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FireRed hack: Pokémon Kanlara Classic (Beta 1.0 available)

  • Age 30
  • Seen Apr 3, 2023
Intro: It's been two years since the release of the original Kanlara Adventures. Since then, the project has undergone a large number of changes, starting with the Remastered update, and then later on the Ultimate update. Today, I'm happy to announce that a Classic iteration of Kanlara Adventures is in the works. This project is called Kanlara Classic and will be based on the 1.2 patch of the original Kanlara Adventures.

- Explore the wondrous Kanlara region in its pre-Remastered state
- Learn more about Kanlara as you play through a new story featuring old and original characters alike
- 386ish Pokémon from Gen 3-7 to capture and battle
- A new TM list and new moves from Gen 4 +
- Updated world map with flying available to all Cities
- New title screen

- Various bug fixes
- New dialogue for tons of NPC characters that previously didn't have any original text
- Since Kanlara Adventures never had a balance patch (Only in Remastered did the game receive one), there will be a change to the level curve and the parties of some of the key Trainers in the game


Credit & tools used:

- Below (Patch on a clean 1.0 FR ROM).


  • Kanlara Classic Beta 1.0.ips
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  • Age 30
  • Seen Apr 3, 2023
Hey all, been busy lately but figured I'd spare a moment for a bit of an update.

So, Kanlara Classic will be a faithful recreation of the original Kanlara Adventures, a version not many people got to play - as it wasn't very popular when it launched, and it wasn't until the major Remastered update that the hack got more attention. But, not only will it be a recreation, it will also come with a balance patch, and the things I didn't know how to do 2 years ago. Such as Town Map with proper flying, etc. And more, which I will mention in a bigger post when the beta is ready. (Sooooon!)

Anyway, recently what I've been working on is adding in tons of new NPC text, as the 1.2 patch (which is what I'm using as base) was missing tons (lots of default FR, text). I'm coming up with new NPC text and not copying from any other version of the game, so there will be new "content" for players who played through Kanlara Ultimate or Remastered before.

Okay, I guess quoting pop songs is kind of lazy but it fits, right?

Couldn't resist.

Yay for Smash references.

Additionally, I've made a new ending - something the original game didn't have. So you know... some motivation for beating The Champion again!!

I'm hoping to have a beta ready soon (SOON!). So keep watching this thread and you can be one of the first to play it! :)
  • Age 30
  • Seen Apr 3, 2023

Kanlara Classic Beta 1.0 is now available.

Some notes:
* The patch is in the first post, and must be patched onto a clean 1.0 FireRed ROM (Such as Squirrels).
* This beta should not be indicative of the final release, as there a number of things I would like to improve on but they are -for the most part- small things that won't disturb your gameplay experience too much.
* Comparing this release to any modern version of Kanlara Adventures (Such as Ultimate) might make you disappointed. Take the Beta for what it is.
* Future updates will be compatible with this release. Please check back to this thread for updates.
* I'm only one person working on this hack in my free time. I try my best to make sure there aren't bugs in the game. But for your own safety, please make lots of saves when playing.
  • Age 30
  • Seen Apr 3, 2023
Do I have to play Pokémon kanlara ultimate first before playing this game?

No. I'd suggest playing one of them. Then, if you still feel like playing the other one, you can do that. It's hard for me to tell which one you would enjoy more. I think Kanlara Classic is more straightforward, while Ultimate can be a bit overwhelming. Also if you don't like the idea of custom Pokemon and types, play Classic as it doesn't have that.
  • Age 28
  • Seen Dec 31, 2021
I know I'm a bit late to the party but I've just picked it up.
This is great, although there are some points that could be improved upon:
- Reusable TMs (and if that's not already the case, deletable HMs, because no one wants unremovable Cut with 50 power for the whole game)
- Gen 6 updated moves (60 power thief, 40 power rock smash, 40 power bubble, 25 power bullet seed, 90 power uproar...this can be done in a second by putting the rom inside the universal Pokemon randomizer, although a few moves have been forgotten like leech life that should be 80 power but has remained 20) because honestly gen 3 moves are really unbalanced and make a poor job of letting some types shine on their own (rock, bug...)
- Customized HM moves (steel or bug cut with 60+ power would give another decent move to these types that really lack a movepool in gen 3, 90 power strength or different type, like rock-type strength because it moves boulders, giving an actually good move to the rock type)
- No poison damage out of combat or Pokemon can survive poison
- Evolution levels are vanilla, aren't they? I think I wouldn't be the only one pleased with something like lv 30 evolution Noibat (because by level 48 everything has been stomping a Noibat for far too long), also valuable for any gen 5 Pokemon because Game Freaks thought it would be funny to fight fully evolved Pokemon with unevolved Pokemon for 80% of Black and White and for a fangame crossing gens it's not very funny to fight stage 3 Pokemon with stage 1 Pokemon

Notable bug: in the first cave, after you climb the first ladder, the first boy you fight has a lv 38 Tynamo instead of 18. I barely won thanks to flame body and stalling him, but that's a bit too much.


You're goin' straight to Gensokyo, Jimbo.
I keep forgetting that Kanlara exists for some reason. Which is weird cuz I do wanna give it a whirl sometime.