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FireRed hack: Project1201 - A project I made for university!!!

Ace Trainer Slash

If you give me about two hours, I can make scripts

This is my very first hack I've actually completed!
It doesn't really have a title as it wasn't meant to, but it was for a "group" project I had to make for uni.
It's about the effectiveness and varying availabilities of viruses and bacteria.
I wanted to post this, as I believe it's some of my best work and it's of enough quality to be shared with people to enjoy.

Because this was a project for a short video, the game is about 7-10 minutes long and consists of four battles. You will need to think of the best way to take down four kinds of pathogens with the medicinal drugs at your disposal!

Features include:
- Running Indoors
- Custom Maps and Sprite Work
- A new, original take on a scientific concept... in the Pokemon gameplay style!
- A mix of witty and informative dialogue.

- Battle sprites: Me
- Maps and tilesets: Me
- Gameplay direction: Me
- Script: Me (95% of it), my group members who don't have tags or accounts here (they didn't contribute much of value to be honest).

I'd like to say thankyou to everyone that contributed to the following programs and resources I used, as well as those who generally helped me. Without the following people I wouldn't be able to deliver a hack that aligned with my expectation:
- XSE: HackMew
- HMA: haven
- AdvanceMap 1.92: LU-HO POKE
- Assistance with general queries: Yogia16, Andiz, haven, Lunos and ShinyTillDawn
- Running Indoors Hack: Zeturic and Shiny Quagsire
- XSE Guides that carried me also: Avara and tajaros
- AdvanceMap Tileset Guide: LePug

Screenshots are the patch of interest are attached below!

Bugs and Oversights:
- The front sprite of the medicinal drugs are bugged. Main reason is because they weren't meant to appear in the presentation.
- Running from any battle will let you continue the dialogue like as if you beat the opponent (fixable, but again it was for an assignment).
- Showing the Magni-magnifying Glass plays Bulbasaur's cry erroneously.
- Whilst the COVID-19 mutation should have an immunity to the antibiotics, they do not in-game as there is not meant to be an interaction between the two in the presentation.
- A few text inconsistencies with Pat prior to COVID-19 appearing and when introducing the Magni-magnifying Glass.
- NPCs aside from the gentleman in the red shirt with brown hair have no dialogue as they were for decoration only.
- Finally, the game starts you in your bedroom with the og FireRed introduction as the game recording begins in the new building.

Finally, I would also like to say that if anyone has any feedback it would be greatly appreciated. In doing so though, please be critical and offer a solution to improving my work instead of trashing on it for the sake of it because that's not gonna motivate me to do better.

I would also ask everyone that has played it to share whether or not they learned something. If you felt you learned something during the project, I'd be delighted to know as the main intention of the project was to educate.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!


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