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No longer dealing with rep


There is no "-tina"
  • As the title says... I'm not dealing with rep anymore. I'm tired of it, sick of dealing with it and so on. I tried, and tried to help the members when it came to rep. I was one of the last Admins who would deal with rep. I wanted to deal with it not only to help the members, but so some other Admin wouldn't get bugged by rep stuff.

    The members would send me a PM (or be bold enough to send me a VM), I'd look into it and give the normal "Yea, it's pointless blah blah blah" and then remove it. But now it's gotten stupid. People would let it pile up, send me a PM and go "Can you remove it all for me?". And I'm just getting it from so many members every day that it's gotten stupid. And thus I don't want to deal with it anymore. People these days don't know how to give rep. the whole system is there to say "I like this post" or "I don't like this post" (well... it's a comment telling something about the post). I love getting rep, but it's not the little green pips that I love like most people. I love the comments I get on good posts I make. I make a good post, put some work into it and someone comes along and says "I like that" it does me good. But these days people with super high rep power (and I got super high rep power, I got the third highest on PC) go around spamming friends to get them more pips, saying stuff like "lol here's some rep", and it goes back and forth. And then there's people that gets a single bad rep and they're all spazzing out saying "OGMOGMGOMGOMGOMGOMOGMOG They bad repped me! BAN THEMJENKJKFDF" and then they run off to me wanting it removed. I check it and it's like -2 on their rep. And that's where rep has gotten these days. That's where rep was when we had the system last time.

    So I want to take a little part out of the PC rules. I think it's something that most people never read... because it's a post after the main rules (but it's still in the rules thread, it's still PC rules).

    "Give good reputation for a reason.
    The reputation is for rating posts. Don't give out rep and request to get rep back. Reputation shouldn't be given out just to your friends. Try to give it out to posts that you really like and give it out only on occasion or else it's pointless.

    Do not abuse bad reputation.
    Bad reputation is NOT meant to be given out just because you don't like someone or because you don't like their opinions. Reputation is meant to judge the post itself and nothing more. In your rep comments, there will be no flaming and no disrespect--all PC-wide rules still apply. Likewise, if someone gives you bad rep and you disagree with it, don't come to a moderator right away. Only report reputation abuse if the person has flamed you.

    See, it says "Don't spam good rep to friends" and it also says "don't complain about bad rep, just report flamey rep". Do members read the rules? I guess not.

    And I like this one the most.

    "Reputation is a privilege, not a right.
    If there are many reports of abuse, we won't hesitate to disable it once more.

    I think PC is getting close to "doing something" about rep. You see these Admins not caring about rep. You see us saying we're fed up with it all. I think most of you can see that it's just turning out the same way it did years ago, and years ago we killed the system. The members (and some of the Staff) aren't mature enough to use rep the way it should be, it's all about them little green pips in the profile.

    So yea, I'm done with taking care of rep. I don't care if everyone goes "OMG it's your job as an Admin to take care of rep". Shoot something like that my way and I'll just say "It's not your job as a member to tell me what to do.".
    If it's flaming then send it to me, I'll look into it because that's under the flaming rule. But if you get bad rep, suck it up and deal with it. Because you don't come to me and complain to me saying "I got unfair good rep. Remove it!", so don't come to me saying "I got unfair bad rep. Remove it!".