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SoulSilver hack: Pokémon Gleaming Soul


  • Age 23
  • Seen Apr 24, 2022
A (simple) hack of: Pokémon Soul Silver

A ROM hack made for shiny hunters by a shiny hunter! Pokémon Gleaming Soul, as I'm calling it, is as bare as it can be — at least ROM-hack-wise. I made it over a week or so after I got bored and began playing around with sprite palettes. Before we get into features, a disclaimer: I do not claim any of these shinies to be better than their original counterparts; I just made what I thought would look nice!

I also highly recommend this hack be randomized! After applying the .ups patch to a clean ROM of SS, simply randomize the game as you usually would.​


- Alternate shiny palettes for 400+ Pokemon
- Updated follower sprites to match the new colors
- Reduced shiny odds to as low as I could figure out how to (1/~256) NOTE: It could still take a little bit to find a shiny!



The link for the patch can be found below — I hope you enjoy it!
  • Seen Feb 20, 2024
Is there another possible update to this bc my Lanturn still has its original shiny colors instead of the new colors and the same with my Nintales TwT