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Pokemon Shield Day 8 thoughts and notes

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
When we last left off, Lisa had just successfully battled Rose's entire security force of exactly ZERO grunts.

So, Rose is accompanied by some sort of... skeleton dragon Pokemon? Thing looks freaky nonetheless. Anyway he talks about his plans for energy gathering, sounding a lot like Queen Beryl. Except he didn't directly attack anybody, so he's not really evil. His plans (as most involving ancient legendary Pokemon do) had some... unintended consequences. We still have to fight, though.

Chairman Rose Battle
Cinderace Lv75
Corviknight Lv75
Jolteon Lv75
Persian Lv75
Cloyster Lv75
Flygon Lv75

  • The chairman falls, and of course the legendary is going berserk. Because why not?
  • After some stuff with you-know-who blabbing about nothing (tell me again why he tagged along? To make me hate him even more?) and legendary wolf Pokemon joining in one of those raid-like captures, I'm forced by plot device to capture the skeletal dragon.
  • With Rose now serving time for not being actually evil, it's time to finally beat the crap out of Leon and shut him up once and for all.
  • But first, some more leveling, capturing, and an outfit change is in order.
  • UK friends, tell me: Is using "champion" as an adjective a British thing, or is it simply a "Leon being an obnoxious tool" thing?
  • As always, this battle would be much more epic if we could WEAR OUR NORMAL CLOTHES instead of these god-awful government-mandated uniforms...

Bow Down To Your Real Champion Battle
Cinderace Lv79
Corviknight Lv79
Jolteon Lv79
Persian Lv79
Cloyster Lv79
Flygon Lv79

Another "nothing to write home about" battle, but I guess I should share what happened to his "invincible" Charizard.

  • I have Jolteon on the field when he sends it out. Leon does as Leon does and makes it grow. I use Thunder Wave to paralyze it. He uses whatever the grass super move is, which:
a) Doesn't match his type
b) Isn't super effective against Jolteon. Its HP is still in the green.
c) Causes a terrain effect that conveniently heals Jolteon.

  • I use Discharge, thinking it will knock it into the yellow. Wrong. It knocks Charizard deep into the red. It's paralyzed for this turn and doesn't attack.
  • I swap out for Flygon. Leon uses Full Restore. His three turns are up and reverts to normal.
  • Rock Slide finishes this in one strike.

Tell me again how this clown went undefeated for so long?

Anyway, Lisa is crowned new Champion, and a hard earned celebration is in order - one without an obnoxious pair of brothers ruining the mood, thank you very much.

But there are things to do post-championship, the least of them being to revoke the stupid uniform policy for gym battles - but with the Galar region's government, policy reform takes awhile.

There's other matters to address as well. That may or may not be covered in an update in a few days.

Lisa's Championship Final Stats:

Pokedex Completion: 157
Play Time: 58:06

(Nobody leveled up during the Leon fight, so they're still at Level 79)

Final Trainer Outfit