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My favorite pokemon characters!


Waifer Koruni
  • Age 23
  • Seen Mar 16, 2020
I like to call my favorite pokegirls my pokegirl squad. If you go on my pinterest page you'll see i made a board dedicated to my squad! First off, i think everyone knows my favorite character but ill say it anyway! I have some nicknames for korrina! My current favorite is waifer, like waifu because shes cute but also a wafer like a cookie! I also call her her ladyship because she calls herself lady korrina (thats where i got my username). I also like mallow, lana, acerola (shes adorable!!) Lillie, serena, shauna, Emma (despite what she did to korrina in the mangas. How awful!) Maylene (shes kind of like waifer to me because she has a lucario and shes a fighting type gym leader) dawn and may (even though idk much about them, theyre still cute and theyre cute together!) I also like Valerie and Viola, Misty (shes super cute and funny! I dont know much more about her though other than shes afraid of bug types and she can be kind of bossy and mean). I think that may be it! ( for the girls anyway) i usually end up accidentally forgetting somebody, but this entry's long enough anyway tee hee!