: if anyone is actually reading this and notices I made some mistakes, please tell me, because I want everything to be really good :)
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The next gym is was in Veilstone City, so Lucian entered Route 215, where he found something really interesting: the Fist Plate. What really caught his attention was something written on that Plate, something that not even Cynthia ever told him about...


"...Defeated ...giants...!? How is this possible? Who are giants!? I bet Cynthia has never told me anything about them... And I have never read much about them.
...But... Now that I think about it, as for now there are only two Pokémon who are considered giants. Those are Regigigas and that Enternatus from the distant land of Galar. Actually, they are reported in the PokéDex in a different way: Regigigas is called a giant, just because they look very big. Eternatus, on the other hand, is properly called a giant. That's the only example of giant I am aware of. This would make sense though: Regigigas is the one who made the Continents, why would they have fought against Arceus? On the opposite, Eternatus caused much trouble with their powers. The Eternamax form is really strong, but it could be defeated from Zacian and Zamazenta, not Arceus themselves. Maybe Eternamax might not be their final form. Was Eternatus a giant that Arceus defeated long time ago, before Zacian and Zamazenta? I think there is not enough information to give a proper answer..."

ORP (out of role play): This is real. Giants aren't nominated in any pokemon games. The only two pokemon called giants in the Pokedex are Regigigas and Eternatus. However, I also referenced the fact that in the original language Regigigas is called a giant, but in katakana. Katakana is the Japanese alphabet used for foreign words imported to Japan or for a "non conventional" way of calling things. It could be Regigigas case, with the word giant. Eternatus, on the other hand, is defined a giant with the normal Japanese alphabet. This is mostly a speculation, but I said I was going to do that.

After that, Lucian finally arrived in Veilstone City. Before challenging the Gym Leader, he decided to go training his team on Route 214, where he also caught Girafarig, a new member of his party. Right after that, he went back to the gym and counting especially on his Meditite and his Bronzor, he quite easily defeated Maylene. However, as soon as he got out from the gym, he found Dawn having problems with Team Galactic Grunts, but Lucian helped her, teaming up with her and easily beating them. At that point, he caught a Staravia to teach him fly and a Bibarel to teach him Surf. He could finally use the HM Fly and went back to Eterna City to receive the Exp. Share from Dawn's father.



Lucian could finally get to Pastoria City. He didn't waste much time and indeed directly went to the gym and easily solved the gym puzzle. The fight against the gym leader wasn't too easy, because Floatzel was quite strong and resistant, but thanks to some strategy, Lucian managed to beat him and conquered the fourth medal. When he got out from the gym, he noticed a Team Galactic Grunt next to the Safari area and could do nothing but interview him on what he was doing there. He started to run and Lucian decided to follow him. Right at that moment, Barry showed up and challenged Lucian. Again, Barry lost. Lucian's team was really strong, but he could also admit that Barry was making really amazing improvements. However Barry's team needed some evolutions, it was still kinda weak. But Lucian couldn't wast much more time, since he had to follow that Team Galactic Grunt, so he just ran away.



He managed to reach the Grunt near the Lake Valor and the Grunt could do nothing, but battle. However, he lost very quickly and ran away.
Few moments later, Cynthia arrived and checked on Lucian.
Cynthia: "Anyway... Have you seen those Psyduck on Route 210?"
Lucian: "Yes, I know I need a potion. I couldn't find it anywhere though."
Cynthia: "Don't worry, it might happen. I have exactly what you need. However... if you're headed to Celestic Town, please give this old charm to my grandma. We are trying to analyze it."
Lucian: "What is the purpose of this old charm? I think I have never seen any of those"
Cynthia: "They were made in honor of the deity that made our region. It's dedicated to Dialga."
Lucian: "Huh? Dialga? Do you mean Arceus? The Cynthia from my dimension told me that it's most probably a deity called Arceus to have created the whole Universe and therefore Sinnoh."
Cynthia: "Oh, I see. We could have much to talk about, I guess. Anyway, are you perhaps saying that people from the Sinnoh you come from actually know Arceus?"
Lucian: "Not at all. Not even Giratina. I was of those people as well, but Cynthia told me everything she knew about them. Also, I tried to read as many things I could about the topic. There's not much information about them. But I still have an important question. Why Dialga? What about Palkia? I mean, even on the statue in Eterna City... Palkia isn't mentioned there. Your dimension seems to be so much closer to Dialga rather than with Palkia."
Cynthia: "Oh well, this sure is interesting. You are telling me you come from a dimension where Dilaga and Palkia are both worshiped? That looks amazingly interesting. That's why the Cynthia from your dimension might know more things about Giratina and Arceus. Well, I guess we will have time to share more things about this topic. Look at you. You already have four medals, I can't wait to challenge you at the League... Even though I am actually quite more curious to see your challenge against our Lucian. That could be funny."


And so Cynthia left and Lucian went back to Route 210, where thanks to the potion received from Cynthia, he managed to get to Celestic Town. There he gave the Old Charm to Cynthia's grandmother, who gave him the advice to visit the ruins, because there was something really interesting. Lucian knew those ruins really well. Not only he had visited them before, but Cynthia told him many things about the image represented in that ruins. Surely it is a mysterious and important place. However, what truly caught Lucian's attention was the fact that he had arrived in a dimension where Dialga seemed to be more relevant than Palkia and people from that dimension themselves felt closer to Dialga.
"This image. I know what it means. It's a pure piece of art. The details are not so important, but the concept is amazingly vast and relevant to the whole Universe history. It represents Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie, the Deities who gave origin to the Spirit. In the Middle there's a light. It represents either Dialga or Palkia. This might also be a reference to their orbs, The Adamant Orb and The Lustrous Orb. Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie might be their creators.
However, that's not the only interpretation. This image also represents Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. In the middle there's Arceus or the Universe. Arceus made Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. Dialga is time, Palkia is space and Giratina is anti-matter and some sort of "control center" of our Universe. Time and Space are bond together in Time-Space and, according to what Cynthia said, Giratina's Distortion World is bond together with Time-Space, it's basically the Anti Time-Space. Giratina is actually more important than that. Cynthia told me that since Distortion World is bond together with Time-Space, they also share information. This could possibly mean that if Space-Time is destroyed, Giratina might have the information to transform Distortion World to the Universe destroyed. That's why Cyrus will never manage to realize his plan. He should eliminate Giratina first."

ORP (out of role play): The Distortion World part that can be transformed into our Universe when it's destroyed is just a speculation. it's not at all mine, I was inspired by that. So, it's not canonical, but in my mind it is because it just makes sense. Many things come together, if you think about it.


While getting out of the Ruins he saw Cyrus, but Lucian decided not to say anything. Cyrus didn't recognize him and introduced himself, then he went away. Lucian was nervous, because he wanted to fight him, but he was also aware of the fact that Cyrus was still too strong for his team. Cynthia's grandma gifted him Hm Surf, that he gave to Bibarel and headed to Hearthome City to get the fifth medal. The gym was quite big and the puzzles asked for very basic math questions, so Lucian could really easily get to Fantina. He was quite excited because he knew this challenge could have been amazing, since Ghost type pokemon are super effective to Psychic type pokemon. However, Fantina very rarely used Ghost type moves, allowing Lucian's team to easily win.


Now that he could use Surf, he went to Canalave City. Before entering the City, he fought against some trainers and right in that moment Bronzor evolved into Bronzong! He was now in Route 218, where he could find and catch Mr. Mime, the last member of his team. The nature didn't really convince him, so he decided to spend some time into breeding Mr. Mime. He was quite happy with the new born Mr. Mime, having a calm nature.
He finally went back to Canalave City, where he met Barry again. This time his team was stronger, but Lucian could win again quite easily. Barry didn't loose his hope and told him one day he'll manage to beat him. Next stop for Lucian was the sixth gym, but he felt that his team was quite weak, so he headed to Iron Island to train.
There he met Ridley, thanks to whom managed to beat two Team Galactic Grunts and also train his pokemon quite well. Indeed that's where Meditite evolved into Medicham!


Before leaving the Iron Island, he found another Plate. The text said that two beings set free from the Original One.
"The text on this Plate is really clear. This is referring to Dialga and Palkia coming from Arceus. This is quite an important text: considering that this dimension has a deeper bond with Dialga and that there are few traces of Palkia, it's important that "the being of Space" is mentioned here.
However, I want to understand why I am finding these Plates. Maybe someone is trying to show me a path or a way. I still don't know why and how I was sent to this dimension."


After having found the Plate and with his trained team, he went back to Canalave City to obtain the sixth medal. It was easier than expected, indeed he only needed his new Medicham to defeat all of gym leader's team. So, he finally got the sixth medal. As soon as he got out of the gym, he found Barry, who told him to follow him to the Canalave library. That was the place of main interest in the whole region and he was looking forward to visiting the library, especially considering it was from another dimension Sinnoh. He was curious to find other books and other piece of information missing in the Sinnoh where he came from.



- Kadabra, level 34
- Girafarig, level 33
- Medicham, level 38
- Mr. Mime, level 28
- Bronzong, level 39

Notice: if anyone is actually reading this and notices I made some mistakes, please tell me, because I want everything to be really good :)
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Lucian was now headed to Canalave Library. He followed Barry and found Dawn and Professor Rowan with him. The Professor told them that he wanted to conduct a research on the three pokemon of the Lakes and Lucian exposed all the knowledge that he had on them. However, while they were talking, a big earthquake forced them to get out of the magnificent building. The earthquake eventually stopped but the causes were still unknown and Lucian and Professor Rowan were quite worried. At that point, Rowan suggested them to split and go to the Lakes, since Team Galactic could have been involved in that. Lucian wasn't surprised and indeed he was expecting that, so he did what Professor Rowan told him to. Unfortunately, Lucian had no time to visit the Library.

He went to Lake Valor and noticed that the water was gone. He immediately tried to understand what was going on and found Saturn, who challenged Lucian, but in the end he could nothing but loose. Once the Team Galactic got out of Lake Valor, Lucian started to be worried about Dawn and Barry, so he decided to check on them. Firstly he headed to Lake Verity and helped Dawn by beating Mars. Then, consequently he had to reach the other Lake, in the northern part of the region, near Snowpoint City, where the next gym was. He eventually managed to arrive, but it was too cold and the blizzard was too powerful, but he managed to find a house to get repair from the blizzard. An adventurer was in that house and welcomed him.

Adventurer: " You can rest here for a while, if you wish."
Lucian: "Thanks. I often come to Snowpoint City, but this time the weather is worse than ever."
Adventurer: "I know! It almost always snows here, but this time is definitely worse. Indeed while walking back home I lost something really precious."
Lucian: "Oh, I see. I have found many items in the snow, coming here. Since I am on an adventure, items may be quite useful for me... What did you loose by the way?"
Adventurer: "It is a HM. It's Rock Climb."
Lucian: "Oh wait! I have found it. It was in the snow, quite near your house. Here, you can take it back!"
Adventurer: "Oh, yes! It really is my HM! Thanks... However, I think you will need this more than me. You can keep it!"
Lucian: "Thanks! That's really kind of you. Indeed I may actually need this HM. That was a big help. Thanks again!"
Adventurer: "No problem... So... You said you are exploring the Sinnoh region. I wonder... Do you know what is this? I found it in the snow some days ago, but I couldn't really figure out what it is. I just can understand that it's really really old."
Lucian: "Oh. I know exactly what it is. I have been finding them through all my adventure. It's ancient and powerful. It's called a "Plate"."

The adventurer gave him the Plate and told him he could keep it. Lucian started to analyze it.


"This is clearly a reference to the three beings known as Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie. For now, the deities named in the Plates I found are five. How about Giratina and Arceus? Will I ever find information about them on the Plates?
So, the Lake Guardians are the ones who bind time and space. Therefore, they must have contributed to creation as well. I know they created the Spirit in the Universe, but the fact that they connected space and time means they are the last act of the creation of the material Universe. That's why they are so close to Dialga and Palkia: they are creators as well!
Despite how interesting this is, I am not learning anything new from this Plate, but again, it looks like something or someone is guiding me...
Where exactly? Why me?"

Lucian thanked the adventurer and explained to him that he couldn't stay any longer and had to go to Lake Acuity, to see how Barry was going. He tried to get to the lake, but the snow was too much and he could barely see where he was going. He didn't know what to do, so he decided to go to Snowpoint City and ask the gym leader Candice to help him out. The road wasn't easy nor short but he managed to get to the city. He asked to talk to Candice, because he needed her help. Candice approached him.

Candice: "What's going on? Are you the Lucian from the other Sinnoh?"
Lucian: "Yes, I am. I guess the League spread the voice about me. I am glad I don't have to explain too much."
Candice: "Well, this sounds really complicated and I guess many people are confused and most of them don't even trust what you say... However, I am a gym leader, so I will be pleased to challen-"
Lucian stopped her
Lucian: "There's no much time for that. I have to check on a friend at Lake Acuity. Team Galactic is involved. The snow... it's just too much, I can't really reach the place. I need your help."
Candice: "Well. I see. The lake can't be reached right now. There's a powerful blizzard. I am sure your friend and even Team Galactic had to find a place to repair. It's too dangerous to go outside and almost impossible to reach the Lake. But the gym is here. I will be waiting for you."

Lucian was worried. He couldn't see how Barry could have escaped that powerful blizzard, but on the other hand, he knew Candice was right, because he could see that it was almost impossible to reach the Lake. He decided to listen to Candice and get his seventh badge.
That's exactly what he did. He could easily beat the trainers in the gym and in the end Candice too.


Candice: "Ok. You proved me that you're really strong. You deserve your badge."
Lucian: "Thanks... But I am still worried for Barry and Team Galactic."
Candice: "We just need to wait."

And so he did. It was a matter of few hours and the Lake was finally accessible again. Candice gave Lucian the exact indications to reach the Lake so he could not get lost and he manged to get there. But it was too late. Barry was defeated by Jupiter, who got all the information she needed and headed back to Team Galactic HQ in Veilstone City. Lucian tried to stop her, but it was too late. The story couldn't end there though. Lucian had to do something, so he headed to Veilstone City.
Right there, a person approached to Lucian. It was the Lucian from that dimension!

ORP (out of role play): "Lucian" is the main character, protagonist of my adventure, while "LUCIAN" is the Elite Four member

LUCIAN: "Hello! Cynthia told me that your adventure is going great!"
Lucian: "Yes, I have seven badges. However, I am now in the middle of something: Team Galactic is creating quite much trouble. I need to stop them."
LUCIAN: "Indeed. I am here to give you a hand. As we both know, Kadabra can evolve into Alakazam only with a trade. I am training a Kadabra and I know you have one as well. Let's help each other by trading them and then giving them back to their owners! It's a good idea, isn't it?"
Lucian: "I guess this may come helpful. After all, Kadabra is ready for evolution."

They traded their Kadabra, who both evolved into Alakazam and they they traded them back.

LUCIAN: "Be careful with Team Galactic. About us and our Alakazam... I am looking forward to meeting you at the League. I will be waiting for you."

And he went away.
Lucian went near the Team Galactic building and there he managed to defeat a Team Galactic Grunt that had one of the keys required to access some parts of the building. Lucian sneaked in. He easily defeated all the Grunts and he got the second key and in the end he managed to reach Cyrus and the two finally met again.

Cyrus: "You, again. I know who you are, but you won't stop me, my dreams and my plan."
Lucian: "Cyrus, you have to stop. The World you are seeking is impossible to realize. Your dreams are vane and you are just wasting time and resources. I have already seen what happened to the Team Galactic in my..."
He stopped, because he realized Cyrus was probably unaware of who he really was and didn't want to make things more complicated.
Cyrus: "Dimension?"
Lucian was shocked. How could he know?
Cyrus: "No information can escape from me. I have always known about you. I was studying you, acting like I didn't know anything, but you were doing just the same with me."
Lucian: "Cyrus, just stop. Your plan can't work, you will just fail. So, stop hurting other people and other pokemon. Free Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie. I know what you are going to do."
Cyrus: "I am aware of the fact that you may already know my plan, but will you be able to stop me?"

And so Cyrus challenged Lucian. Cyrus' team was quite strong, however Lucian was prepared to this fight, so without no much trouble he managed to defeat him, but he knew it wouldn't have been the last time.


Cyrus told him that he got what he needed from Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie, so he could go and free them. He also gave him a master ball as a reward.

"He always acts superior and he doesn't listen. Maybe I shouldn't stop him right now. He should see with his own eyes his plan failing. Whoever he will call on Spear Pillar, Giratina and Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie are going to save our world. I need to follow him to Spear Pillar and stop him, but on the other hand, he has already lost. If only he listened to me and to people around him, he would probably understand that the Spirit is an amazing gift that the three Lake Guardians gave us and we should never disagree. Happiness, pain, joy, anger... They are all part of life. May they be good or bad, in the end we should be grateful because we can feel... We can love.
"Friendship. All lives touch other lives to create something anew and alive"
Cyrus can be right when he says we human aren't perfect. That's because we don't always think according to logic, but listening to our hearts, as well. I wish he could listen to me. Maybe I was sent here to change his mind. I could have failed..."

Lucian stopped to think and decided to react: he had to save Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie. He got on the teleporting panel and reached a secret part of the building. It was a big laboratory, where many experiments were being conducted. From the glass he noticed, he assumed Cyrus was conducting some sort of experiment on genetics and cloning. He hadn't time for that though. He finally arrived to the room where the Guardian Lakes where kept. Saturn was there as well.

Saturn: "I don't understand our boss. Why did he let you come here and free these pokemon? ...Huh, I don't care... I will beat you this time!"

Saturn's team was stronger now, but again Lucian managed to beat him.


Lucian: "You lost again. Now, let me press that button. Don't you see they are suffering? ...Also... Your boss is going to fail on Mt. Coronet. Be aware of that."

Before going away, Saturn told him:
"I don't even know what his plan is. Most of us don't and I bet Mars and Jupiter don't know either. But they are going with him. I have to stay here and be in control of the building. Master Cyrus isn't going to fail."
Lucian: " You care so much about him and your role in this Team, that you didn't even notice that the only reason why you are staying here is because you wouldn't approve what he's going to do on Spear Pillar."

After having left Saturn without words, he got on the teleport panel to get out out of the Team Galactic HQ building, but before leaving, Lucian noticed something on the screen of the Computer in Cyrus' room. It was full of information and details that he had never seen before.


"Oh, that's how it is. He is planning to gain control of "The Pokemon that created the Universe". That... Isn't it Arceus? How can he know about Arceus? Few people know their name. Not even Cynthia is sure about that. There is also written that if the pokemon is caught with a pokeball, they loose a part of their power. That's why he's using the Red Chain, whose power comes from Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie.
Wait... This makes no sense... Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie are deities but their job is to balance the power of either Dialga or Palkia. Would this apply to Arceus as well? Why would Arceus create someone that limits their power?
Unless... Cyrus thinks that pokemon is Dialga. This dimension is closer to Dialga rather than with Palkia and they are both deities. Cyrus could have got the information about the Guardian Lakes that balance Dialga's or Palkia's power from the painting in Celestic Town.
Well, but what if it was really Arceus? I wouldn't be sure that any legendary Pokemon would be able to stop them. But I think Cyrus' red chain wouldn't work as well, even if it was Arceus. I need to go though."

So, Lucian got out of the building and stopped at the Pokemon Center to rest a bit and to get ready to stop Cyrus at Spear Pillar.

ORP (out of role play):
I had to interpret some characters during this chapter and I may understand my idea of how a character acts may be different from the one of other people. I haven't seen anime and stuff, so I am basically assuming these characters' personality from the games and their dialogues. But let me say I think Cyrus was ok, because I have studied his words many many many times.

Also, some things happened during this part of the run. First is that using an emulator I had no choice but to use cheats to get Alakazam. I didn't alter any sort of thing, but I needed to evolve my Kadabra.

Secondly, I updated the first post with a little part talking about the Underground. As I have written there, the Underground doesn't work on emulator and i needed heart scales to make some pokemon remember some moves.
In detail:

Medicham (Fire punch, Thunder punch, Ice punch)

Bronzong (Gyro Ball)

I needed 4 heart scales. In the game only two are available in the map. I got them and used them but I still needed two. As I mentioned in the rules, I grabbed my 3ds and found 2 heart scales on that game. Then I used cheats to get 2 more heart scales on my run with Lucian. Why that? Because I like doing things honestly, I guess. I won't hide it was quite frustrating to do all this process, but at least it feels legit. Pics of me having found two heart scales in the Underground here:


Last but not least, while training, I was EXTREMELY lucky and my Alakazam got Pokerus. That's extremely rare and I still can't believe it happened. However, while at first I wanted to try it and I have done two battles with Alakazam, I also realized it was kinda against the spirit of my run and "challenge". So, this sounds funny lol but I used cheats to remove pokerus from my pokemon. Lol ikr.
I am probably going to regret this, but it just didn't feel fair. I won't lie, I am beating the game quite easily but I m probably still under leveled for Lucian's battle. So, having pokerus would have been quite helpful in my situation, but this is exactly why I decided to remove it.
As a memory of this crazy act of using the cheats to anti-cheat, here there are the pics of my team before and after the pokerus. Medicham never got infected btw. If there are some skeptical people (assuming anyone is actually reading this lol) check the EXP, it's just the same, except for Alakazam. As I said, I have done a couple of battles with him before removing pokerus.










- Alakazam, level 41
- Girafarig, level 44
- Medicham, level 43
- Mr. Mime, level 40
- Bronzong, level 41

Notice: if anyone is actually reading this and notices I made some mistakes, please tell me, because I want everything to be really good :)
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After having rested at the Pokémon Center, Lucian started his journey to Spear Pillar. He had to go to Mt. Coronet and get to the top, where Spear Pillar is located. He needed to bring Bibarel with him to climb rocks and surf on the water.
While visiting the huge Mt. Coronet, he found some Grunts that were placed by Cyrus to have a time advantage. Lucian could do nothing but waste some time defeating them and he had to rush to get to Spear Pillar as soon as possible. Luckily he knew the path. In the end, almost tired, he finally managed to get to Spear Pillar, where two Grunts blocked him. As soon as he defeated those two, he went ahead trying to stop Cyrus, but it was too late.



Lucian: "That isn't the pokemon who created Sinnoh. You are wrong Cyrus. Or better, just in part. Dialga isn't the only one who created Sinnoh and the Universe."
Cyrus: "What are you trying to say!? Dialga is the incarnation of Time, how can't they be the pokemon who created the Universe and Sinnoh? Dialga go and show him your power."


Time continued to get distorted...
Lucian: "Cyrus that's ridiculous. You are going to fail. The file on your computer. The pokemon described there is not Dialga... nor Palkia... Not even Giratina, but you probably don't even know..."
Cyrus: "Catching my interest in order to stop me. How smart... but it won't work. Enough talk. You two stop him now!"

Jupiter and Mars approached Lucian to battle him and get their revenge, but as soon as they were about to start...


...Barry reached Lucian to help him! After all, he also wanted a revenge on Jupiter, after the events at Lake Acuity. Barry and Lucian were a great team and in no time they managed to defeat the two Commanders.
At that point, Cyrus was furious...

Cyrus: "This can't be! You defeated us too many times. I am tired of this! Why are you even here? Just to tell me I am going to fail? To tell me that my dreams will never come true?"
Lucian: "You don't listen, Cyrus. if only you did, I am sure you would find some peace. This is not how you're going to solve your personal problems. Messing up other people's lives and tricking your whole team just to get to your own personal aim. After all, Jupiter and Mars are here just because you know they would do everything you ordered them, even resetting the whole Universe..."
Cyrus: "Stop! I can't stand that. Who are you to even try to speak to me like that... I have Dialga under my control and I am distorting the Time. I have the power... You don't..."
Lucian: "Just for a while, Cyrus. Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie will be here in no time. Don't you understand? The painting in Celestic Town... Those three were created to limit Dialga's and Palkia's power in order to guarantee the stability of Time-Space in the Universe. As I have told you... you were destined to fail."
Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie appeared


Mesprit stood in front of Lucian and then disappeared


Cyrus: "This can't be..."
Lucian: "It just is, Cyrus. Accept it."
Cyrus: "No, I won't. I am not going to stop. You can't understand... I will never give up."


Cyrus, Jupiter and Mars went away, while Dawn and Professor Rowan reached Lucian on Spear Pillar. They were worried, but they could see that Lucian managed to handle the situation perfectly. Dialga was still there and in pain.
Professor Rowan told Lucian that he could feel that Dialga wanted to challenge him and Lucian felt the same.



Lucian approached Dialga.


Lucian: "Almighty Dialga, I am sorry you had to suffer. I see and I feel that you are asking for help and want to challenge me. I have been traveling for so long. I found myself into a different and almost unknown dimension and still it's not clear to me what my destiny is. I am writing a story, my own story, while I am proceeding with my adventure and so many things, both good and bad happened. Maybe the reason why I was sent here has already been accomplished... I can't really say. However, I am not stopping and I will challenge you with all my strength!"


"I have the masterball Cyrus gave me, when I defeated him in the Team Galactic HQ. I will never use it to catch Dialga. If the information on that computer was right, I would partially limit Dialga's power, which implies that I would create a permanent Time-Space distortion. However, despite all of these things, a true God like Dialga, should never be caught by anyone. That's why I am so honored to challenge Dialga and win this battle. Once defeated, Dialga will finally rest."


Professor Rowan: "Truly amazing. You defeated the legendary Dialga. I am glad everything is finally over. Let's head back home!"
Lucian: "You can go, I am staying here a little more. I noticed something over there, I want to see what it is."
Professor Rowan: "Alright! See you Lucian! Rest a bit and good luck for the rest of your adventure! I have heard you only need the last badge."

And so, Professor Rowan and Down went back home, while Lucian approached the mysterious shiny object he was observing.



"Adamant orb. I see. That's how Cyrus managed to call and trap Dialga with his Red Chain. There's no doubt about this. I wonder where he found this orb though. Well, it looks like everything is finally over. I can now go get my last badge and then go to the League."

So, he did. He went to Route 222, where he had to train his team. But something unexpected happened!


"It's a shiny wingul! That is so rare and so fascinating. It's such a unique event. I am going to catch this wingull!"
And he managed to get that beautiful shiny wingull. Even though he wasn't an expert of water type pokemon and even though he didn't plan to train wingull for the League, he was still fascinated by this incredible encounter.


Lucian finally arrived to Sunnyshore City and was headed to the gym. However, he was told that the gym leader was at the Vista Lighthouse and so he went there. Before entering, he noticed something shiny near the building. He picked it up: it was a Plate.


"Another Plate. I am still here and I am still finding these Plates. Does this mean my mission, whatever it might be, hasn't been accomplished yet? That's strange, but at this point I need to understand who sent me here and why. After the events at Spear Pillar, I felt like it was time to go back home, in my dimension... but it didn't happen. But what if Cyrus has another plan? I have told him about Giratina... Maybe that was a mistake. For a little time I thought I could actually mange to make him understand the crazy things he was doing, but as always he didn't listen. However, he can't count on Team Galactic anymore. Well, despite what happened Jupiter and Mars are still with him, but Saturn definitely won't, I am sure of that. And I have the adamant orb with me, so he can't evoke Dialga on Spear Pillar anymore. I think Cyrus is not a danger anymore. So, again, I can't understand why I am still here. The only thing I can do is go ahead and carry on my adventure.
This Plate is precious. It talks about the Spirit and the matter. It obviously refers to Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie and Dialga, Palkia. Giratina... They're never nominated here... This is so interesting."

Lucian decided not to waste any more time and went to the top of Vista Lighthouse and found Volkner that told him that he would have awaited for him in the gym.
Lucian got ready and went to the gym, where thanks to his Bronzong could easily beat all the trainers and could finally get to Volkner. That would have been his last battle with a gym leader. Volkner accepted his challenge and the battle began. However, Lucian's team was quite ready to resist to Volkner's team, so he easily won, mainly thanks to Bronzong. And so, after having defeating Volkner, Lucian conquered all the badges and gained access to the League.




- Alakazam, level 50
- Girafarig, level 51
- Medicham, level 50
- Mr. Mime, level 50
- Bronzong, level 51

Notice: if anyone is actually reading this and notices I made some mistakes, please tell me, because I want everything to be really good :)
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Lucian needed to train his team and therefore decided to train in Route 222, where he found worthy challengers. He was now headed to the Sinnoh Pokemon League, but before that he needed to get past the Victory Road.
There he found many trainers but only few of them were strong enough to be worthy opponents for his team. After a while and with no much difficulty, Lucian found the exit to the Victory Road and finally arrived to the Pokemon League of a different Sinnoh. Such a familiar, but also such a different place.


Lucian decided to train his team a little more before actually trying to beat the League. So, he went back to Road 222 and to Victory Road and once ready he headed back to the League, where he had to pass the badge check. But as soon as he was about to enter the League, Barry stopped him. He wanted to challenge him another time. Barry's team was now really strong and powerful. However, without no much trouble Lucian could easily win.


Now, he only had to pass the badge check.


Lucian got on the elevator and proceeded to the first room, where Aaron was waiting for him.


Aaron: "Oh, that is you... The Lucian come from another dimension... You have become quite popular in some way. I don't know what to say, because this is just so strange. Anyway, welcome to the League."
Lucian: "It is a pleasure to be here. I will again have the chance to prove how strong me and my Psychic pokemon can be. I will do my best."
Aaron: "That's the spirit!"

And the battle began. Aaron sent Dustox on the battle field, but Lucian predicted that and that's why he sent Alakazam with the Mind Plate on the battle field. Using Psychic, Alakazam
easily defeated Dustoxand then also Heracross. The rest of team was easily defeated by Medicham, holding the Zap Plate. Lucian gained access to the second room.

That's where stood Bertha, expert in Ground type Pokemon.


The battle was harder and Lucian had to rely more on his strategies. Many of Bertha's pokemon were quite resistant and strong, but so it was Lucian's Bronzong, who managed to defeat Bertha's Hippodown. Sudowoodo and Golem were defeated by Medicham, now holding the Fist Plate, while Quagsire and Whiscash were defeated by Alakazam and Medicham.

Bertha: "You are allowed to go on and beat the next Elite Four. But I guess you already know that.... Good luck."

In the next room, Flint was waiting for him. Lucian wasn't really scared of this battle, but still decided to carefully prepare a strategy.


Flint: "You are the other Lucian, right? Incredible. Lucian seems so interested about this fact. Someone coming from another dimension..."
Lucian: "It's really fascinating, isn't it?"
Flint: "I would say it's quite unusual. But I don't care at all. If you came here, then it means that you are a worthy opponent. I am here to fight challengers, so do your best. I doubt you might get past me!"
Lucian: "I am ready!"

This time Lucian was confident because he knew most of Flint's team and not many pokemon scared him at all. Thanks to Alakazam, he managed to defeat Flint's Rapidash and Infernape with no difficulties. It was harder but he managed to defeat the rest of Flint's team with Medicham, holding the Fist Plate.

It was now time to go ahead and finally meet the last member of Sinnoh Elite Four: Lucian. The moment finally arrived.

ORP (out of role play): "Lucian" is the main character, protagonist of my adventure, while "LUCIAN" is the Elite Four member


LUCIAN: "Oh, there you are. I have been waiting for a while... But the moment finally arrived."
Lucian: "Yes, indeed many things happened, but everything helped me and my team arrive here in the end."
LUCIAN: "This is indeed one of the most exciting battles I have been looking forward to. How is your Alakazam?"
Lucian: "He's ready to battle. And I am as well. I am going to win"
LUCIAN: "We'll see"

And the battle began. They both sent on the battle field Mr. Mime. Lucian's Mr Mime was faster and soon used light screen and reflect to protect the team, while LUCIAN's Mr Mime only used light screen. At this point, Lucian sent on the battle field Girafarig, that thanks to Crunch and the Black goggles she was holding managed to defeat Mr Mime and Lucian's Alakazam and Girafarig. The rest of Lucian's team was defeated by Alakazam and Bronzong. It wasn't an easy battle, but in the end Lucian's strategy brought him to the victory.


LUCIAN: "So... That's how it is. You managed to win. Interesting. It was clever from you to over level your team to have a speed advantage on me. But it wasn't just this that defeated me. You just knew what to do."
Lucian: "It was indeed an interesting battle. Without any doubt, I did my best to have some kind of advantage on you. But in the end, it worked. It was one of the most exciting battles I have ever had in my life though."
LUCIAN: "I am glad. I should have expected that, but you deserve your victory, At this point, only Cynthia is left..."
LUCIAN went quiet for a second.
LUCIAN: " I have never managed to win against her team. But you have an extraordinary talent. Do it, for me as well. Go there and win."
Lucian: "I will do my best. That's a promise!"

And so Lucian got on the last elevator and entered the Champion's room. Cynthia welcomed him in.


Cynthia: " Your story is so complicated and amazing... What happened on Mt. Coronet is truly incredible... You conquered Dialga's respect. This is rare and unique. But you are here for something else, I know. When you came here for the first time everyone was really confused and I was as well. But when Lucian told me it was clearly a Lucian coming from an another dimension, I couldn't stop myself from knowing more. There's not much literature about Multiverse and space-time travels, but I mean... It can't just be a coincidence. You are here for a reason and it's interesting that you don't know as well. You managed to defeat Cyrus and as the Sinnoh region Champion I can do nothing but thank you. I have helped you during your adventure in the region and I was looking forward to our meeting here at the League. I wasn't sure you would have managed to defeat Lucian, but here you are...
So... As the Sinnoh region Champion, I am glad to accept your challenge!"

This was it: it was one of the most important moments for Lucian and his adventure, He was indeed scared because he knew Cynthia was an amazing trainer, but he had confidence on his team, so he just started planning his strategy. Lucian only had five pokemon, while Cynthia had six, but Lucian's team was ready to face most of Cynthia's pokemon. The first obstacle was Spiritomb. Its typing made it really hard for a psychic type pokemon to attack and resist Spiritomb's powerful attacks. Starting with light screen and reflect placed by Mr Mime, Lucian's team had some sort of defense advantage, that Lucian used to defeat Spiritomb. Thanks to many pokemon, but mainly Bronzong, Spiritomb was now defeated. This created quite a big advantage for Lucian's team that now had much coverage against most of Cynthia's team. Milotic and Garchomp were defeated by Medicham, while Roserade and Lucario were defeated by Alakazam. Gastrodon was defeated by Bronzong and Alakazam.


Cynthia: "... Congratulations! You did it. This was amazing. Your team is really strong. I am so glad of what you have built with your team in your adventure in this Sinnoh. Let's go on that very last elevator. This will bring us to the Hall of Fame, where your and your team data will be recorded forever!"







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Lucian gout out of the Pokémon League. He didn't really know what to expect or what he could do, but as soon as he was about to enter the Victory Road again, he noticed something shining. It was another Plate!


"The Original One... This is clearly Arceus. It's obvious that they came before the Universe, because they created it. However... what was there before the Universe? How was Arceus born? Who wrote these inscriptions on the Plates? When did Arceus defeat the Giants mentioned in the other Plate?"

Lucian now had many questions and really few options to find answers. He decided to visit the Canalave Library, that he hadn't visited last time because he had to stop Team Galactic. There he found out that all of the books of main interest and the ones about mythology were the same of the books he had read in the Sinnoh from which he came. However, he found a book that he had never seen before.


And so he started reading it.


He kept reading...


Now he surely had much more information about Arceus and the creation of the Universe, even if Giants didn't seem to be present in any kind of book. He knew he couldn't find any other source of information, because most of people weren't aware of the existence of Arceus.

Lucian was now headed to Lake Verity, because he still had something to do. Before disappearing from Spear Pillar, Mesprit stopped in front of Lucian. Maybe they were trying to communicate something, so Lucian decided to check.
Once arrived, he couldn't believe his eyes: the cave was on the surface of the water! It was important for Lucian, because according to myths and legends, the Lake Guardians live in the deepest parts of the Lake and if it ever happens that they want to appear to people, they do through illusions. But this time, it was clear. Lucian gained access to Mesprit's cave.


Lucian: "The Legendary Mesprit... So, we encounter again. I am honored to have been chosen to meet you."

Lucian got near Mesprit, but they emitted a cry in a very joyful way and then they disappeared.


Lucian was happy, because he could understand that Mesprit was trying to play with him. And so, thanks to a PokeKron app, Lucian could see where Mesprit was headed and decided to follow them.
On his way, he was passing through Sandgem Town, where Dawn stopped him, because she had to tell him something Professor Rowan wanted him to know.


Lucian was thrilled by that news. It looked like Dialga wanted to challenge him again. However, he was still on his quest to find Mesprit and to check on the other Lake Guardians, so he decided to visit Spear Pillar only later.
So, he kept traveling across the region and finally managed to find Mesprit, who challenged him to a battle.

Lucian: "Mesprit, this has been really fun and enjoying. But I see you are challenging me and I am happy for that. As a Psychic type expert, I know this battle is going to be intense and important, so I will do my best!"


And so he did, managing to win the battle and defeat the legendary Mesprit, who suddenly disappeared. Lucian was happy for that encounter and decided to check the other Lakes too. His next stop was Lake Acuity.
With some surprise, Lucian could see Uxie's cave and decided to enter and accept Uxie's challenge.


Thanks to his team and especially Girafarig, he managed to win against Uxie.
Now he only had one Lake to visit and that was Lake Valor. Even Azelf decided to show their cave to Lucian and wanted to challenge him.


After Lucian's strategies worked again and after Azelf was defeated, Lucian's quest for the Lake Guardians was finally over. Another incredible experience he had lived in his long journey through the Sinnoh region was over. The Lake Guardians were freed by him and therefore they gifted Lucian with the privilege of showing their caves and themselves to him and challenge him.

Now Lucian could finally go back to Spear Pillar to check if Dialga was really there, waiting for him. So, he was now headed to Mt. Coronet and while exploring and getting on top of the mountain, he noticed something really interesting: there was a dark cave, which could be only accessed by getting past a waterfall. Lucian found a way to get near the waterfall and thanks to Bibarel, he got past it. He finally entered the cave and while at first it looked like nothing was there, he found something that looked quite hidden. It was a Plate.


"The powers of the Plates... I understand. It makes sense. Each Plate has the power of a typing and each pokemon has at least one typing. This implies that the Original Power of typing comes from these Plates. And it's probably the Original One that created types and these Plates. These objects are more important than what it looks like, because they are probably fragments of something bigger, but most importantly... They still keep the Original typing power, that's why if a pokemon holds a Plate, the moves of the same typing of the Plate get a boost."

Without wasting any more time, Lucian kept his travel to Spear Pillar and when he arrived, he saw Dialga standing there, waiting for him.

"You want to challenge me again, Dialga? I am honored for this. I have many questions right now and I can't seem to find answers. I know you can feel it...
Almighty Dialga, will you help me understand why I am here?"

Dialga firmly looked at Lucian, without moving.

Lucian: "I see... Not even you can answer my questions...
Maybe you appeared because I have the Adamant Orb with me. I can't say, but it I thought it was a good way to protect people like Cyrus to invoke you for no reason. The fact that you are here for me could possibly mean I am blessed with your trust.
Therefore, I obviously accept your challenge again and I will do my best to show you that I am a worthy challenger of your godly powers."


Lucian's team was now even more powerful and thanks to his strategies, he managed to win again. He proved Dialga his extraordinary qualities as pokemon trainer.


Now that Dialga tested his skills, Lucian had nothing more to do on Spear Pillar. However, there was still something he wanted to know about: what happened to Saturn and Team Galactic.
After the events at the Spear Pillar, Cyrus and the commanders Mars and Jupiter went away, while Saturn was told to stay at the Team Galactic HQ. Team Galactic still existed and he decided to see what they were planning to do after Cyrus left them. So, he went to Veilstone City and entered the Team Galactic HQ and there he found Saturn.

Saturn: "You were right. The World Cyrus wanted to create... It made no sense."
Lucian: "I know. I have told you in the lab where you were keeping Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie that you wouldn't have approved his plan."
Saturn: "I was moved by curiosity and by his charisma. That's how he all brought us here."
Lucian: " But in the end he was just manipulating you all. And he is still doing that with Mars and Jupiter."
Saturn: "Yes, he was just using us..."


Lucian was satisfied by that encounter with Saturn, because he learned that many people in Team Galactic, and Saturn as well, were there to actually make the World a better place. Now that was quite the general philosophy of Team Galactic and indeed it has many layers of meaning. That must be how Cyrus convinced so many people to join Team Galactic. Furthermore, Team Galactic's cover work was providing alternative energy to the Sinnoh region. AFter Cyrus left, that seemed the real path to take.

After Lucian got out of Veilstone City, he was walking on Route 214 when he noticed something unusual. It looked like there was a path among some trees. Lucian was confused. He had been on that route so many times, how couldn't have noticed it before? Was that perhaps an illusion? Lucian didn't really know and deep inside he was scared, but for his whole adventure he had been pushing himself towards any challenge that was presented to him. He still had many questions to which he was seeking an answer, but he couldn't do much to find those answer. It was probably this kind of curiosity, this desire to seek for answers that made him get so far in this adventure and for the same reason, with much courage, he decided to follow that mysterious path that lead him to a place of which only legends talked about.


"It can't be! Is this really... the fourth Lake of the Sinnoh region? This place was said to be fictional. Only old myths and legends talked about the fourth Lake of Sinnoh, but those legends were considered false because nobody has ever found traces of a fourth Lake in Sinnoh. But... It's right in front of me...
This place is said to be where life meets death. It's where dead people souls come to find another life in another dimension. I can't believe I am here... This must be an illusion..."


Lucian noticed a cave in front of him and decided to get there and explore it. As soon as he entered, he felt a very strange feeling: fear and disorientation. In front of him it stood an incredibly big Pillar, where something was written. It was a bunch of words that were guiding to a special room. Lucian decided to follow those indications. While he was moving inside the cave, the fog was getting worse and he continued to feel disoriented and lost. He could barely see and he felt like he had presences around him that were there to judge him. However, he managed to find other Pillars and in the end he could finally get to the special room, where he found something totally unexpected.


Lucian: "That glare... That majesty... I can recognize it... It makes me remember of Dialga. Are you really... Giratina?
This place, the way I am feeling... I feel powerless in front of you. But... I am here because I was chosen by you, right? You want to challenge me, I know. Alright then..."

With all of their fury, Giratina began to battle. It was one of the hardest Lucian had ever faced. Giratina ghost type made it even harder for Lucian's psychic team to use powerful attacks. Giratina resisted many hits, however Lucian's Girafarig was the best defense for his team. Thanks to her normal typing, Girafarig couldn't be hit by Giratina's ghost moves. That allowed Lucian to win. And so, Giratina disappeared...

Lucian noticed that behind where Giratina was standing there was a huge Pillar and there was something written on it. He got closer to read what was it about.


"Is this real? Why was I chosen by Giratina? I can't even say if this is all an illusion... I have never felt like this. Am I perhaps dying? It makes no sense...
I just need to get out of here as soon as possible."

And so he got out and took some time to realize what had happened and to rest. He was still feeling confused and disoriented. But after having rested, he felt conscious again, but with more doubts and questions about what happened.
Now that he had met Dialga and even Giratina, he was looking for descriptions and explicit references to Palkia, the other deity that contributes to the creation of the Universe. The first thing he decided to analyze again was the Statue in Eterna City. He looked at the Statue, but again there was just a description talking about Dialga. However he noticed something behind the Statue... It was another Plate!


"This explains how the Plate works. It boosts the typing of the pokemon holding it. No much surprise, but why does this Plate talk about the "rightful". Can't each pokemon hold a Plate? Can be this referencing to... Arceus!?
What if they lost the Plates and these inscriptions are just a way to tell whoever finds them to give them back to Arceus? Despite how intricate this might seem, it would actually make sense. Even though, I highly doubt that these Plates are the only Arceus' source of power ."

The only thing Lucian could do was to ask for some help and so he went back to Sandgem Town to show Professor Rowan. Once there, Lucian explained everything to Rowan, who didn't seem to know much about it. He was amazed by the whole thing, but didn't really know how to help Lucian. Getting out of the lab, Dawn reached for Lucian and gave him a good advice...


Lucian went to Celestic Town to talk to the old woman, who gave him information about Palkia.


Lucian: "Thanks for the information about Palkia. Not even the statue in Eterna CIty mentions Dialga. It just looks like this region is closer to Fialga and not Palkia"
Old Woman: "That is right. Dialga has been really present in our region. Probably much more than Palkia, that's why this region seems to celebrate Dialga more."
Lucian: "This is really interesting... However, I am here for something else too."
Lucian showed the Plates and the old woman went to pick up something and then gave it to Lucian.


Old woman: "It looks like it is finally time. I have read the inscriptions on these Plates. Take this. It's called Azure flute and I think that somehow it's connected to Arceus. You conquered the heart of all Legendaries here in the Sinnoh region and you could find all these rare things. We have never understood how this flute works, but maybe you will. Good luck..."

There was just one place that came to Lucian's mind to where he had to play the Azure Flute and it was obviously the Spear Pillar, where he had met Dialga twice and where myths said that the Sinnoh region was created.
So, without wasting any more time, he arrived to Spear Pillar again.


Something incredible happened


Lucian started climbing the glowing stairway and he couldn't believe what was happening.


Arceus was standing still in front of him.


Lucian: "Can it really be? You are... Arceus?"
Arceus: "I am the being that stands beyond Space and Time. I am what you call Arceus"
Lucian was in shock because Arceus could speak
Lucian: "Almighty Arceus, it is a true honor to have been brought here. I have so many questions..."
Arceus: "The answers you seek can't be given to you. I needed your experience and your skills to come here. You faced many obstacles during your adventure and you got over all of them. But there is still one last challenge and that... is me!"


And Arceus started a battle with Lucian. He put all his effort to elaborate strategies and plans to win and in the end Lucian managed to defeat Arceus, demonstrating to be an extraordinary powerful and efficient trainer.


Lucian got near the edge of the glowing floor on which he battled with Arceus. He could see Spear Pillar and almost all of the Sinnoh region.


"So, this is it. I have done my best and I have traveled so far that I was able to meet Arceus themselves. It was an incredible adventure, that I will never forget. All of this feels surreal..."

And suddenly, Lucian started to feel dizzy and after a while he lost his senses. His body slowly vanished.