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Pokemon Victory Fire Nuzlocke Stuff!


No money puns. They just don’t make cents.
Yep, just started this. I was watching Nuzrun videos on youtube and saw people doing runs of this hack and I was like "hey this looks like a pretty awesome hack I wanna try it". And I know that there are better versions of this hack and whatnot but I'm still playing this version because lol. Also, I'm playing the very latest version of this (Which was released... this year? I dunno.) so it will be massively different from most playthroughs, such as the fact that you can indeed catch mons before the first gym and some stuff got replaced. As for the team...

(didnt give me option to nickname so will do so once I get to the name rater)
Lawnmower the shiny Poochyena (No really, I got a legit fucking shiny early on)
Dig-nity the Diglett
Neri the Flaaffy
Parch the Machop
Keyfedc the Pidove

Everyone except the shiny Poochyena and Machop are female.

Everyone except Poochyena (Sassy) and Pidove (Calm) have neutral natures.

I am 1 and a half routes above the 1st gym, and everyone is level 15-16.

Side note: LAWNMOWER WAS A PAIN TO RAISE. Thankfully, he has Bite now so he should be better.

I also have only one death for the time being: KrustyKrab the Gible, Brave natured, Lvl 5-12. Died against a trainer's Cubone shortly after I completed the first gym. It actually could have taken just about anybody out as Bone club hit REALLY hard and KrustyKrab couldn't really OHKO it by any means. I then healed, but then we survived by a small bit, hoped that we would outspeed and flinch with Twister, Cubone outspeeds and kills. I thankfully managed to win thanks to Dig-nity and Sand attack/Growl.

EDIT: Whelp, not too long after I posted this, Keyfedc died to a random lvl 14 Machoke. Virtually nobody could handle him. She has been replaced by Sallter the Yamask (F), Nuaghty natured. Just ground her up to fill the spot.

EDIT 2: Also, if anybody is wondering where the Salandit came from, it was what replaced the Ekans that was gifted to you in the beginning of the game. I was pretty surprised when it happened too.