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🔥 Fluffy Fire Fox
  • Age 32
  • UK
  • Seen Apr 7, 2024
So for some reason I was thinking this: how many possible combinations can you have in a Pokémon team? It must be in the thousands.


It's 140,479,058,634,340,321 possible teams. That's if you just count Pokémon species, and not natures, movesets, gender, etc. This is 721 (number of available species) to the power of 6 (available team slots).

You say that number "one hundred forty quadrillion, four hundred seventy-nine trillion, fifty-eight billion, six hundred thirty-four million, three hundred forty thousand, three hundred twenty-one".


Also, if you were wondering how many combinations of Pokémon you can have on a single Gen VI game cartridge (930 max), it's under the cut. It's over 2000 digits and I have no clue on how to say it.