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Platinum Journal - Team Checkpoint


S P A R K of madness
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    We're six entries into it and I thought I'd mix it up a little bit. I haven't really had the time to dive into the PokéDex or party members all that much. So, I thought I'd make an entry like a check point and detail all that. :D After translating some general information to know what's what. This is when we reach Hearthome, which I couldn't fully get to in the last entry, but I'll be sure to fill that in next time. And no, this isn't like a "Rate my team" although the format is similar. XD;

    Current Party Members

    The six little critters that make the team.


    Gible (Andy, named after Arcanine) Level 19, Male.
    Nature: Jolly
    (+ Speed, - Special Attack, Haha, is that lucky or what?)

    • Sand Tomb
    • Dragon Rage
    • Take Down
    • Sandstorm
    Recently caught this little guy at Wayward Cave, at level 17. I plan on him becoming a Swords Dance Garchomp down the road. Hasn't been with the party long, but he's doing well. (Except the selfdestructing Geodude <<) Really liking that nature, adds some speed and cuts the useless special attack. Currently, Sandstorm is welcome on this team. Aids with Onix, and to another extent, Gligar, but it doesn't have Sand Veil. Helping opponent's Rock-types isn't really that worrisome to me because the team is physically geared, both on offense and defense.


    Togepi (Hide, named after Hiidoran) Level 15, Male.
    Nature: Impish (+ Defense, - Special Attack)
    Ability: Hustle

    • Yawn
    • Sweet Kiss
    • Metronome
    • Charm
    Erm, Impish nature, not exactly what I want because it dampers Special Attack, and it's not like I need more defense. But eh, beggers can't be choosers. Level 15, but it doesn't matter really since it's all about happiness to go to Togetic. And these moves match Hiidoran so well. *shot* Got Togepi from the egg Cynthia gave me in Eterna City, trained it 14 levels since then when it hatched at the end of Cycling Road. In future I wanted to use a special attacking Togekiss, but from Hustle and the Special Attack decreasing nature I'm not exactly sure. ;/


    Luxio (Deano, named after DeanoDance) Level 23, Male.
    Nature: Naughty (+ Attack, - Special Defense)
    Ability: Intimidate

    • Roar
    • Bite
    • Charge
    • Spark
    The Veteran of the team, since he was the second Pocket Monster ever caught and now that Anti's moved to the PC, he's the vet. Abusing Intimidate with Gyarados. He's part one of the defensive sponge. His moveset is pretty nice actually. Bite doing damage when Spark can't. Charge to aid his Special defense and up Spark. And roar to bark stuff off. I want to have him evolve to Luxray before the next Gym Leader. Also able to come in on electric attacks.


    Gyarados (Mork, named after Morkula) Level 25, Male.
    Nature: Hardy
    Ability: Intimidate

    • Splash
    • Tackle
    • Bite
    • Dragon Rage
    Part 2 of decreasing opponent's attacks. All the way from a tiny Magikarp, Mork has come a long way. He can switch in on ground attacks directed at Deano. Helps out the team with Intimidate with the consistent switching.


    Onix (Nica, named after ıиғıиıτızεd) Level 19, Female.
    Nature: Calm (+ Special Defense, -Attack)
    Ability: Sturdy

    • Rock Throw
    • Rock Tomb
    • Rock Smash
    • Screech
    The third part to the "defensive core" and second serpent of the bunch. She adds with the HM, Rock Smash and screeches so Deano and Mork can get in heavy damage. Not to mention she'll take on birds or other Pocket Monsters, slowing them down with Rock Tomb. Only dislike is that her attack is hampered by that nature. And takes super effective attacks directed at Gyarados really well.


    Gligar (Went, named after... well, Went) Level 16, Male.
    Nature: Modest (+ Special Attack, - Attack)
    Ability: Hyper Cutter

    • Sand-Attack
    • Harden
    • Knock Off
    • Quick Attack
    If only I could switch Went's and Hide's natures. Modest doesn't really help here, as Gligar isn't one for special attacks. Oh well. Hyper Cutter is okay too, would've like Sand Veil, but it's still good. Knock Off is nice to play around with, and Sand-Attack only helps the team further, while Harden can help Gligar stick around some more. And Quick Attack for priority. Helps evade ground attacks directed at Nica, haha helping his ex-pair. :V And helping by defecting any Electric attacks at Mork. And also taking Fighting attacks directed at Hide, Togepi.

    General Strategy in Battle

    Basically, it's playing around with switching and intimidate draining. Once their attack is down enough, Nica comes in to nullify their defenses with Screech. Then it's the perfect opportunity for Andy, Mork or Deano to rip the opponent apart. General support by Went with Sand-Attack, and Knock Off. Deano can roar stat uppers that get annoying. What about Special Attacks? That's an iffy area, as we focus so much on physical. I suppose we'd rely on Andy's sandstorm set up so Nica can come in and Screech away so the gang can get to work. Major weaknesses? Ice. :/ I don't really have any quick solutions for it. Nica and Andy can use Rock-type attacks, but no resistances on the team. Luckily, Ice Pocket Monsters shouldn't be popping up for a while.

    Pokémon Center Pokémon

    The Pocket Monsters stored in my boxes.

    Piplup (Anti, named after Anti Pop Culture Warrior) Lv. 18
    Notables: Starter stored in the box,

    Buizel (Zet, named after... Zet) Lv. 10
    Notables: I like the priority moves and pursuit. And it could help with the ice weakness. Just needs some training.

    Ponyta (T.S, named after Tortured_Soul) Lv. 19
    Notables: Could easily come back in the party to take care of Bronzor and grass types, we'll see.

    Budew (Cowre, named after Cowrie) Lv. 19
    Notables: No I didn't misspell, there's a five character limit. :/ Also has Cut, so used for some HM duties.

    PokéDex Information

    What's up with the sights and catches? :O

    Seen: 55 Pocket Monsters
    Caught: 12 Pocket Monsters

    I'm not one for catching Pocket Monsters, I don't know, I just catch what I like or what I think can contribute, and it saves some box space. Seeing 55 is a pretty decent number before the third gym, I'd say. And that's that. Little checkpoint post. Next Journal Entry should detail the short route into Hearthome and then we run around there and the like, so stay tuned.

    Until next time, catch ya later~


    i own a rabbit heh
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    I agree, I am not one to 'catch em all' either Beach-eh. I just catch what I fancy and roam around. Nica is a female right...


    S P A R K of madness
  • 8,401
    *Dark* - Nica is female. o_o

    Tensa - I put Anti in the PC because he simply wasn't performing up the level of the others. And just because he's my starter doesn't guarantee him a slot in my book. ;P