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Event: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Valentine's Event 2022!

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    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Valentine's Event 2022!

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Valentine's Event 2022!

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Valentine's Event 2022!

    "Dialga what a long name...

    Oh! I wasn't aware you were already here! It's a pleasure to meet you! My name is Grandmaster Sapphy and I will be your host for this event!

    I see you would all like to be adventurers- and that is good! With my absolute favourite season of the month coming up, requests and quests have started piling up! Now, normally it requires a signup to join our guild but with previous accidents with old members still in our minds.... cough It is only fair we've become more picky when accepting new adventurers!

    Therefor we have come up with this trial! It is your job to complete those missions and quests and to fulfill their requirements for the entirety of this season! I will judge your efforts basis on how many points you've gotten and how you completed your said mission or quest. There are no wrong answers -Except if you... you know. Totally wreck it- but I would like to see who we are recruiting, you know! Whoever gets the most points wins a portrait of them from the amazing artist, Kitty the Cosmog! Her work can be found in the artist alley

    It's also perfectly acceptable to take on a missions together! Yes please indulge my shipping heart

    As your grandmaster I wish you all good luck! Be nice to each other and have fun!"

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Valentine's Event 2022!

    ♡ Timestamps
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Valentine's Event 2022!

    Sort event: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon!
    Start time: February 1
    End Time: February 28
    Sign up period: Anywhere between feb 1 and the deadline :)
    What kind of Event?: Drop in drop out

    This event may be extended on request if multiple writers wish so.

    The list of players can be found here: (Link to IC)

    Join the Event discord for questions and communication with other participants! https://discord.gg/AERTJRp3wH

    ♡ Player List

    ♡ Map

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Valentine's Event 2022!

    ♡ Rules
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Valentine's Event 2022!

    ♡ You can only take one mission at a time, meaning you'll have to finish one mission before you can claim another.
    ♡ You may make as many posts as you wish
    ♡ This event encourages small posts. That means it's not neccesary to make huge posts. Missions can perfectly be completed in smaller posts.
    ♡ Rating is PG-13. Please, be tasteful and fade to black.
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Valentine's Event 2022!

    ♡ The usual RPT and PC rules apply here!

    Still confused? Need more clarification? Feel free to ask away!

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Valentine's Event 2022!

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    [QUEST 7] - Rockhard

    "You gotta be kidding me..."

    Marty gazed open-mouthed at the sheer variety of romantic quests pinned to the guild's bulletin board. It seemed the Guildmaster had even set up a special section on the board dedicated to Valentine's errands — it was nauseatingly pink and decorated with heart pins.

    Without being aware of it, Marty was blushing. He rubbed his head-spikes sheepishly with the back of his scythe. Some of these quests hit a little too close to home, and nearly all of them were out of his league. What did he look like, a relationship counsellor? Fix your own problems like the rest of us, jeez!

    But he couldn't give up now — joining the guild would finally give him a share of his big brother's spotlight. It wasn't fair. Only two years older and already a Scizor. Mum and Dad's pride and joy. Yada, yada. Besides, the guild housed its members in dorms. If he moved out of his parents' basement, maybe Jasmine the Florges would finally notice him...

    At last his eyes fell on a quest that was more in line with his skills. Some Rockruff near the Northern Range wanted a rock to cheer up his broken-hearted sister. Find a rock? Any idiot can do that.

    Right as he tore down the paper, he noticed a slender arm reach for the next quest over. He turned towards the Pokémon and gulped, red as a beetroot.

    "J-Jay? You're joining the guild, too?" he said, suddenly feeling very small in front of the Florges despite being taller than her. Damnit, I can't even say her name!

    Jasmine looked at him as if only just noticing he was standing there. "Jay? That's a new one. And, yeah. This whole thing is like, my calling. I'm super versed in the ways of love, you know?" She casually brushed a stray flower behind her shoulder. That flustered Marty even more.

    He cleared his throat. "Cool."

    "So, what's yours?" she said.


    "Your... quest?" Her way of speaking made his every reaction feel and sound stupid. But with a figure like Jasmine's, who cares.

    "Oh, that! Uh. No big deal. Girl with a broken heart. Gotta go... beat up her e—uh, her old boyfriend. The dude won't leave her alone... apparently. They're a Lycanroc, but I'm not worried."

    "Wow," she said, suddenly facing him properly. "Aren't you Scyther like, super weak to Lycanroc? I have to admit, I never took you for the heroic type. That's actually pretty dope. Maybe when all this is done, I'll see you around." She twirled a flower.

    "Y-yeah!" he blurted out, instantly regretting it. "I mean... yeah, maybe. If I'm free. Got a lot on going on, y'know?"

    Jasmine quirked a flirty smile and strode off in that feminine, gliding way of hers. Marty's eyes quickly snapped from her hips to her face — and he blushed guiltily — when she looked over her shoulder and said, "Catch you later, Marty."

    Oh boy, he was swooning so bad. The minute she was out of sight, the giddiness took over his muscles. He sprang up and fist-pumped the air (minus the fist) with an enthusiastic, "Hell yeah, baby!"

    She remembered my name... And she called me dope!
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    Ichiro the Baltoy - quest 2: A date

    Ichiro tilts their body as they read through the requests the Guild has received… but internally, they're scratching their head in confusion. They eventually accept one of them and try to make some sense out of what it says, but that's only because they want to try helping out more than anything. If they fail, they can at least say they gave it a spin.

    Some concepts that are mentioned in the requests completely escape them. And of course they do, Ichiro is a Baltoy. Their origin is still kind of a myth, they're a rare breed of Pokémon, they're genderless too. But loneliness… is relatable. If anything, it's amplified by those traits.

    And so, armed with the best intentions, Ichiro is able to comfort Bidoof for a while. They talk a bit about how their life is going, about the jobs they usually deal with - turns out Bidoof is a fledgling construction worker, and is very passionate about his job - and… seeing a little spark coming back on Bidoof's eyes feels nice. Considering that Ichiro is not a good talker and is essentially interviewing Bidoof, going by the very logical approach of 'as long as I keep talking he'll feel less lonely', it's almost a miracle that it's working. It's a miracle that is soon dispelled though.

    It turns out most of the houses that Bidoof helps with building end up in possession of… couples, spouses, lovers… which is definitely a few steps above what Baltoy is being for Bidoof. As he keeps talking and putting himself out there, Ichiro dreads the moment when they'll have reached their limit of understanding. But… what Bidoof is trying to get across does sound nice…

    When Bidoof finally gets to the point and mentions the word 'date', the Baltoy ends up replying in a way they didn't think would be possible for them. "You got me, right? I can try being your… date." They say, still not realizing what that means.

    Bidoof still seems happy to hear that answer though. It's a little boost of confidence. They find themselves walking together through Pokémon Square, finally looking at the other couples with different eyes.

    Eventually Bidoof makes a move. He walks up to a flower shop and gets a small bouquet for Ichiro, which he delivers happily to the Baltoy before snuggling up against them. But Ichiro's reaction is lukewarm. This is already a problem - Ichiro saves themselves with a quick "Oh, thanks…" but it's clear that Bidoof is looking for something a bit different from a partner. Eventually they have to sort it out.

    "I'm sorry for before, these flowers are objectively very nice. That is a nice selection of different species too!"

    "Well thanks, I appreciate it… they really are, and I love…" Bidoof replies, seemingly thinking about something much more complex.

    "So let me ask, did it feel… nice buying those flowers for someone? That's an important part of your date, isn't it?"

    "Uh… I think so but, there's got to be more to it. Like… a date is more than exchanging gifts, isn't it?"

    "I wouldn't know."

    "I think it's more about feelings anyways. All the couples we passed, they were just… happy to be together without the need to do anything special about it, weren't they? But I keep failing at getting there… what do they have that I don't have?"

    "Uhhh…" Keep calm Ichiro! "Ok, noted. So you need to… just… sorry, not sure how to say it."

    "Me neither…"


    Not much time passes and the two Pokémon are already waving each other goodbye, with Baltoy still carrying some flowers along. Or rather, making them levitate past them as they float away. They sure have a lot of things to consider here - because even if they were able to sort of deal with Bidoof's loneliness, they sure couldn't do much to sort out his unintelligible, bigger problem. Dates… are complicated.

    Eventually though, Ichiro happens to spin past the flower shop where Bidoof bought them flowers. And he's still in the vicinity - close enough to be sensed by their Psychic powers - which means… maybe not all is lost.

    "Pst… Drilbur…" they eventually make a move, inching closer to one of the Pokémon that's working near that stall. The small Ground-type is working on some flower pots, making sure there's enough topsoil for each plant. "There's… a Pokémon that likes you around here. He wanted to give you these, but he's still a bit shy."

    The look on the small Drilbur opens up Ichiro's eyes. Figuratively. She's sort of blushing, trembling slightly, definitely wondering who's behind the nice gesture. Baltoy tilts their body in the right direction and bounces away… "happy to help".
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