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Post-Performance [Dish #54]

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    As many of you likely know at this point (since I haven't shut up about it for so long), this Saturday passed was the day of a fundraising event at my dance studio in which the available members of our competitive team performed show dance numbers as entertainment.

    The numbers consisted of a rumba to Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud, performed by one of our team members and his younger sister (his partner was away), a gothic themed New Vogue medley to Metallica's Nothing Else Matters, a contemporary performance to Elastic Heart by Sia performed by one of the team-members' sister, my number - a waltz showdance to a remix of Apologise by One Republic, a Latin medley to Becky G's Can't Stop Dancing and a waltz and foxtrot performed by a masters couple.

    Overall we had a really good mix of styles and performances throughout the night as well as a lot of fun social dancing and time spent with friends or family. The atmosphere was really pleasant and supportive and most competitors have raised a pretty decent amount of money to put towards interstate travel.

    My performance, which I talk a bit about here, went off without any real problems. My legs locked up a bit in the first lift for some reason but not noticeably so and I didn't drop my parter or falter so it looked fine. The technique could have been a bit nicer too, but honestly we were both really nervous going into that performance so I'm not too phased by it. Actually, I'm pretty much riding on a high from that performance. Whilst there were some technical things that need working on, the performance was pretty good and our hard work really paid off. Our first competition together is this Sunday and I'm happy that we're going to be going into it confident and on a high note off of this success.

    The only issue is that now I can't stop choreographing show dances in my head.