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Pokemon Shining Pearl Playthrough Part 6

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
  • 9,997
    Shorter update today since today was mostly level grinding and hiking up Mt. Coronet.

    I have my next destination in mind: The peak of Mt. Coronet. The path to the summit is covered in snow and littered with Galactic's best agents - "best" being relative since they still don't put up much resistance.

    Atop the mountain rests Spear Pillar, the ruins of some ancient structure. Cyrus is here, but between him and me stand Mars and Jupiter. Apparently Saturn isn't high enough on the Galactic pecking order to get an invite here. Sucks to be him.

    But first things first, it's finally time to evolve Chisato and Riko. The conflict against Team Galactic is reaching its climax, so might as well power them up here.

    Anyway, Cyrus has shackled some massive ancient legendary Pokemon and is trying to bend it to his will. But his two subordinates aren't gonna let me just march up to him.

    Mars is tired of losing to me, so she wants to put me down. As the battle is about to commence, Brent rushes in, eager to get vengeance on Jupiter. Enough talk. Let's get this battle started!

    Vs. Jupiter/Mars
    Bronzor, Lv 41
    Golbat, Lv 41
    Skuntank, Lv 46
    Bronzor, Lv 41
    Golbat, Lv 42
    Skuntank, Lv 45

    Lisa's Team:
    Kanon (Empoleon) Lv 58
    Century (Luxray) Lv 58
    Chisato (Roserade) Lv 58
    Olds Cutlass (Graveler) Lv 58
    Riko (Mismagius) Lv 58
    Maki (Purugly) Lv 58

    Not gonna lie, Brent isn't much help here. His Munchlax just did pitiful amounts of damage to whoever I wasn't focused on attacking at the moment.

    After the fight, Brent turns tail and runs off to God knows where.

    As Cyrus continues to gloat, the three lake Pokemon suddenly appear and free the giant legendary Pokemon from his shackles. Uh, oh, Cyrus ain't happy about this (though he was the one who gave me permission to set the three free, so he has nobody to blame but himself.)


    Vs. Cyrus
    Honchkrow, Lv 45
    Gyarados, Lv 45
    Crobat, Lv 46
    Weavile, Lv 48

    Lisa's Team:
    Kanon (Empoleon) Lv 58
    Century (Luxray) Lv 58
    Chisato (Roserade) Lv 58
    Olds Cutlass (Graveler) Lv 58
    Riko (Mismagius) Lv 58
    Maki (Purugly) Lv 58

    Cyrus puts up a valiant effort (okay, not really) but falls in battle. His plans thwarted, he, Jupiter, and Mars retreat. Now it's up to me to capture the legendary Palkia. Which I do in spite of ineffective Pokeballs.

    On to Sunyshore City and my final Gym! After an encounter with a Ronald McDonald wannabe and having to track down the Gym Leader in the local lighthouse, it's finally time to earn my last badge!


    Vs. Volkner
    Raichu, Lv 46
    Ambipom, Lv 47
    Octillery, Lv 47
    Luxray, Lv 49

    Lisa's Team:
    Kanon (Empoleon) Lv 59
    Century (Luxray) Lv 59
    Chisato (Roserade) Lv 59
    Olds Cutlass (Graveler) Lv 59
    Riko (Mismagius) Lv 59
    Maki (Purugly) Lv 59

    For a guy who calls himself an Electric type specialist, only half of Volkner's squad is Electric. As a result, strategic switching and swapping is key to me winning over him.

    After the Gym battle, it's time for me to head to the Pokemon League! But that'll be next time!