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Article: Niche Pokémon are still oddly released in Pokémon GO

Completely agreeing with the whole article!

I hate how most of the events lack in-depth and value...
Take for exemple Valentine event, it is a once per year week-long event, yet it is hell of boring and it makes the game really annoying for a whole week with all of those useless pink Pokémon, except maybe for the fat Chansey that its existence alone annoys the whole game. I literally was waiting for the event to end so that I can see more interesting spawns...

Of course they do cool stuff from time to time, like the Spiritomb event, the recent Treecko event, Swinub event, ... But they miss most of the time. And even when they do things right, they just do it right, nothing more nothing less.
F.E. the Treecko event it was cool as it was an opportunity for players to get some shiny Treecko as well as the addition of a nice move. But THAT'S IT, LITERALLY! They did it right, but that's it. Nothing really amazing.
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