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[POT2W] Poll of the Week → Rules and Guidelines

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  • Poll of the week

    As decided by myself and fellow staff members, we've decided to host Poll of the Week for the umpteenth time. Taking into account the recent activity of OVP we thought it would be nice to give it another try. However, unlike the last couple of times PotW was hosted, there shall be a minor (or major...?) difference. That shall be stated below as well as information on how the scheme actually works.


    • Staff members shall be frequently updated on the latest polls that have gained potential activity during the week.
    • Potential poll candidates shall often be represented by their constructive aptitude. In the sense that polls that explore and tap into the inner feelings of the community shall be considered above all else. That said, I shall be picking polls to be considered. But be very careful as some of the topics you may have in mind might be better off in Other Chat, where some threads that do fall into that grey area are redirected since they bait discussion amongst repliers rather than posts of substance that should be standing on their own.
    • Quality over Quantity! The amount of posts in a polling thread does NOT in any way influence any chances of winning. Remember, PotW is not all about picking threads that have already shown success, but it is also about giving potential, overlooked threads the recognition they deserve.
    • The time frame in which the scheme will be running shall be 2 weeks. It shall be upon our discretion when PotW will actually start, and upon its beginning we shall arrange a timetable of when staff members shall decide upon polls and when an actual candidate should typically be chosen.

    * Rewards - The winning poll shall be stickied by a moderator or any higher staff member for a week, and the user whom has made their contribution by making the poll itself shall receive an Emblem as a reward for their efforts.​


    Your chances of winning will take a horrible nose dive if you neglect any of the following rules in place:

    1. Make sure your poll fits within the restraints of the OVP rules.
    2. Polls must be made within the time frame (within a week), after the first PotW winner has been decided, you will be able to see when exactly would be a good time to make your poll if you consider doing so.
    3. Polls cannot win two times in a row. If your poll won last time, it cannot win the following week after. It does hold the potential to win once said week has passed, however, staff members would most prefer to look at other polls rather than carry on observing the same one more than once.
    4. You may make as many polls as you wish during the time frame. Making sure that you abide by the OVP rules at all time, there is no real limit to how many polls you can made. But be sensible. I do not want to have to take a glance at this section to find a string of polls flooding the first page, that is overkill. Your chances of winning shall not be boosted whatsoever by the amount of polls you make. Not to mention that this is something heavily frowned upon and can actually ruin your potential for winning PotW as a whole. So take caution and think logically about what you're doing.

    That should be it for now, following this post shall be a "Hall of Fame" where winners shall be shown. I wish the best of luck to you all and I hope you do enjoy what we have to offer.

    Should you have any concerns about Poll of the Week or any eligibility of winning, please do contact me and I shall tend to your query as soon as possible.

    Credit to Sana for the original rules and information.
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