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Pokéwalker still works!


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I meant to blog about this last week but then life hit my like a brick and I only tunneled out from under it today. ANYWAY.

Backstory Go!
So the other week, I had an orthodontal appointment. My mom drove me to it and parked across the street because she had an appointment in that building. So I got out of the car and started walking toward the crosswalk to head to my building. I'd taken like 10 steps when I realized my Pokéwalker wasn't on my waist. I figured there was no way I'd lost it in 10 steps so it must've come off in the car or else I just hadn't put it on. So I continued on.

The Actual Story
Fast forward a week and I still hadn't found it. D: I had to go back for another orthodontal appointment and my dad was late picking me up, so I figured I might as well cross the street and check. I'm glad I did because I found my Pokéwalker on the grass by the parking lot. And it still works! It was lying face-up on the ground and got snowed on and my Cherrim is still as happy as ever, walking just as fine.

Say what you will about Nintendo but they know how to make quality products. At least in this case. xD

Alternate (or just expanded) end:
My dad hadn't picked me up yet so I went to the general store nextdoor to grab something to eat. I was gonna grab a Coke and I saw they sold Vanilla AND Cherry Coke and thought that was pretty cool until I realized that they were just really, really old Cokes that had never sold. FOR LIKE 10 YEARS. EW GROSS. :( They had the old iCoke Reward URL on them and everything. Ick.


  • Age 36
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  • Seen Apr 2, 2024
geezus that is one tough Pokewalker..... o___o it's amazing that no one picked it up. Pretty shocking.

Also, ew. D: @ the coke thing