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White 2 hack: Pokémon Re:White

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Pokémon Re:White


This is the second Re:Worked romhack. It is a "rebalancing" hack of Pokémon White 2, and as such, there are no differences to the story, text, or characters. The difficulty has been increased, aiming for higher than any vanilla mainline Pokémon game, but not much higher.


  • All Pokémon up to Gen V are obtainable without trading.
  • Pokémon have changed movesets, abilities, types, etc.
  • The type chart has been changed.
  • Moves have been updated in terms of power, accuracy, and PP to coincide with Scarlet/Violet.
  • Some moves have been changed.
  • The shiny rate has been increased substantially.
  • Most previously unbreedable Pokémon are now breedable and items needed for evolution can be obtained in certain Poké Marts.
  • More Double Battles, including all Gym Leaders.
Custom Type Chart:




  • Me - Coding and scripting
  • The Cave of Dragonflies - Picture of custom type chart
  • cpan1 on ProjectPokémon - Guide for changing type effectiveness
  • theSLAYER on ProjectPokémon - Guide for changing shiny rate
  • Tools used:
    Pokemon Rom Changer B2W2 - Unknown creator, translation by Kaphotics
    ANDT - By Andibad
    BWWE - By KazoWAR, I think?
    BWTE - By Kaphotics and KazoWAR
    MartEdit- By Kaphotics​


  • Breeding Unown with Ditto always results in Unown A.
  • Gracidea unobtainable without "fateful encounter" Shaymin.
  • The Multi Battle against Zinzolin in the Plasma Frigate may be unstable on higher emulation speeds. More details in the documentation.


Version 1.0: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1deEYe9grCiBHbkXVa2VJJty4VEJ4vrxu/view?usp=sharing
Version 1.0.1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CoO6rV4OpFg6r8GAk77h3UR6Pf05KQb3/view?usp=sharing
Version 1.0.2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m05Y3TnOlRmSquVjo_ry_Qmp6q-rq7wn/view?usp=sharing
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Looks super awesome! Just one problem though. Anytime I try to open the "Pokemon Changes", "Trainer Pokemon", or "Wild Pokemon" xlsx files they're either blank or it doesn't let me open them since they're "empty". I'm just gonna start playing without documentation, but thought you'd wanna know. As a fellow gen 5 hacker I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far!

Edit; nevermind I am the biggest dumb idiot to ever stupid. In all my brilliance I decided to not even extract the file. Awesome hack, can't wait to start.
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Thank you and enjoy. I have intentionally NOT changed text, so there's some inconsistencies, but I'd like to think my ideas are interesting and the difficulty not overwhelming.

And to anyone else reading this: Have fun!