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pokemon fan person’s lists of pokemon 1: best pseudo-legendary (unevolved forms)

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    5: Jangmo-o. one of its abilities (Soundproof) is really good.

    4: Beldum. it doesn't evolve at a super high level, and is the only pseudo-legendary that doesnt have any dragon or ground typing, meaning that it's not just a super normal pseudo legendary (and i think that's awesome)

    3: Gible. i like it's evolved form (garchomp) and i just love gible! i don't know why!

    2: Deino. i think it's cute, and i just like it!

    1: Goomy! goomy is the cutest blob i've ever seen and it's abilities (sap sipper, hydration, gooey) are really good! i also really love its shiny.