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Pokemon Shining Pearl Playthrough Part 7 [FINAL?}]

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
  • 9,941
    After beating Volkner, I prepare to make my way toward my final destination. On Sunyshore's northern beach, a traveling gym leader named Jasmine gives me the Waterfall move, the final obstacle to getting to the Pokemon League proper. Well, there's also a sea route and the misleadingly-titled Victory Road, as it's more of a winding cave than anything resembling an eight lane Interstate highway. Within the cave lurk a number of wannabe Elite Four challengers who are nowhere near ready to take them on. So I do them a favor by beating them first and making them painfully aware of that fact.

    Once I make it out of Victory "Road" and doing a bit more training, I enter the Pokemon League building only to be confronted by an old nemesis...

    Vs. Brent (Rival)
    Staraptor,. Lv. 49
    Heracross, Lv. 51
    Rapidash, Lv. 49
    Snorlax, Lv. 52
    Floatzel, Lv. 49
    Torterra, Lvl. 55

    Lisa's Team:
    Kanon (Empoleon) Lv 68
    Century (Luxray) Lv 68
    Chisato (Roserade) Lv 68
    Olds Cutlass (Graveler) Lv 68
    Riko (Mismagius) Lv 68
    Maki (Purugly) Lv 68

    Brent's not ready for the Elite Four, either. He's gotten better, no doubt, but still not there.

    Okay, now that he's taken care of, time to go back to the Underground and level up some more.

    Here's my team going into the Elite Four:
    Lisa's Team:
    Kanon (Empoleon) Lv 79
    Century (Luxray) Lv 79
    Chisato (Roserade) Lv 79
    Olds Cutlass (Graveler) Lv 79
    Riko (Mismagius) Lv 79
    Maki (Purugly) Lv 79

    Aaron, the Bug type master, is first to go.


    Vs, Aaron
    Dustox, Lv 53
    Heracross, Lv 54
    Vespiquen, Lv 54
    Beautifly, Lv 53
    Draipon, Lv 57

    Much of his team doesn't put up much resistance, and a combination of Olds Cutlass, Century, and Maki (who I will bring out once per battle for Amulet Coin purposes) easily dispatch his Pokemon.

    Second up is less creepy Agatha Bertha. Wait, isn't that name of the giant fish from Super Mario Bros. 3? Anyway, the old lady likes Ground types.


    Vs. Bertha
    Quagsire, Lv 55
    Sudowoodo, Lv 57
    Whiscash, Lv 55
    Golem, Lv 56
    Hippowdon, Lv 59

    Maki takes out Whiscash, and for everyone else, either Kanon or Chisato work together like they do in Liella to claim victory.

    The next face (and his afro) are familiar. We met Flint before in Sunyshore, and now he wants to show his stuff. His claim to fame is Fire-types, but his actual team... yeah, that's another story.


    Vs. Flint
    Rapidash, Lv 58
    Steelix, Lv 57
    Lopunny, Lv 57
    Drifblim, Lv 58
    Infernape, Lv 61

    Ah yes, the famous Fire-types, Steelix, Lopunny, and Drifblim. So I have to get a bit creative, and everyone on my squad except for Chisato (not bringing her anywhere near fire) gets a role to play here.

    Next up is my favorite of this Elite Four lineup, the dapper and debonair Lucian. He is a self proclaimed master of Psychic types.


    Vs. Lucian
    Mr Mime, Lv 59
    Girafarig, Lv 59
    Medicham, Lv 60
    Alakazam, Lv 60
    Bronzong, Lv 63

    Lucian sticks to his preferred type unlike Flint, yet it still takes a team effort to prevail over him. Kanon, in particular, has the fortitude to tank Bronzong (even its super effective Earthquakes) while slowly cutting its HP down. Chisato vs. Medicham was a somewhat risky play, but she had Dazzling Gleam to make quick work of it.

    With the Elite Four dealt with, it's time to dethrone the champion! And once again, it's a familiar face.


    Vs. Cynthia
    Spiritomb, Lv 61
    Gastrodon, Lv 60
    Milotic, Lv 63
    Roserade, Lv 60
    Lucario, Lv 63
    Garchomp, Lv 66

    All of my party members get their chance to shine against Cynthia. Kanon's steel-type gives it some resistance to Roserade and Ice Beam finishes it in two hits. Maki goes up against Gastrodon as I need to save Chisato for a special mission. Olds Cutlass tanks and deals Earthquake damage to Spiritomb, while Riko fortunately finishes off Lucario before it could get off and Nasty Plot boosted attacks. Century is able to use Spark followed by Volt Switch to get rid of Milotic to dance around the effects of Marvel Scale and Mirror Coat.

    Garchomp is the sole reason I spent time getting up to Lv. 79. This thing means business. Century goes in first to get an Intimidate off, then I switch into Chisato to Stun Spore it. Earthquake doesn't quite finish her off, so I can stall with Max Potion until it gets fully paralyzed, giving me an opening to Giga Drain it. Rinse and repeat for another opening, then I fire off Dazzling Gleam for the knockout.

    And just like that, I'm crowned Champion! Rowan joins Cynthia in inducting me into the Hall of Fame, and that's that. Or is it?


    (I haven't had a chance to do any of the postgame content, haven't decided if I'm gonna update this series with it)