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My blog

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    Hi people! I am not sure how many people will read this (if someone will ever lol) and I am not sure what I am going to to on this blog as well. I think my main idea is to openly express some feelings, sensations and thoughts I have. I love PC, but I feel like it's quite hard to express yourself too much on a forum, so this blog might be the solution to that. I am not going to post everyday or a number of times a week, but just when I feel the need to.

    Well, my first blog entry is mainly a way to thank all the nice people that there are here and express my joy and happiness to be here and to be part of something. I think it's also the right occasion to talk openly about myself and why I decided to come here and what I expected from a forum.

    So, first of all, I want to say that lately I have been very active in many sections of the forum and I am sad I haven't done that before. The reason is that I wasn't expecting a forum to have all those things and all those sections, that I ignored for most of my time here. It wasn't disinterest, but simply I somewhat didn't notice and didn't feel like taking part in it. Then I started getting into VPP and slowly into other sections as well, like the Trivia and the Forum Games. There are many cool things to do and a lot of funny and interesting people to interact with. Since I have started being more active, I felt like I was slowly managing to express myself better and that I was making new friends. I am very happy for this because it wasn't easy for me here. Never having been on a forum and finding myself in such a big place kinda made me feel lost at first, because I had no idea how many things worked and I also wasn't so active.
    I think most people came to know me through the posts I made, in which I discussed Pokémon stuff. That was, by the way, what I was expecting to find here. And yeah, I think it's also for this that I am making this post. I feel like maybe some people had a different idea of the way I am by reading those posts, which I agree sometimes feel very cold and detached.

    I have spent much time of my life online, even because of my gender identity and this brought me to many places. good and bad ones. Pokemon has always been part of me, even if I had my short period of denial, but in the end I couldn't stop playing. Not ironically, despite my life is pretty normal and boring, Pokémon has been the main constant for my whole life. I often feel lonely, especially because I am still closeted, so few people know about me. I have many friends online and that helped and still helps me somehow. So, that's one of the reasons I came here: I wanted to make new friends based on one of my biggest passions and nowadays my profile really looks gotten out of a dating website, because that's kinda what happened lol. But I don't mind, it's a pretty good global view on me, that I want people who interact with me to have, because they can be aware of whom they are talking to. I think it adds a layer of realism to the interaction, maybe.

    Anyway, I am just glad I came up here because this place is really nice, people are open, lovely and friendly and it really is a safe spot that adds some joy and a smile on my face everyday.