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[Released] Pokemon Apocrypha


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  • Introduction:
    Hi, and welcome to my Pokemon Fan Game called Pokemon Apocrypha! I have been working on this game for a few months now, and I'd like to show you all what I enjoy doing in my spare time. This is a heavily-inspired game that follows the same flow as the second generation games. There are a lot of things that are similar to GSC, and that's because I always wanted another region in the area and time period of Johto. I created a Pokemon Fan Game demo called Pokemon Cosmos in 2014 which was my first project. This second project is so fun to work on since it's the game that I've always wanted as a Pokemon fan.

    RPG Maker XP was used to make this game, in collaboration with Pokemon Essentials made by Maruno.

    You are a brand-new Junior Research Assistant in the region of DJoser which is just north of Johto. The time period is just a few months after the events of Pokemon GSC. You applied to become one of the first teams to explore this area for new and exciting Pokemon! With the new Pokemon League ahead, you set out on an adventure to kill two birds with one stone; It's time to become a Pokemon Master by completing the Pokedex and taking down the Djoser Pokemon League!

    Unique Features:
    New Region with GSC Visuals
    Gold/Silver Beta Pokemon
    21 Starter Pokemon
    Relic Item Secret Items

    Progress Report:
    2/8) Badges 2-3 Hours of Gameplay
    I'm hoping to complete the game during Summer of this year. (2019)
    I would welcome anybody who would like to help with this project :)


    (2/8) Badge Beta: March 2019

    Pokemon Apocrypha

    2 Badge Beta (725mb)

    Developer: Bowlstir
    Story By: Bowlstir
    Graphic Credit: IsamuAkai01 (Custom Gym Leaders), PiaCarrot (Custom Sprites),
    Tileset Credit: Comboy
    Script Credit: shiney570, mej71, Luka
    Audio Credit: GameFreak

    Thread Approval: juliorain

    "Pokémon Essentials" was created by: Flameguru, Poccil (Peter O.)
    "Pokémon Essentials" is managed by: Maruno
    "RPG Maker XP" by: Enterbrain
    Pokémon is owned by: The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Affiliated with Game Freak
    This is a non-profit fan-made game. No copyright infringements intended. Please support the official games!​
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  • Approved; however, we recommend removing the word "contributions" as that implies they were working with you to produce specific content. Credit is the word you are looking for as Luka, WesleyFJ, mej71, shiney570, and GameFreak weren't likely commissioned to contribute towards your project.

    Be sure to credit the artist who compiled your tileset or ripped the gen 2 maps and sprites as well.


  • Hello! Thankyou so much for making a GBC fan game I havent played one in ages and I've literally been craving it. Tomorrow night Im going to make a play through for your game and I honestly cant wait, unfortunately today I had to work very late but I swear if I didnt I'd be playing it right now, its first in line.

    I have literally been craving a new GBC fan game for like months. Im really thankful xD

    My YouTube:

    I hope to see you watching! should be uploaded in the next few days.
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  • I really like what I'm seeing, especially the use of beta demo Pokémon from the Space world demo. I'll play this once a slightly longer demo comes up!
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