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ORAS Sit-rep #7: Groudon's power is mine!!

  • Seen Mar 29, 2015
Now, in this one, I've dispelled their psychic powers in Mossdeep's gym. All it took was a Dark Pulse from Greninja & a Metal Claw from Excadril to put Liza & Tate down & secure badge #7. Hmm, maybe Psychic-type gyms have become a shadow of their former selves in the past.

Anyway, as soon as I got out, a column of light came out from where route 129 is. Everyone throughout the region starts panicking like headless chickens. Turns out, Team Magma managed to get into the Seafloor Cavern & is in the process of awakening the ancient Pokémon that's inside. With that, Steven gave me the Dive HM, as well as a set of scuba gear.

Wasting no time, I went over there, making sure I've got both my HM slaves with me, blew through the Magma grunts that stood in my way, got whatever items that are here, & got to where Archie & Maxie are at. Thus, I unleashed hell at Maxie (not even his mega Camerupt was able to stay my wrath,) but alas, he was still able to awaken the ancient Pokémon...

So, with global warming imminent, I double-timed it over to Sootopolis & the Cave of Origin. With everyone here, Maxie has finally saw what has went down, & in an attempt to right what's wrong, he gave me the Magma Suit. So, with that scene over, I delved into the cave, & got to the 'mon, which happens to be Groudon. There, I donned the Magma Suit, inserted the Blue orb inside its socket, & as per Maxie's instructions, got onto Groudon's back.

Groudon them took me to a chamber filled with magma, & on top, there was this huge yellow crystal. As soon as Groudon got underneath the crystal, it went into its primal reversion form. Though the chamber is causing interference with my PokéNav, I was still able to save before fighting it. First time, I had Garchomp fight it out, thinking that it would get its health low enough, however just when I got it there, it used Rest... A bit flustered, I ordered for an EQ, & it turned out that it was too much & killed it...

Second go-around, I used Latios that time, Dragon Breath-d it until it was down enough (even paralyzed it,) & threw my balls. Three Dusk balls, & Groudon is mine.

What bothers me the most, is the lengthy scene afterward, which is going to be a pain to go through multiple times if I had to re-roll Groudon's nature. Thankfully, Groudon's nature didn't suck, so I didn't have to reset my game.

So, with another catastrophe averted, I was given the Eon Flute, which grants me the ability to summon Latios to my side & fly to wherever I want, thus also granting me access to those mirage spots. With the flute in tow, I immediately went back to Littleroot, & to professor Birch. Turns out, that little kerfuffle that I had with Groudon changed the climate for the better, & thus made it habitable to more Pokémon. Thus, my Pokédex got its national upgrade! MOAR HIDDEN ABILITIES TO HUNT!!!!!!!!

Ahem, actually, the first thing on my agenda was to try & get Elekid. I wasn't able to get the mirage spot that had it the first go with the PSS passerby feature. However, I did get the Cresent Isle on my first try at it, & with it, I managed to get Cresselia by my side. After waiting tomorrow, I managed to get that mirage spot that have Elekids on my third try. It took me quite some time before I managed to get a female Elekid with the hidden ability, but once I did, my next task was to breed one of those with the other two elemental punches that it can't learn on its own. During that time, I've also managed to get the Pokerus, which is a nice bonus.

With everything all done, I got this Electabuzz evolved into Electivire (shout-out to Jellicent♀ for helping me evolve him) got him up to snuff with the resdt of my war machine, & finally, proceeded onto Sootopolis' gym.

So, that does it for this report, now, I've got to take a breath, as I'm out of it right now...


Vampire Waifu
I understand that feeling when catching Groudon. I tried to get myself an Adamant Groudon before January 1st to end my 2014 with a bang, and it took me all evening to get that nature with only hour to spare. If I hadn't done it, then bad things would've happened to me.