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[Pricing] Question about card value

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  • Seen Sep 4, 2022
Hello everyone! I've been collecting Pokemon TCG cards since I was a kid. I have some cards from as far back as 2004. I recently decided that I need to part with (most of) my collection. I've been browsing the web for a few hours now, and I'm still a bit unsure as to how to value my cards, so I wanted some opinions from anyone who collects about this. I may get a few cards graded, and I know the best option is likely to just bite the bullet and get them appraised, but I will be honest: I straight up just can't afford that at the moment. (This is unrelated as to why I'm selling them, by the way). Which is why I need some opinions. Some of my cards I can't really dig up any prices on, online, and others have such a huge range in how much they sell for, that it's just leaving me a bit confused. There is a card shop that buys nearby me, that I'm planning on going to, to see how much they may offer me, and I would like to go in with at least a ballpark of what I might want for my cards, and so that I don't get lowballed or scammed into giving up valuable cards for cheap. (And I do realize that it might be a little lower than if I just sold them online, because they resell the cards and it's not going directly into a personal collection- I just want to make sure that my lack of knowledge isn't used against me, haha.)
Now, with all of that out of the way, I'm ready to talk about some of these cards. I don't have pictures at the moment (I'm posting this off of my laptop), but I can absolutely post pictures as soon as I get a chance. So since I have no pictures at the moment, I will describe the cards the best I can, and there are several, so if anyone has nay idea on any of these, please let me know!
First, I'm going to start with PROMO cards:
- Arceus HP 130. Full art, holographic. 2016 print. Illus. Nooki Saito. Promo XY116. Mint/Near mint
- Tepig HP 70. Holographic, 2011 print. Illus. Ken Sugimori. Promo BW02. Mint/Near mint
- Tepig HP 60. Holographic, 2011 print. Illus. Shin Nagasawa. Promo BW07. Mint/Near mint
- Pansage HP 60. Holographic, 2011 print. Illus. Akira Komayama. Promo BW11. Mint/Near mint

TRAINER cards:
- Professor Oak's New Theory SUPPORTER. Reverse holographic, 2011 print. Illus. Ken Sugimori. Uncommon. Collector 83/95. Small bend in right bottom corner.

RARE cards:
- Celebi HP 60. Silver Zachary Bokhari signature, top right corner of illustration. 2010 print. Illus. Hideaki Hakozaki. Rare (White star- extra rare???). Collector 92/102. Mint/Near mint
- Gallade LV. 59 HP 80. SP. Holographic, 2009 print. Illus. Mitsuhiro Arita. Rare. Collector 20/111. Mint/Near mint
- Black Kyurem HP 130. Holographic, 2012 print. Illus. 5ban Graphics. Rare. Collector 100/149. Mint/Near mint
- Dialga HP 100. Holographic, 2011 print. Illus. Ayaka Yashida. Rare. Collector 3/95. Mint/Near mint
- Elektross HP 140. Holographic, 2011 print. Illus. Masakazu Fukuda. Rare. Collector 41/101. Mint/Near mint
- Garchomp LV. 71 HP 130. Holographic, 2009 print. Illus. Mitsuhiro Arita. Rare. Collector 5/147. Mint/Near mint
- Dewgong LV. 40 HP 100. Reverse holographic, 2009 print. Illus. Kanako Eo. Rare. Collector 24/147. Mint/Near mint
- Pangoro HP 120. Holographic, 2014 print. Illus. 5ban Graphics. Rare. Collector 68/111. Mint/Near mint
- Terrakion HP 120. Holographic, 2011 print. Illus. 5ban Graphics. Rare. Collector 63/98. Mint/Near mint
- Darkrai HP 160. Holographic, holo border, and holo diamond in the middle of the card. 2018 print. Illus. Naoki Saito. Rare. Collector 77/156. Mint/Near mint
- Groudon HP 130. Holographic, 2015 print. Illus. Mitsuhiro Arita. Rare. Collector 84/160. Mint/Near mint
- Golem HP 150. Holographic, 2016 print. Illus. Hasuno. Rare. Collector 45/83. Mint/Near mint
- Unfezant HP 120. Reverse holographic, 2011 print. Illus. Kawayoo. Rare. Collector 82/98. Mint/Near mint
- Reshiram HP 130. Holographic, 2012 print. Illus. 5ban Graphics. Rare. Collector 21/99. Mint/ Near mint
- Scolipede HP 140. Holographic, 2011 print. Illus. Kawayoo. Rare. Collector 40/98. Mint/Near mint
- Clefable HP 80. Reverse holographic, 2011 print. Illus. Sui. Rare. Collector 1/95. Mint/Near mint
- Solrock LV. 41 HP 80. Reverse holographic, 2009 print. Illus. Naoyo Kimura. Rare. Collector 45/147. Mint/Near mint
- Pinsir HP 100. Reverse Holographic, 2016 print. Illus. Satoshi Shirai. Rare. Collector 9/83. Mint/Near mint

- Mr. Mime HP 70. Reverse holographic, 2016 print. Illus. kirisAki. Collector 52/83. Uncommon. Mint/Near mint
- Swirlix HP 60. Holographic, with holo beans, macarons, and hearts throughout the card. 2016 print. Illus. Yuka Morii. Collector(?) RC19/RC32 (If someone could tell me what this might mean?) Uncommon. Mint/Near mint
- Meowth HP 70. Reverse holographic, 2012 print. Illus. Naoki Saito. Collector 80/99. Uncommon. Mint/Near mint

COMMON cards:
- Goomy HP 50. Reverse holographic, 2017 print. Illus. Asako Ito. Common. Collector 94/145. Mint/Near mint
- Stunfisk HP 90. Reverse holographic, 2011 print. Illus. Shin Nagasawa. Common. Collector 42/101. Mint/Near mint
- Timburr HP 70. Reverse holographic, 2011 print. Illus. Masakazu Fukuda. Common Collector 59/114. Mint/Near mint
- Growlithe HP 80. Reverse holographic, 2012 print. Illus. Masakazu Fukuda. Common. Collector 10/99. Mint/Near mint
- Yanma HP 50. Reverse holographic, 2010 print. Illus. Naoyo Kimura. Common. Collector 84/102. Mint/Near mint

OTHER cards I wasn't sure how to categorize:
- Sylveon EX HP 170. Whole card holographic. Full art possibly? (This one will be the first I will put up a picture of, because I'm just unsure about how to describe it). 2016 print. Illus. Sui. Rare (White holo star?) Collector(?) RC21/RC32. Mint/Near mint

I have at least a couple hundred more cards that I want to ask about, but it would be insane to list all of them. As you can see, most of the cards I listed are some sort of holographic. These are all of my holographic cards. For my other cards, I will post those as well but probably in a picture instead since there are so many of them. I also wanted to ask: I have an entire stack of energy cards. Are those... Worth anything at all? Even fifty cents? Some of them are dated between 2004-2007, and the rest of them don't have a date on them, does anyone have any idea about that? Anywho, if anyone reads through all this, firstly, thank you, and secondly if anyone can give me any ideas as to the value of these cards ungraded but in great condition I would really, really appreciate it! And if there are somehow any cards that would be worth $400 or more if I got them graded, mention it please- I may put them aside to get them graded when I'm not so strapped for cash. Again, thank you in advance!
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And as promised, here are pictures of the cards. I decided to take group photos instead of individual.


  • IMG_20220827_211338.jpg
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Most cards have no set value, so the best you can do is find out what they've been going for lately. What I do is look at recently sold listings on eBay over the past month (or longer, depending on the number of listings) and average those prices, minus shipping and ignoring graded and obviously damaged cards. For example, non-FA Radiant Collection Sylveon EX has been averaging about $9.50. It's a little harder to figure out non-rares since they aren't sold as singles very often.
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  • Seen Sep 4, 2022
Hi, thank you for the response! I wasn't looking for a set value persay, more like what the ballpark range might be, because I was having issues finding most of my cards online. (And of course, deciding which ones might be worth grading that I should set aside). I'll keep checking Ebay, and I'll see what the guy at the card shop has to say. Thank you!