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Pokemon Shining Pearl Playthrough Part 1

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
So, new Pokemon game that I'm actually interested in, so I emerge from the shadows once again!

Let's get this started! We shall join our intrepid heroine Lisa as she prepares to leave her mark on Sinnoh.

I'm sitting in my room randomly watching stuff on TV when I get called by local kid Brent to come to a local lake to hunt for a mystery Pokemon that may or may not actually lurk in said lake. We encounter an older fellow and another kid who seem to ignore us, leaving behind a briefcase. Brent does as Brent does and drags me into the grass and of course wild Pokemon attack. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so we raid the briefcase and find three Pokemon. I select the penguin looking one known as Piplup and fight off the wild Pokemon.

Upon departing the lake area, I come across the old man and his companion again, who take back their briefcase and tell us to come to some lab in the next town. Oddly enough they don't confiscate the Pokemon. After a brief pit stop home, I go to the lab when the old guy introduces himself as Rowan (he didn't divulge what university he teaches at) and the kid as Lucas who helps out, hopefully for pay. Rowan allows me to keep the Pokemon and hands me a Pokedex device to index the region's Pokemon.

I nickname Piplup "Kanon" after Kanon Shibuya from Love Live Superstar.

After some more chitchat and having to return home for some reason, I'm finally ready to get this journey started in earnest. I catch several Pokemon on this route, including Kotori the Starly and a Shinx. Because Shinx is male, I really can't name it after a Love Live idol, so (Buick) Century it is!


Also, first trainer battles await, including this cutie who we unfortunately have to make sad:


Jubilife City is a brief pit stop, but I do take a brief trip north to Route 204 to capture a Budew for my team, naming it Chisato.


East of Jublife, Brent is waiting, thinking he can beat me. Let's prove him wrong, shall we?

Vs Brent (Rival)
Starly, Lv 7
Turtwig, Lv 9

Lisa's Team:
Kanon (Piplup) Lv 13
Century (Shinx) Lv 13
Kotori (Starly) Lv 10
Chisato (Budew) Lv 5

Well, that was easy. Proceeding East, I capture Honoka the Zubat in Oreburgh Gate.

In Oreburgh City proper, Brent tells me that the Gym Leader has gone to a coal mine in town to conduct the business, but while exploring the town I find a young girl who quotes one of THE most iconic love songs from the 1980's, which I have to give major credit to:


So, in the Oreburgh Mines, I capture Geodude for my party. It's male, but since I don't want to name EVERY male Pokemon after a Buick, it gets named "Olds Cutlass" instead :)


Deep within the mine, I locate the Gym leader who introduces himself as Roark. He heads back to his Gym to prepare for my challenge, and so I prepare - by gaining a few levels before storming his gym and challenging him!


Vs Roark
Geodude, Lv 12
Onix, Lv 12
Cranidos, Lv 14

Lisa's Team:
Kanon (Piplup) Lv 17
Century (Shinx) Lv 17
Chisato (Budew) Lv 17
Olds Cutlass (Geodude) Lv 15
Honoka (Zubat) Lv 13
Kotori (Starly) Lv 13

The combination of Kanon and Chisato own this gym, and not just because they're both in Love Live Superstar.

That's it for this update! Next time, onward to the next Gym!