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Platinum Diary Entry 3


Why yes, I have an Octillery.
I am so pumped about something that just happened!!! But I'll get to that in a bit. First, let's get on with the adventure.

I left off last time after entering Veilstone Gym, a Fighting-type Gym led by Maylene. I wasn't very worried about taking this Gym on, because Golbat and Togetic both carry Flying-type moves, and Golbat's type combination lets him easily take Fighting-type attacks. For the occasional Meditite, Togetic could switch in to protect Golbat from Psychic-type attacks. Monferno fought in a few match-ups to get some training, and Onix stayed in his Poké Ball for this Gym. Needless to say, I swept through the "Karate Quads" pretty easily, and solved the punching bag puzzle to get to Maylene.

She turned out to be a little bit of a challenge, but not too much. Her Meditite and Machoke fell to Golbat's Wing Attack. When she sent out Lucario, I switched Monferno in. Lucario struck first with Force Palm, lowering Monferno's health below half. Monferno's Fire Punch took Lucario down to the red zone. Anticipating that Maylene would use some kind of Potion as Gym Leaders almost always do, I went ahead and told Monferno to use Rock Smash; however, Lucario attacked again and knocked Monferno out. Taken by surprise, I sent Golbat in and went with Confuse Ray, causing Lucario to knock itself out and winning me the match. Maylene gave me the Cobble Badge and TM60.

When I left the Gym, I met Dawn again right outside. She said some Team Galactic Grunts had stolen her Pokédex. I made a quick stop at the Pokémon Center and then followed her to the warehouse, where we teamed up to battle two Grunts. I decided to let Onix out for some action, and he went to town with Rock Throw on the Grunts' Zubat. We won the battle and Dawn got her Pokédex back. She left, and Looker showed up. We went together into the warehouse; most of it was locked, but I found HM02. I used it to teach Golbat Fly, and left the building. The Grunts had mentioned something about Pastoria City, so I flew back to Hearthome to head south. First, though, I went west to check some berries on Route 208. While there, I caught a Budew, and...this is the exciting part. Much to my surprise, I encountered this!


I couldn't believe it! This is the first time I've ever found a shiny Pokémon by random encounter (I use PokéRadar and breeding), and it just happened to be during a game I'm keeping a diary of! And if that wasn't enough luck, check THIS out:


The sucker is ADAMANT natured and male! I'm gonna have me a shiny Gallade with a great nature! Can't wait to find a Dawn Stone.

So anyway...I actually had to stop playing after that, but I'll keep going another time!