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SoulSilver hack: Pokémon Gleaming Soul


  • Age 23
  • Seen Apr 24, 2022
A (simple) hack of: Pokémon Soul Silver

A ROM hack made for shiny hunters by a shiny hunter! Pokémon Gleaming Soul, as I'm calling it, is as bare as it can be — at least ROM-hack-wise. I made it over a week or so after I got bored and began playing around with sprite palettes. Before we get into features, a disclaimer: I do not claim any of these shinies to be better than their original counterparts; I just made what I thought would look nice!

I also highly recommend this hack be randomized! After applying the .ups patch to a clean ROM of SS, simply randomize the game as you usually would.​


- Alternate shiny palettes for 400+ Pokemon
- Updated follower sprites to match the new colors
- Reduced shiny odds to as low as I could figure out how to (1/~256) NOTE: It could still take a little bit to find a shiny!



The link for the patch can be found below — I hope you enjoy it!