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FireRed hack: Pokémon Unnamed Open Worldly Fire Red


On my way to become a controversial and hated memb
Pokémon Unnamed Open Worldly Fire Red
Beta version 0.2

This is my very first ROM hack and is only a hack I make to train myself for a future other game way better and more complete than this one.

My favourite games have always been the first and the second generation ones on Game Boy. I love third generation too but all these games have some flaws in my opinion. This hack is made to correct those.
Then what are the things I didn't like in those gens?

Gen 1
  1. Graphics are cool but pretty outdated
  2. HMs
  3. Very few Pokémon
  4. Very few moves
  5. Trainers are too weak with low levels and bad movesets

Gen 2
  1. Graphics are better than gen 1 but lack some life
  2. Again the game is too simple
  3. The game is a bit slow
  4. A lot of cool Pokémon are only available late in the game or postgame
  5. Training and breeding is harsh
  6. HMs

Gen 3
  1. Gen 1 and 2 sprites are ugly as hell
  2. The game is still too easy with messed up level curves
  3. Same with some cool Pokémon only available late
  4. TM list is lacking some cool moves
  5. Damn this number of freaking goddamn HMs
  6. A lot of good moves are only available via breeding on a lot of Pokémon

What my hack offers:

  1. New starters: This game will be harder than the original, so you get really good Pokémon from the start!
  2. No HMs: From the moment you get the Pokédex you can go anywhere as long as you have the needed type in your party, no more dead wheight in your team. (Full Kanto is available and now Sevii Islands are free to explore too!)
  3. All 251 first Pokémon available in the game. (Currently the starters, Mew, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh and Celebi are not available, they will be soon!)
    National Pokédex from the start.pngWild 02.png
  4. All the Pokémon sprites are revamped from Gold and Silver
    Sprite 1.pngSprite 1 2.gif
    Sprite 2.pngSprite 2 2.png
    Sprite 3.pngSprite 3 2.png
    Sprite 4.pngSprite 4 2.gif
  5. All the trainers's Pokémon's levels will be the level of your highest leveled Pokémon in your party.
    Leaders 5.png
  6. All gym leaders, Elite 4 members and other important trainers have full teams of 6 Pokémon with crazy movesets and items. (Normal trainers still have some of their Pokémon edited too)
    Leaders 1.pngLeaders 2.pngLeaders 3.pngLeaders 4.png

  7. All natures are neutral: No more hours resetting to get the best possible nature, they don't influence stats anymore and all 6 stats can be maxed with full EV, no more counting or correcting your EV, the limit is lifted to 1530.
    Natures and EV 1.pngNature and EV 2.png
  8. Fully evolved Pokémon can be taught some Egg Moves and special Moves like ones they can only learn in later gens with the move relearner for free in Vermilion City.
    Egg moves.png

  9. A whole new set of TMs with the coolest ones from gen 1, 2 and 3 and reusable as much as you want like in later gens.
    New TMs.png

And more thing coming with the next releases.

What will be changed (this can be modified and I may not be able to keep my promises with my current hacking abilities):
  1. Music: I want to replaces the FR musics by the ones from the GB player in HGSS
  2. Make Sevii Islands available (they are theorically but there are still scripts that don't match with the open world part of the game - Done!
  3. Make a real postgame challenge, like some sort of Trainer Tower but harder
  4. Make all legendaries from gen 1 and 2 available
  5. Put more coherence in the whole world
  6. Ameliorate the revamped sprites to fit better in the gen 3 environment

What I used to make the game:

Pokémon Game Editor
Hacked Routine Applier
Hopeless Trainer Editor
Yet Another Pokémon Editor (YAPE)
Advance Map
Advance Mart
Pokémon Gen III Suite
Advanced Pokémon Sprite Editor
Advanced Sprite Position Editor
HexEdit for the hex editing
PhotoFiltre for the sprite revamping
FBI's HM type-check
Extreme Script Editor
I hope I'm not forgetting anything but it's possible

Special thanks to:

Dr. Seuss

For their great help in the ROM Hack Help board.

Again tell me if you think I forgot you or someone else.

How to install the patch?
1. Download the .ips patch available below.
2. Download a ROM of Pokémon Fire Red version U 1.0 (search on Google there are plenty available).
3. Download Lunar IPS (Easy to find on Google too).
4. Open Lunar IPS.
5. Select "Apply IPS Patch"
6. Select your vanilla ROM of Pokémon Fire Red version U 1.0
6 Select your .ips file
And there you go! I wish you a great adventure!

Download Link for the patch:
Version 0.2
View attachment Pokémon Unnamed Open Worldly Fire Red Beta 0.2.ips
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On my way to become a controversial and hated memb
Version 0.2 is available!

What changed?

- Sevii Islands are accessible (you still have to clear the SS. Anne to get access to the islands) and so most Pokémon are obtainable too. Only Mew, the Johto legendaries and the starters are still unobtainable, but they will be soon.

- Corrected a mistake in scripts that made the Elite 4 inaccessible once you reached the Indigo Plateau.

- The normal trainers you encounter in the game have altered team too.

- Changed some Pokémon's abilities.

- Now every Pokémon gives 1 EV in each stat so your Pokémon get maxed easier and more balanced.

- Changed some TM locations that were in the SS. Anne, and so could disappear forever if you didn't take them before clearing it
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  • Seen Feb 4, 2024
It works now! One thing I suggest would be to add Bounce to Gyarados' movepool!


On my way to become a controversial and hated memb
I'm preparing a massive release, expect it in 2-3 days.
Don't hesitate if you find bugs or mistake, I already found several to correct.
Also if there is someone who wants to help me or teach me step to step how to make a titlescreen I'm open to it. There are still things I want to make in this ROM but I don't have the abilities to to them.

Inner Rhymes

Rhythm & Poetry.
I must say, I absolutely dig the sprite work, my favorite sprites are from the GSC era, love how you've gone about giving them a GBA adaptation. I'll be eagerly waiting on the massive release that you've planned. Cheers!
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  • Seen May 26, 2020
This is actually super solid, I'm looking forward to see what you make in the future. May not be exactly what I'm looking for atm but I'm glad I came across this definitely gonna play it sometime this week.


whaa am i doinn
Do you have a list with the pokemon's location? Or can you just tell me where you put houndour :P
  • Seen Apr 19, 2024
Are the physical special split and fairy type in the game? Have stats and moves been updated to later generation standards.

This looks fun and I like the gen two sprites. Getting rid of natures is a major selling point for me. I never liked them. Thank you for making this McPaul.
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  • Seen Mar 27, 2024
Quick Question, how does one obtain Evolutions that are normally by Trade or Trade with Item? It'd be nice if we could just use stones on Trade and Friendship Evolutions.
I like this hack a lot but since I am mainly a nuzlocker I don't like how unfair it can be :( I did try doing a nuzlocke for fun but every time I picked either Flareon either Vaporeon I get a) absolutely destroyed by my rival because I can't heal in battles b) die at least once when I battle wild pokemon because they are simply too slow to escape from random battles- and it doesn't help that some mons on route 1 are level 10 whilst I am still level 5 making me that much slower :/
The other thing is: There are random wild 20 mons in the grass near the forest - I tried 5 runs so far and in 2 of them I encountered those high level full evos - one was ariados at level 14 which I could escape no problem but the other was a furret at level 20 which absolutely demolished my team - I don't like it when rom hacks add random high level mons because it makes nuzlocking less fun :/ Other than that - love the sprites and I love the open world idea+ I love that the trainers run mons as high as your highest level, I really love the fact that if I overlevel I am not like level 20 and they are level 10 but if I get one of my mons to level 20 everybody is so I have to level up the rest of my team too.
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  • Seen Apr 10, 2023
hey, i was looking for something else and stumbled upon your romhack, i'm in need of a hand here, i am an absolute noob when it comes to romhacking and i stumbled upon the part where you said "all 6 stats can be maxed with full EV, no more counting or correcting your EV, the limit is lifted to 1530." do you remember what you used to make this particular change? its something i was looking forward to adding to my future nuzlocke romhack, also, "Fully evolved Pokémon can be taught some Egg Moves and special Moves like ones they can only learn in later gens with the move relearner for free in Vermilion City." this struck me as interesting as well, but i assume it must be something beyond simply editing a value with the right application, would you happen to have a patch for this change in particular to be added over other firered romhacks?

just as a disclaimer i dont plan on taking credit for your work or anything of the sort, i just mess with fire red rom hacks because i enjoy playing it with a different twist each time
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  • Seen Jan 25, 2023
What the hell? I get a "Couldn't Open file for reading" Error. Even upon redownloading I got this.