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Random rants on Pokémon things.

  • Age 31
  • Seen Apr 30, 2017
I have been wanting to just write everything I wanna say in the forums but then noticed there was a section for blogs so now I can write a long post with my own opinions and what not and love to start some sort of conversation on these subjects.

First subject.

I don't like how much people always say they hate a design of a pokémon, As for the ones people usually dislike I really like them from all the generations even the generations I haven't played much (More on that soon) but back on the subject of disliked pokémon, Trubbish/Garbodor I love the fact that he is rubbish turned in to a pokémon just like how Grimmer/Muk is also waste turned into a pokémon, So in my view people shouldn't dislike Trubish line but say they like Grimer line. In fact there is a lot of pokémon that are the same in a sense but I wont go into that I was only using Trubish/Grimer line as an example.

Second thing.

I really like the new anime style it seems more natural to me in a way, As in I know it's a cartoon and is trying to be a cartoon. I haven't seen much of Black/White or XY anime (I do own most of it on DVD tho) so I can't say it is better or that than them or any series as I like them all, Oddly my fav series is the generation I don't like that much I really enjoyed D/P the best and just slightly less than that I like the advanced ones. But that is all a side rant I will get onto that again soon, Back to the anime style I was taken a bit by surprise by it but after a few episodes you get used to it and it makes sense with the feel of the series.

Third thing.

Next thing that bugs me is how people just say that they hate a generation, Yes I haven't played much of both Gen 4/5 but I would never say I down right hate them I just haven't ever got really into them that much, Even tho Heart Gold/Soul Silver are 1 of my fav games in all of pokémon. I always think if you like pokémon and are a fan of it how can you say you hate something they did. To me that makes no sense. As I said I may not like the game much of gen 4 how ever I do love gen 4 anime I don't really know why I don't like the game it could be that I just haven't played much of it I dunno.

Forth thing.

I love the anime and when I found that I could buy them on DVD (From Australia I get them even tho I am in UK) As soon as I seen I could buy the DVD's I went and bought lots of them now I am only missing 3 series and 4 movies, I even went and bought region-free DVD player just for all my other region pokémon. The point of this mini rant is that I don't like when people hate on the anime/Ash or anything about it (Except the move errors lol that bugs me) I think that a lot of people may have watched the anime and then got the games, But yea that is just my view I dunno if that is true, I just wish people would give it a better chance and watch it you may be surprised by how funny/good it is.

Last thing.

I have just noticed that this rant has been me moaning at people hating things, So the last thing will be moaning about myself lol, I don't like that I get annoyed by all this all the time and I understand that it's probably good for the community of pokémon that people do have there fav things and dislike others so yeah I dislike how I am about all this.

If anyone has read this I would like to thank you for reading it and would like to know your opinions on everything I have said or even just a little bit. Thank you for your time reading this and hope you enjoyed.