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My favourite Pokemon

  • Age 28
  • Seen today
I've decided to make a blog to talk about my top 10 favourite Pokemon.

10: Garchomp

Gen 4 introduced a lot of awesome Pokemon, and Garchomp is one of them. It has a badass design, a good typing, high Attack, high Speed, and decent bulk. It has plenty of good moves, like Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Crunch, and Fire Fang. It was, however, pushed over the edge competitively by its ability, Sand Veil, but Gen 5 rectified that problem by giving it Rough Skin as a hidden ability. Either way, Garchomp is a good asset to any team that needs a strong Ground or Dragon type, and I certainly enjoy using it myself.

9: Greninja

When Gen 6 was revealed, Froakie instantly became my first choice for my Gen 6 starter. When Talonflame and later the starter evolutions were revealed, I became even more willing to choose Froakie. Its final evolution, Greninja, disappointed me a bit at first, because it was Water/Dark and I wanted Froakie's final evolution to become Water/Fighting. However, I quickly warmed up to Greninja. It has high Speed, decent attacking stats, and a huge movepool with moves like Surf, Water Shuriken, Extrasensory, and Smack Down, to name a few. It became the MVP of my team in Pokemon Y.

8: Venusaur

When I was a kid, I liked Venusaur's design, but the Squirtle line was my Kanto starter of choice. But as I began to play more Pokemon games on Visual Boy Advance, the Bulbasaur line quickly took that honor for itself. It gets Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, and Grass STAB moves by level up, so I could prevent my opponents from doing too much damage while doing a lot of damage to them myself. The Bulbasaur line also has good stats all around, which really helped.

7: Volcarona

At the beginning of Gen 5, there were a few Pokemon that I really wanted to try out, and one of them was Volcarona. It has a majestic design, especially for a Bug type. Its typing is Bug/Fire, a typing that wasn't seen before Gen 5. It has high Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. It can boost these stats with Quiver Dance, one of my favourite boosting moves, and some other good moves like Flamethrower, Bug Buzz, Fiery Dance, Giga Drain, and even Hurricane. In the postgame of Pokemon White, I went to the Relic Castle, caught the level 70 Volcarona that was sitting there, and immediately put it in my team. I used it a lot against the Elite Four, and it became the first Pokemon that I ever brought to level 100. You can also train a Larvesta to become a Volcarona. That is pretty difficult, but if you have the patience to do it, then it's definitely worth it.

6: Tyranitar

Tyranitar is one of the coolest Pokemon from Gen 2, in my opinion. It's a green dinosaur that looks like Godzilla. It has high Attack, a lot of bulk, and even decent Special Attack. It does have low Speed, though, but it can remedy that problem with Dragon Dance or Rock Polish. Other interesting moves it gets include Rock Slide, Crunch, Earthquake, and Thunderbolt, to name a few. Its typing is Rock/Dark, which is a good offensive typing but a so-so typing defensively. It makes Tyranitar resist Normal, Fire, Poison, Flying, Ghost, and Dark, and immune to Psychic, but it also makes it weak to Water, Grass, Ground, Bug, Steel, Fairy, and especially Fighting. So the typing is balanced out. However, there's one thing about Tyranitar that I'm less positive about, and that is the ability Sand Stream. I don't like the Sandstorm weather, and I don't want to hurt my own team members. So if I want to use Tyranitar, I'd rather do it in a game without abilities, or a game in which it gets a different ability. However, I used Tyranitar in Pokemon Prism, in which it has Sand Stream. Luckily, Sand Stream got nerfed in Gen 6, and this nerf was also implemented in Pokemon Prism, so I was able to deal with it. Overall, I applaud Game Freak for making a Pokemon with so many weaknesses so good.

5: Salamence

My favourite Dragon type, and my favourite pseudo-legendary. Its design is pretty simple, yet badass and gorgeous at the same time. It has high attacking stats and Speed, so it can be an effective mixed sweeper. It has a lot of interesting attacks, like Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Crunch, Zen Headbutt, and even Hydro Pump. Additionally, it has two great abilities: Intimidate, which lowers the opponent's Attack, and Moxie, which gives Salamence an Attack boost if it knocks out a Pokemon.

4: Incineroar

I've always been on Team Litten, and I'm still on Team Litten. When the final evolutions of the Gen 7 starters were leaked, most people on Team Litten were disappointed because they wanted Litten's final evolution to stay on 4 legs. However, I was actually more interested in this bipedal creature. When the final evolutions of the Gen 7 starters were officially revealed, this thing was among them, and I was super happy. It's Fire/Dark, it's a heel wrestling tiger, it has a super cool signature move named Darkest Lariat (and another interesting one named Throat Chop), and it has a cool name: Incineroar. With that, my mind had been made up and I went with it as my starter in Pokemon Moon. Its low Speed was a bit bothersome, though, but I didn't let that get in my way, and I'll surely pick Litten again in Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon.

3: Feraligatr

My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Silver, and the first starter I ever chose was Totodile. I was easily convinvced by its design, color, and typing. I also grew really attached to its final evolution, Feraligatr. This line got a lot of interesting moves, like Surf, Bite, and Ice Punch. Gen 4 was especially kind to it, as they gave it super cool sprites, made it learn Crunch by level, gave it Dragon Dance as an Egg move, and introduced the physical/special split, allowing Feraligatr to use its high Attack and not care about its low Special Attack.

2: Gengar

I love everything about this Pokemon. It has a great design, a good typing, high Special Attack and Speed, and a very diverse movepool with good attacking moves like Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Giga Drain, and Psychic, as well as good utility moves like Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Disable, and Taunt. Its typing is Ghost/Poison, which makes it immune to Normal and Fighting type moves, as well as the poisoned status. In Gen 3, it gained the ability Levitate, which granted it an immunity to Ground type moves (until Game Freak took it away in Gen 7). The only downside to it is that it's frail, but the positives totally make up for it.

1: Pikachu/Raichu

For a long time, Pikachu has been my #1 favourite Pokemon. I loved Ash's Pikachu in the anime, I've got a lot of Pikachu plushies, and I enjoy using Pikachu in the games. However, I find Raichu to be better in-game, as it's stronger, faster, and can take hits better. But since I couldn't bring myself to remove Pikachu from the top spot, I decided to make it and Raichu share the first place. Electric is one of my favourite types, and Pikachu and Raichu are big contributors to that. Usually, I hold off from evolving Pikachu until it has learned Thunderbolt and/or Discharge. This allows me to have the best of both worlds.