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Alpha Sapphire hack: Pokémon Eternal Sapphire [Gen-6,Complete]

    • Seen May 14, 2024
    Eternal Sapphire is a modified rom for nuzlocke based on Alpha Sapphire(3ds gen-6) and its original AI.
    It ends at first e4 league.

    The pokemon,move,shop,npc has been modified by a large margin.

    The Nature of npc trainers' pokemon is random.And it has no EVs.
    Some npc trainers will give you a gift item after they fight you if you defeat them.
    If you battle with the npc trainers on your own initiative,
    the npc trainers' gift items will be unavailable,
    in that case you need to gain them by pkhex illegal mode.

    If you want to enhance the difficulty,you can ban the mega stones gained in original way
    and defeat the npc trainers who have the gift item.
    And you can ban the Trick House,too.The TMs in Trick House are moved in the Lilycove Department Store.

    You can confirm more details in the folder.

    Documentation: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1q6ot6O_zcsZ0dI3VqUlcFW3z7yBKXOLL?ths=true
    Calculator: https://101notf0und.github.io/ESCalc-v1.01/?gen=6
    Patch file: https://mega.nz/folder/M6lQ2ChR#Q1ySoN62XH-9leROhNizEA

    Join in the discord for more communication.

    This rom hack is made by SoulEnd in Nov.2022
    Thank you 101notfound and CicadaW for the calculator and share.

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    • Seen May 14, 2024
    It's an Alpha Sapphire rom hack for nuzlocke.
    I'm glad if the nuzlockers are interested.
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    • Seen May 17, 2024
    Do you have a version that does not change the types or abilities
    But keep the difficulty
    Maybe lite version please a love this work