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south carolina

  1. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    Today is very good :)

    First of all, it's my birthday. Second of all, I'm spending it in Charleston, South Carolina and staying at a Quality Inn. But most importantly... LEAF IS FINALLY BEING MADE INTO A FIGURINE! Yes, my first and still favorite best girl will soon be gracing my figurine collection (just waiting...
  2. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    Ranking my recent Quality Inn stays from first to worst.

    In other words, I'm trying to give this blog the semblance of being active, even if I'm posting stuff that only I care about lol. 1. Quality Suites, Pineville, NC - Spacious suites, new renovations, above average breakfast, recently announced Gold Award winner. I've stayed there close to 15...
  3. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    Anyone on here...

    ... attend anime conventions in the NC/SC area? I've got a convention next weekend and was wondering if any members here would be there.
  4. Elite Overlord LeSabre™


    And once again I'm at a Quality Inn, this one in Fort Mill, South Carolina. To celebrate, I want to share an AMV I recently completed. You can watch it here: NBtpspnp3Ek
  5. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    In case you're wondering...

    ... in light of the epic flooding in the Carolinas... I AM SAFE. I live in a part of North Carolina that was spared the worst of the storm - we had days of continuous rain, but nowhere near the amounts that fell in central and coastal South Carolina that's currently wreaking havoc. Still, I...
  6. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    What is this "region" thing?

    ... and why can't I select "Charlotte-Mecklenburg Metropolitan" or "Rock Hill/Fort Mill/York County, South Carolina" as my preferred region? To hell with it, I'm leaving it blank then.
  7. Elite Overlord LeSabre™


    I will be attending the following anime conventions this year if anyone is looking to meet me in person (most likely in cosplay, which is an added bonus) NashiCon, Columbia, SC (April 17-19) Animazement, Raleigh, NC (May 22-24) Hoshicon, Charlotte, NC (July 17-19) Otakon, Baltimore, MD (July...
  8. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    For the first time in forever... (convention report)

    ... I took more pictures of the venue at an anime convention than of cosplayers. The convention in question: Kantaicon, which was September 6th in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, just outside of historic Charleston. The convention itself was held on the USS Yorktown, a massive WWII-era...
  9. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    Top 10 List #3: Pokemon Games.

    Continuing this blog series at my usual irregular posting intervals, my top 10 Pokemon games! Note: A * indicates my preferred version out of a pair of games, usually because of better version exclusives 1 (tie) : Platinum Platinum represents the "complete package" IMO - updates over the...
  10. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    Obligatory Birthday Post.

    So yeah, today's my birthday, but as you might know I've already done the bulk of the celebrating. In fact, after the anime con this weekend, I'm actually pretty tired lol. Anyway, I've started my brand new game in Y officially, which means if you challenge me to battle you will most likely win...
  11. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    Updates (aka why I'll be MIA for a few days)

    Okay guys, At around 8:00 this morning I will be heading to Columbia, South Carolina for BanzaiCon, officially ending a 9-month anime con drought. I will generally be offline, both here and on my Pokemon X game. So don't expect any trades or battles during this time. Monday the 28th is my...
  12. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    October will be AWESOME! (Also, need help with important decision)

    Here is why October will be awesome: October 3: New episodes of the best show on TV will start up again. October 5: Carolina Anime Day in Charlotte, which is like a one day mini convention mostly focused on a Dealer's Room. October 25-27: BanzaiCon in Columbia, South Carolina, which...
  13. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    Concerning the Pokemon Games...

    Am I the only one here who's OCD about what Trainer ID Number is assigned to my character? Because I've been known to soft reset my games at the very beginning until I finally get an ID number that I feel is "attractive" to me. Is anyone else like this or am I just odd? As an aside, my dream...
  14. Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    Rock Hill, South Carolina Signature

    Yeah, gonna be changing sigs up in a few days, so here's my old/current one. Now, as to why I would make a sig promoting Rock Hill, it's because it's an awesome city. Elite Overlord LeSabre™ PC Vital Stats * Pair * PC Family * Bishies * Friend Codes Links * Blog ★ MAL * Web Site * Fan...