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Make-a-Mega: Luxray


seven years here and i finally figure out how to d
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    Electric / Dark is a cool typing, and 80 / 119 / 99 bulk means that Mega Luxray would make for for a surprisingly good Dark- and Ghost-type resistance. Picking Intimidate as its base form's ability would help Luxray even more in this regard, as it could force things out and safely Mega Evolution à la Mega Salamence in Ubers. Shame it would miss out on so many boosted and Choice Scarf-wielding Pokemon, though - especially considering Luxray has no way of boosting its Speed. 8( A base Attack stat of 140 is kind of average without a boosting item, but at least Strong Jaw would mitigate this to an extent. Hazard support would be vital, but what good offensive team goes without that?

    Something to note is that very few type combinations that resist Electric- / Dark-type coverage exist. Only:
    • Electric / Dark
    • Electric / Fairy
    • Electric / Fighting
    • Ground / Dark
    • Ground / Fairy
    • Ground / Fighting
    resist Electric / Dark.

    We can rule out Electric / Fighting, Ground / Fairy and Ground / Fighting as relevant at all, since no known Pokemon possesses any of these type combinations. Electric / Fairy is a typing that only Dedenne possesses, but Dedenne isn't even viable in PU, let alone the treacherous waters of OU. Ground / Dark is Krookodile's typing, but Krookodile is kind of irrelevant in OU as it stands (although Mega Luxray could help it somewhat). That leaves Electric / Dark, which is Mega Luxray's typing. This means that the only OU Pokemon that resists Mega Luxray's STAB coverage is itself. Not bad. Does this mean Scarf Krookodile would become decent in OU? Who knows.