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Pokémon Sword and Shield Rules

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one more time
Pokémon Sword and Shield Rules
wot's all this about then mate

Welcome to the forum section for the generation eight titles, Pokémon Sword and Shield! They're short and simple for now; expect more when the game releases.

The Global Rules apply
This forum section follows the global rules. Give them a refresh here!

Excessive and unconstructive criticism is not tolerated
While there are valid reasons to be upset about the "Galar Dex only" issue, please refrain from overdoing complaints about the decision. Being abusive towards others (members, game developers, or otherwise) is strictly not allowed.

Use the search function!
Before making a thread, please try out the search feature to see if the topic hasn't already been started by someone else.

Check out our other sections!!
We have four other forum sections:

  1. Trade Corner - for trades!
  2. Raids and Battles - for teaming up in Raid Battles or having casual battles with other players!
  3. Travel Journal - for talking about your adventures!

Have fun during the lead-up to the game's release! If you have questions or suggestions, please send me a PM.

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