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My CNY Announcement.

Starry Windy

Everything will be Daijoubu.
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    So, it's February, and it's a matter of weeks until Chinese New Year. Usually I would go in here to tell that I'll be unable to go here, because I can't take my internet connection with me whenever I'm going to another city, and it has happened for 2 years in a row (and I wouldn't count the CNY in my first year in PC because that time I'm having using the network that was available in that city). However, on my previous blog entry, I've been putting a hint that in the year of Chimchar, this CNY might be tad bit different than the usual years. I guess you know what'll be happening soon :)

    Yep, that's right, I might be not going under a hiatus during this year's Chinese New Year, given that I've decided to stay in the city that I'm living in. There are many relatives who live there, so I can still do some visit to them during Chinese New Year, as per Chinese tradition. Even though I might be less active from the forum a bit during CNY because I may be taking a stroll during the holiday (but not as far as going on hiatus like before), at least I can keep in touch with all of you as well while it happens, so until then, take care, everyone!