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rom hack

  1. S

    Pokémon Hyper emerald help

    i’ve been trying to use the cheat to catch a charizard with the charizard x mega stone but every time i do my game freezes is there a way that spawn the stone in myself or to catch the mega stone charizard without my game crashing i need help
  2. S

    Question: need help with pokémon hyper emerald:lost artifacts rom hack

    i want to somehow hack in a charizard x mega stone or cheat it in because it's a very late game item but is there any way i can if possible i need help with this please
  3. Tyrranux

    Need Help with HexManiacAdvanced

    Someone told me there was no support for Pokemon Sapphire so I'm starting over with Emerald. How do I add new Pokemon to Pokemon Emerald using HexManiacAdvanced specifically? Not even a lot, just like maybe, I dunno, 20 at most? I don't even need them all to be fully realized I just need most...
  4. M

    Adult theme Roms

    Hi all, I’ve played lots of roms and particularly enjoy the story aspect of them. Grinding doesn’t really interest me. I’m looking for something along the lines of Korosu/Snakewood/Outlaw. Not interested in ones with naked anime characters or people using hypno to molest others. Any...
  5. M

    I need help !! i messed my rom hack and not sure how to fix it !

    hi everyone , i had been working on a mod of pokemon leaf green and ran into a pretty massive issue that is way beyond what i can figure out how to fix. when i started the game , i noticed that some sprites were not showing up . ( like the female nidoran in the intro with Oak). i also noticed...
  6. laab

    Remove Background panning animation before battle

    Hello there ! I visited PokéCommunity for years now and today is my first post. I am creating a rom hack on my free time. Usually I find everything I need but today I don't. I searched here and on Reddit but can't find anything. Here is the thing : I created backgrounds for my Fire Red Rom...
  7. SoulEnd

    [Ultra Sun] Pokémon Eternal Sun [Gen-7,Complete]

    Eternal Sun is a modified rom for nuzlocke based on Ultra Sun(3ds gen-7) and its original AI. It ends at first e4 league. The pokémon,move,shop,npc has been modified by a large margin. It has no EVs. Delete all the encounters' held items.(except some fixed gift pokémon etc.) Delete all the...
  8. SoulEnd

    Alpha Sapphire hack: Pokémon Eternal Sapphire [Gen-6,Complete]

    Eternal Sapphire is a modified rom for nuzlocke based on Alpha Sapphire(3ds gen-6) and its original AI. It ends at first e4 league. The pokemon,move,shop,npc has been modified by a large margin. The Nature of npc trainers' pokemon is random.And it has no EVs. Some npc trainers will give you a...
  9. Xero3C

    [Developing] PokeLand 0 Episode 5 Vol. 1 - Now in Development

    PokéLand 0 tells a story between the conflict of light and darkness, set in a modern day world with magical influences. That story is divided into many episodes across different kinds of media: Episode 1-3 for example released as Pokemon Rom Hacks, Episode 4 released as a fanfiction. "Episode 5...
  10. W

    Question Regarding The DS Romhack Tool: Nameless Move Editor

    Hey guys, this is my first post on the forums, but I've been having an issue that doesn't seem to be explained anywhere. I've just started working on a gen 4 romhack, but I'm having some issues with Nameless Move Editor (the .readme file with the program doesn't explain my issue). I've...
  11. Y

    Generation 6 rom hacking help and questions

    Hi, since x and y came out in 2013 ive always been interested in rom hacking it. Its been about 11 years now, over a decade. Ive joined a few rom hacking discord servers but its always hard for me to "get into it" because of all the rules/regulations and all the members. Its just hard for me to...
  12. Dk Zay Way

    Why isnt Leons ultimate rombase working right?

    When I try to install DPE into the rom with the command I get a bunch of errors with the evolution table mostly being the g max forms. Others being Alolan Raichu which I fixed and yes I did everything shown in Leon's DPE tutorial so why am I getting errors in the evolution table about the g max...
  13. BadGaulois

    Need help for my romhack

    Hey, I'm new here (so i'm discovering how to make a thread) and i'm french (sorry if my english is Bad) I'm making beginners romhack (i make two rom hack on FR and HG where i edit sprites, trainers team, shiny odds and all dialogues) I'm making a New one on emerald (This Time i manage to create...
  14. P

    [Graphics] i have messed up very badly and hex maniac advance won't let me import over it

    I was trying to edit the battle text box in FireRed using Hex Maniac Advance, but something went horribly wrong at some point (somehow), and now it looks like this: Worth noting that the top right pieces of a text box aren't even part of the tileset. I tried grabbing a clean ROM of FireRed to...
  15. A

    A RomHack/Fan Game Idea I have held onto for a while.

    It's a two-part type of deal. It does have a working title Blinding Dawn and Ending Dusk. It has a story I will type out to work from that has ideas for gym leaders, elite 4, a region idea*, a two evil team dynamic, Megas, maybe the addition of Terastilizing because I don't like Dynamax/...
  16. B

    Pokémon World - Firered Rom hack concept - looking for people to team up with.

    Hey all, I would love to get help making my epic open work style Pokémon game where the only boarders are on the edge of the map. For example you could surf from Vermillion City to Olivine city to Valencia Island and then back. Below are some features I would like to add and the story is...
  17. A

    FireRed hack: Pokemon Fire Red Multiverse (Completed)

    Pokemon Fire Red Multiverse Author: Gohan's Tips Rom Base: FireRed 1.0 Squirrel LATEST VERSION: v1.6 Introduction: This game is inspired by my videos on Pokemon Fan Games on Gohan's Tips channel. The idea behind it was to create a multiverse where characters from different games align into one...
  18. Joggel

    Emerald hack: Pokémon Parallel Emerald (v1.2)

    INTRODUCTION Have you ever wondered what Pokémon Emerald might look like in a parallel universe? Well, combined with modern day Pokémon ROM hack features that is exactly the idea of this Emerald ROM Hack. All maps in Hoenn have been redesigned, expanded or completely reworked. And you can...
  19. C

    My rom hack keeps crashing after opening the bag

    I've used NSUI to make a virtual console for the rom hack Pokemon: dark worship and everything works if I ko a pokemon but every time I open the bag it lets me choose a item but if I try to close the bag to get back to the battle menu or overworld the game just straight up crashes for no...
  20. AhegaoQueen64

    Black 2 hack: Pokémon Equilibrium Version 1.0 Initial Release

    As a lifelong Pokemon fan, I've always been frustrated that some Pokemon were completely unusable despite the effort and creativity of their designs. For example, has anyone ever even thought about using Ledian in any serious capacity? The goal of this ROM is to rebalance the game up to Gen 5 to...