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Pokemon Shining Pearl Playthrough Part 3

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
  • 9,977
    The last time we left Lisa, she had finished defeating Gardenia and prepared to storm the Team Galactic facility in Eterna City.

    So, I enter this sinister looking facility, and something tells me I'm not welcome here, based on the number of Galactic grunts that confront me. Not that they pose much of a threat, but free experience is free experience. Century evolves into Luxray at this point, so that's a bonus. I finally make my way to the top floor, where this lady with purple hair awaits me.


    Vs. Galactic Commander Jupiter
    Zubat, Lv 18
    Skuntank, Lv 20

    Lisa's Team:
    Kanon (Prinplup) Lv 29
    Century (Luxio) Lv 29
    Chisato (Roselia) Lv 29
    Olds Cutlass (Graveler) Lv 29
    Riko (Misdreavus) Lv 29
    Honoka (Crobat) Lv 25

    Unlike with Mars and her Purugly, Skuntank has a weakness that I can easily exploit - one Bulldoze from Olds Cutlass is enough to end this.

    After I send the bowl-cut crew packing, I have a bike foisted upon me. I say this because this thing does NOT handle well. I mean, I've seen massive American sedans from the 1970's that can take a corner easier than this thing.

    Anyway, it's a long way to the next gym, so I head down Cycling Road, then cut through a large mountain that may or may not be named after the Dodge Coronet.


    Afterward, it's a brief trip to Hearthome City, where I take care of several things. Beating the gym, however, is not among them. One of my detours is to the Contest Hall, where my mom is waiting. IDK man, that seems kinda sus... Contests can wait, however (not the least because I want to train Pokemon specifically for them and my party Pokemon aren't optimized for the contests.)
    Here, I did a quick trade-back to evolve Olds Cutlass into Golem.

    Gym Leader Fantina doesn't want to face me right now. She's only delaying the inevitable, but whatever. Moving on, Brent thinks he can take me on. Little does he know that I'm packing level 32 Pokemon and I'm not playing games.

    Vs. Brent (Rival)
    Starly, Lv 19
    Buizel, Lv 20
    Ponyta, Lv 20
    Grotle, Lv 21

    Lisa's Team:
    Kanon (Prinplup) Lv 32
    Century (Luxray) Lv 32
    Chisato (Roselia) Lv 32
    Olds Cutlass (Graveler) Lv 32
    Riko (Misdreavus) Lv 32
    Honoka (Crobat) Lv 25

    Moving on... Routes 209, 210, and 215 provide more chances to capture and raise up my Pokemon, although none of the captures are particularly noteworthy. Solaceon Town, between 209 and 201, doesn't hold anything of interest... at least not yet - I'll get to breeding Pokemon at the daycare later. On Route 210, however, there's a small cafe, where I notice this...


    Um... are y'all eating Pokemon? Those are clearly Poke Balls on that serving tray... Yeah, my SUS meter is going crazy, so I better get the hell out of this place...

    So, finally I make it to Veilstone City, and the next Gym Leader who's actually willing to take me on. Maylene likes her fighting types, but one is kinda tricky and required some crafty strategy to minimize damage.


    Vs. Maylene
    Meditite, Lv 27
    Machoke, Lv 27
    Lucario, Lv 30

    Lisa's Team:
    Kanon (Prinplup) Lv 35
    Century (Luxray) Lv 35
    Chisato (Roselia) Lv 35
    Olds Cutlass (Graveler) Lv 35
    Riko (Misdreavus) Lv 35
    Honoka (Crobat) Lv 32

    Meditite and Machoke were easy targets for Honoka and Riko, respectively. To take down Lucario, however, required a three-Pokemon team. First, Century entered the battle to get an Intimidate off. Then I switched to Chisato to Stun Spore the thing. Finally, I switched to Kanon (purposely raised only to Lv 35 so it wouldn't have Empoleon's Steel-type) to deal damage. Three Bubblebeam attacks did the trick.

    After prevailing over Maylene, I leave the gym to be confronted by... Lucas? We'll see what he wants from me next time!