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Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
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    So yeah, today's my birthday, but as you might know I've already done the bulk of the celebrating. In fact, after the anime con this weekend, I'm actually pretty tired lol. Anyway, I've started my brand new game in Y officially, which means if you challenge me to battle you will most likely win because I only have two Pokemon that are above Lv 15 right now.

    So anyway, I'm at the mall right now. Can't get online with my 3DS from my hotel because of how their internet works.

    Convention report time: BanzaiCon was a pretty fun time, though I was hoping for a larger variety of panels, and not having 5 or 6 about the same (many of them non-anime) fandoms getting multiple sessions. But I spent that time running around getting photos of cosplays anyway. And I suppose third time's the charm as far as finally meeting Vic Mignogna (my grocery store loyalty program is called VIC. Getting a photo with Vic holding a red card that says VIC in big white letters has a lulz factor, if nothing else). Not a lot of Pokemon cosplays, actually, but there was a very nice Sailor Mercury cosplayer there, so that makes up for it. So basically that's how I spent the weekend and why I'm spending my birthday mostly drowsy and confused. But it's all good.