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FireRed hack: Pokémon Awesome Version XD


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  • Seen Oct 3, 2021

Pokémon Awesome Version XD (aka its working title, Pokémon Shilled) is a remake of Pokémon Awesome Version, a hack I made about 10 years ago:

This is about the zillionth FireRed hack, which is pretty boring, but FireRed has the most support and I'm too dumb to be a pioneer. Plus I like the graphics.

It's a game where you explore and battle. Sometimes I show up to give you free things, tell you stuff you already know, and ask you to please understand.

2 Gyms, 3 towns, 4 routes, 2 dungeons.

-Two versions--one has edited Pokémon types/sprites/matchup chart, and the other doesn't ("normal"). The reason being that some of the sprite edits (palette swaps) are hideous, and no doubt some won't like them. % = feature is not in "normal" version.
--% Type changes only effect the final evolution. I like to think of it as something horrible having happened that causes Pokémon to twist into these abominations upon evolving.
--% 37 changed Pokémon, see a detailed list below.
--% Changed type matchup chart, see below.
-NO P/S split. I thought about it, and I like how the Advanced metagame works. However, I did change Dark to physical and Ghost to special.
-% Ghost-types cannot be hit by physical moves, except Dark. That's because they're so malicious they break the rules, or something. As Masuda says, "Haha, I don't really know XD"
-15 new moves, see a detailed list below.
-Many existed moves buffed, see a detailed list below.
-All new routes, towns, cave and forest dungeons.
-All new characters (but not new sprites. Please understand).
-Sideways stairs!!! YAAYYYYY!!!!!!!
-Some "new" music, aka music inserted from other games.
-Much cheaper items, but you have to pay a sales tax.* You also earn less for winning battles.
-You can steal select items from Poke Marts, but you run the risk of getting banned for life. If you get burned by Scald a lot, I wouldn't try it. Of course, you could just save before each attempt, but that's cheating. You're not a thief AND a cheater, are you?
-Pokémon Centers have a $500 copay, but the price can be reduced if you have insurance.
--Mommy (not your mother) will always heal you for free, but you still won't be able to use the Storage System if you go to her.
--*If you blackout, you'll be healed for free. That's what your taxes pay for.
--Each Center has a pharmacy in the basement.
-4 difficulty modes - easy, normal, hard, and conductor. These are explained in-game. They just change Trainer/wild Pokemon levels.
-All random Trainers are optional, except in dungeons.
-Rival and Leader fights are 2v2. Rival are 1v1 if you only have 1 mon, but for Leaders you must have at least 2.
-Random Trainers quote song lyrics at you. Maybe it will remind you of a song you'd forgotten, or introduce you to a new one if you find the lyrics interesting.
-No HMs. You cut trees by jumping up and down like the captain in LGPE. You break rocks by punching them (duh). For surfing, you get a surfboard (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Surfboard) that just happens to look like you're riding a Pokemon. Again, please understand. Waterfall I haven't figured out yet.


-There may be a few typos here and there,.
-The professor doesn't ACTUALLY give you the National dex. But all Pokemon will evolve just fine.
-If you blackout, the nurse's text is still red, instead of gray.
I played through the game several times, but disturbingly I noticed on my first playthrough 2 scripts had somehow become corrupt. I checked and rechecked, and everything seems to be OK, but save often. Use savestates.

Note: You'll notice these X's at the bottoms of horizontal stairs.

This is still a work in progress, and these are just to let me know the right tiles are used to ensure the stairs work correctly. It's not a glitch.

In case you were wondering what Pokémon Awesome was like, here are some map comparisons (original vs. now):

To do:
-Some of the imported music needs a little work. For example, one song has a few beeps, but it sounds OK in Sappy--I know I read once there's a way to fix it, but I changed the header and everything, and it still beeps.
-The original hack only has 4 Gyms + League; I may add more, but even these 2 were a lot of hours (like 15/wk for 2 months), so we'll see. I plan to finish at least up until the original end.
-Make all Pokémon female. (I wanted to do this before, but then Attract didn't work. I have an idea, though).
-Make a real title screen instead of just skipping it. Please understand.
-Change Green to Ruby in intro.

%New Pokémon type list:

New/edited moves list:

%Type effectiveness changes:

Spherical Ice - horizontal stairs
FBI - mart percentage increase
Touched - instant sprite switch
JPAN - dynamic level changing
esperance - Surf flag offset
Doesntknowhowtoplay - (P/S split duhhhh)
Jambo51 - class based trainer music
Sierraffinity - all NPCs use gray text color
Pawell6 - Backhand effect
Chacha Dinosaur - Toxify effect (changed from Soak)
Every tool creator. Can provide a list of tools if requested, but it's all the usual.

Here's most of the source files (except some music ones), if you're interested. I would be.

Q: Why change type matchups?
A: It makes sense for Poison to beat Water; for Ghosts to be completely unaffected by physical moves. The latter especially is cool--it sounds broken at first, but it really isn't. Also it's a fun change. A case could be made for Poison beating Normal and Bug, while being resisted by Dark, too. But that comes later.

Q: Will there always be 2 versions?
A: No. I really love the reimagined/warped Pokemon, so I'd like that to be the definitive version. But, if enough people hate them, I'll continue with just the vanilla mons.

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  • Seen May 12, 2021
I have found a potential softlock for this that should be impossible to escape. I haven't tested this, but I have watched a number of a softlock videos to reasonably say that if performed correctly, you cannot progress further.

The process goes something like this:

1. Get a Snorlax as your starter Pokemon. Do not catch any other Pokemon during your adventure.

2. Attempt to steal items from the PokeMart in the first and second towns and get caught. Whatever item you steal shouldn't matter.

3. Get every obtainable PokeBall. Once you have done so, toss them all.

4. Save.

To understand why this should cause a softlock, let's look at the situation. We need to defeat the gym leader in order to progress to the next area. However, in the situation we're in, that should no longer be possible. This is not because you are unable to challenge the gym leader, but rather he will not challenge you unless you have at least two Pokemon. The gym leader forces you to have a double battle with him. This is similar to Tate and Liza, if you only have one non-fainted Pokemon in your party, they will not challenge you. But this is easy enough to fix, right? All we have to do is get another Pokemon; except that should no longer be possible either. Since we got rid of all our PokeBalls, we are unable to catch any Pokemon. We also do not have access to purchasing any PokeBalls either, since we were banned for life from the PokeMarket. Trading with another player isn't an option either. Even if we were to successfully connect two games, one of the restrictions for trading Pokemon is that you have at least two Pokemon in your possession.


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  • Age 28
  • Seen Oct 3, 2021
I have found a potential softlock for this that should be impossible to escape. I haven't tested this, but I have watched a number of a softlock videos to reasonably say that if performed correctly, you cannot progress further.
Nice find, I hadn't thought of that lol. I have a solution for the future.

Happy Halloweenie :o

What do those numbers mean? Real life is sp00kier than any story.

Also I learned a bit more about inserting music (a very tiny bit).


Currently open for rom hack beta testing.
I'm also curious about something, will this have 4 gyms just like 2Awesome version or is it going to be a 8 gym full region this time around?