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[Let's Go] New Pokénchi footage shows hidden techniques and new moves

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    I have to admit, it's a rather innovative take on replacing HMs. Also a direct answer to what most players have wanted for eons: a way for Pokemon to directly use HM-esque moves that don't actually take up moveslots.

    Nice job, Game Freak.
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    • Seen Mar 23, 2023
    Awfully awful move names.

    You're not the only one to think that. Fans are making fun of the names by posting move names like "Leafy Leaf," "Muddy Mud," and others. :laugh-squinted:

    I realized these move were references. Splishy Splash is a reference to Surfing Pikachu while Eevee's new moves are references to its Kanto Evolutions.

    But yeah, we've had MUCH BETTER exclusive move names in the past.

    I made a Youtube video after seeing the new moves in the trailer that further explains my thoughts. It's called "My Thoughts on the New Moves In Pokemon Let's Go."